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Membership FAQ


How will the season be divided?
The regular season will be separated into three (3) segments, Segment 1 (April - May), Segment 2 (June - July), Segment 3 (August - September). The Postseason will be considered Segment 4. Tickets will be released on a homestand-by-homestand basis for those Members who have opted into the corresponding segment.

If I remain opted in, will I get my tickets for the entire year?
Segments will be released homestand by homestand. Members who remain opted in will automatically be opted in for all 3 segments of the regular season. If a Member opts out of Segment 1, they will have the option to opt in once Segment 2 is announced.

Can I manage tickets for future segments?
You may only access and manage tickets on a homestand by homestand basis.

Who gets access to Postseason tickets?
Postseason will be Segment 4. Members will have the opportunity to opt into the postseason. Additional postseason information will be provided at a later time.

Will I be compensated if my new tickets are less expensive?
If there is a difference in price Members that are paid in full can use the remaining credit value for additional single game tickets during the 2021 season, rollover into your 2022 renewal or receive a refund. Members on a payment plan will receive a reduction in their monthly charges.

Can I buy a suite for a game?
Suites will be for sale and available on a first come first serve basis. Credit can be used towards the purchase of a suite.

If I initially decide I want to opt out of a segment, can I change my mind and opt in later?
All Members will have a single game pre-sale based on availability. Members who opt out of a segment will have the option to opt back in at the start of the next segment.

How were my seats determined?
Seats are determined based on seating section Membership package type and tenure.

What are my options if I cannot make a game?
If you are unable to make a game, you can return the tickets to the Padres via your Account Manager to receive a credit. You must return all tickets in your seating pod. Tickets must be returned 72 hours before first pitch. You can also give tickets to a friend, sell on Stubhub or donate to the Padres Foundation.

If I come to a game and decide I do not feel safe what are my options?
Please contact Membership Services for options.

If I opt in, can I keep only the games where I have my same seats and give up the others?
If Members opt in then they are accepting all games in their plan. Fans can purchase single game tickets if available.

If I need seats in the shade/ADA/aisle seats for one game, is that possible?
Please contact Membership Services for available seats, if any.

Will my seat change if number of cases go down?
We will reseat at the start of each homestand to allow for changes in capacity limits.


If I opt out of coming to games this year will I keep my tenure?
Yes, all Members will retain their seats and tenure for 2022 no matter what choice they make for 2021.

Can I get a full refund and renew my same seats in 2022 when things go back to normal?
Yes, all Members will retain their seats and tenure for 2022 no matter what choice they make for 2021. Refund options will be available on a segment-by-segment basis.

Do I still get benefits if I opt out for this year?
Members who opt out will still enjoy access to the 10% team store and concession discount as well as access to limited Member Events.


What is the 2021 Resale Policy?
Members can sell up to 50% of the games where fans are allowed.

Can I resell a portion of my pod on the secondary market?
If you elect to sell your tickets on the secondary market (i.e., StubHub) you will need to sell your entire pod of seats.

Will Members still enjoy early entry to the ballpark?
Members will be allowed in 2 hours before first pitch via both Member Gates.

Will Member Gates still be honored?
Both Member Gates (Home Plate and Park Blvd) will be open and available to all Members.

Can I purchase additional tickets at my membership discount?
Members will be allowed to purchase additional tickets, if available, at the current single game ticket price.

What are the Member Benefits for 2022?
2022 Member Benefits will be announced in August during the renewal process.

How will my Membership benefits be affected moving forward?
2021 Membership Benefits can be found HERE. 2022 Membership Benefits will be announced in August with renewal information.

Will I still get my Member discount on concessions?
Yes, please scan your Member Loyalty Card, found in the MLB Ballpark App at the point of sale.

If capacity increases throughout the season will my benefits/ticket options change?
We will update Members when necessary with any changes to benefits.

Are we still able to donate tickets?
Yes, Members will be allowed to donate tickets to the Padres Foundation via their online Account Manager.

How will I manage my tickets in 2021?
Members will manage their tickets via their online Account Manager. Login HERE. Members will only be able to manage their tickets on a homestand-by-homestand basis.

Can I manage tickets for future segments?
You may only access and manage tickets on a homestand-by-homestand basis.

Will game tiers and the schedule remain the same?
Yes, the 2021 Game Tier Schedule can be found HERE

Can I access the Compass Premier Club restaurant?
Members with access to the Compass Premier Club will continue to enjoy that benefit with slight changes. Please contact your Membership Service representative for additional details.

