Membership FAQ


How is Membership different than regular season tickets?
The San Diego Padres Membership program consists of customized year-round benefits, events and discounts that have been designed specifically for you. The core Membership benefits include your season seats and ticket benefits. However, Membership is much more than just your season tickets and we want to recognize you as more than a season ticket holder but as a Member of the Padres family.

Are some Membership types more expensive than others?
The cost of your Membership is dictated by your seat location and Membership level (Black Card, Platinum, Gold or Blue).

Can I upgrade my Membership?
Yes, the Membership levels are dictated by the season ticket plan that you have selected. You are able to upgrade your Membership by upgrading the number of games in your season ticket plan. If you wish to upgrade your location, we host a Member Relocation event online after each season where you can view available inventory. To make changes to your Membership please contact your Account Specialist at 619.795.5020

I just renewed, when will my Membership be effective?
Your Membership is effective from January 1 through December 31 each season as long as your account remains in good standing.

What is the deadline to renew my Padres Season Ticket Membership?
When you secure your tickets with our monthly payment plan, you are enrolled in our annual convenient automatic renewal. No additional action is required, and you have access to our zero-interest, 12-month payment plan beginning on September 15. Each season you may choose to opt-out of the automatic renewal for the following season by August 31 via an opt-out survey. If you do not opt-out by August 31, your account is considered renewed for the following season and payments towards your Membership are not eligible for a refund. October 15 is the deadline to guarantee your current seat location and the best Member price.

Digital Tickets

What are digital tickets?
All season ticket Members receive their season tickets conveniently through the MLB Ballpark App digitally.

Can I still get printed tickets?
All tickets are fully digital through the MLB Ballpark App. If you do not have a smartphone or have additional questions regarding digital tickets, please contact your Account Specialist at 619.795.5020.

Member Benefits

As a Member, do I get a discount on additional tickets throughout the season?
As a Member, you receive a special discounted Member rate on additional tickets based upon your Member Level (Platinum, Gold or Blue). Each season you can purchase up to two tickets at your discounted rate for Grand Slam and Home Run tiered games and up to four tickets at your discounted rate for all other tiered games. Additional tickets purchased at your Member price cannot be resold.

Does my Season Membership plan come with Opening Day tickets?
Current Members are guaranteed Opening Day tickets. Platinum and Gold Members will have Opening Day included with their plan. Blue Members will be able to purchase Opening Day tickets through a pre-sale. New Members will receive Opening Day tickets subject to availability.

How do I attend Member Exclusive Events?
One of the best benefits of being a Member is access to exclusive events. We host a variety of events throughout the year specifically for our Members and you will receive communication to RSVP for these events as they become available. Events may range from Movie Nights on the Outfield, to Road Trips for away games, to Batting Practice on the field, and more! In addition, prior to every home game, Members can attend our Member Happy Hours at specific locations at Petco Park featuring drink specials.

Do Members get into the ballpark early for home games?
Members can enter Petco Park two hours prior to first pitch (30 minutes before the general public) at the Park Boulevard gate entrance to enjoy batting practice. Additionally, Member-only lines are available at the Park Boulevard Gate and Home Plate Gate entrances.

Do Members get pre-sale opportunities for other events hosted at Petco Park?
When available, the Padres offer special Member-only presales for non-baseball events hosted at Petco Park.

Does the Team Store merchandise discount work online?
Your merchandise discount (10%) is valid only at the Padres Team Store located at Petco Park. Show your MLB Ballpark App and accompanying photo ID to secure your Member discount.

How do I get the Free At Bat subscription?
All Members who renew or purchase by January 31 will receive a free MLB.TV subscription in the following spring.

What other exclusive benefits do I receive as a Member?
Members receive a variety of benefits that offer access, discounts, and convenience. For a full list of your Member Benefits, please click here.

Membership Ticketing

How do I exchange tickets?
The San Diego Padres Ticket Exchange Program is a benefit exclusively for Platinum, Gold and Blue Members. Tickets may be exchanged based on game tier designations as per the subsequent policy. Up to 50% of your games can be exchanged. The games in each tier will be announced at a later date. Platinum and Gold Members must perform exchanges at least 48 hours prior to the game being exchanged. Blue Members must perform exchanges at least five business days prior to the game being exchanged.

Account Manager is the perfect tool if you are looking to make a simple exchange of one game and into another game. For more complex exchanges, you may click here to submit an exchange request form. We are unable to accommodate requests for specific seat locations through this form as all exchanges are based on which tickets are available at the time of the exchange. If you prefer to select your exact seats, please complete your exchange in your