Will I get physical tickets if I purchased them?
For the health and safety of our staff, we ask all Members with a smart phone to be digital for the 2021 season. If you have already paid for commemorative stock tickets, we will apply that money to your balance or leave a credit if you are paid in full.

How do I provide proof of vaccination or negative test?Please bring your fully executed vaccine card (2 weeks past final shot) or a negative test result with you to the game. You may be asked to show upon entry. Your test must be performed within 72 hours of your first game. Test results remain valid for the entire homestand. Note that children 12 or younger are not required to provide proof or vaccination or a negative test result.


Are masks required?
Face coverings that cover the nose and mouth must always be worn by guests 2-years-old and older unless actively eating or drinking in your ticketed seat.

Do I have to wear a mask even if I am vaccinated?
Yes, all guests must follow the face covering policy regardless of vaccination.

Is staff required to wear a mask?
All our Petco Park teammates are required to wear a face covering over their noses and mouths.

Where are hand sanitizing stations located?
Hand sanitizer stations are positioned throughout Petco Park and are readily available for both guests and staff to use frequently.

Will documentation of the vaccine be necessary to come to games?
If you have a ticket for a non-socially distant seating location, you will need to provide proof of vaccine or negative test result upon entry. Your test must be performed within 72 hours of your first game. Test results remain valid for the entire homestand.

If I have a doctor's note exempting me from wearing a facial covering what are my options?
If you have a medical reason not to wear a facial covering, please contact Guest Experience in advance of your visit by emailing [email protected] to see if an accommodation can be made.

Are elevators, escalators, stairwells, and aisles available?
We encourage guests to utilize the escalators and stairwells whenever possible. Elevators have a limited capacity of 4 guests, escalators will require 3 steps between groups and social distancing regulations will be enforced throughout the ballpark.

Guests will not be allowed to congregate at the top or bottom of a section or in any aisles, which must be kept free flowing at all times.

What are the cleaning protocols between games?
After games we clean and disinfect all spaces occupied by guests, such as suites and restrooms. We use CDC approved disinfects that kill the Coronavirus after a one-minute dwell time. Our procedure involves completing a thorough cleaning of the occupied spaces and then using a disinfectant to ensure the space has been sanitized. We also have a cleaning team focusing on a specific list that disinfects high touch point areas, such as handrails and door handles. This ensures the surfaces are disinfected continuously before guests' arrival for the next game.

How is Petco Park minimizing contact?
Petco Park will offer and strongly encourage all guests to utilize fully digital ticketing, mobile food and beverage ordering and cashless payment options.
To minimize surface touch points between gameday employees and guests, Petco Park will prohibit bags with the exception of 6.5" x 4.5" small clutch purses, infant and medical bags.

How do we report other guests not following social distance or face covering policies?
We encourage all guests to "See Something, Say Something" should they observe anything that could be a safety concern. Please inform any Petco Park employee or to alert Padres Security, text 619.279.5881 with your location and concern.

Is discounted Member parking available?
Members can purchase discounted parking packages via their account specialist. Parking passes are available in advance up until 4 hours before first pitch.

Can we tailgate in the Tailgate Lot?
Tailgating will not be permitted in the Tailgate Lot at this time. We will communicate when restrictions have been lifted.

Will there be a courtesy shuttle from the parking lots to the ballpark?
The courtesy shuttle will operate for guests who require special assistance and be limited to one household per ride. Carts will have protective plastic barriers installed and face coverings must be worn by all guests and staff.

Will restroom access be impacted due to social distancing?
All restrooms will be open to encourage social distancing in the ballpark.

Will all concessions be open?
Yes, concession stands will be open.

Will the team store be open?
Yes, the team store is currently open and will remain open.

Can I bring food and drink inside the ballpark?
Outside food and beverage, exclusive of medical or infant needs, is not permitted at Petco Park. Guests are allowed to bring one (1) factory-sealed plastic bottled water that is still, clear and unflavored and that is one (1) liter or less as well as soft-sided single juice or milk containers or ADA required liquids in a sealed container.

Is Gallagher Square (formerly Park at the Park) open?
Gallagher Square will maintain normal park operating hours and be closed to the public during ticketed games.

I have a ticket for tonight, but I feel sick. Can I get a refund?
Guests who are sick and/or exposed to COVID-19 are eligible to receive a credit for future use. Please email [email protected] before first pitch of the game.

What is the entry process?
Four gates (Home Plate, Park Blvd., East Village and Gaslamp) will open to guests 90 minutes prior to game time. Guests will be encouraged to enter at their designated gate which will be on digital tickets. Season Ticket Members can enter 2 hours prior to game time at the Park Blvd. or Home Plate Gates.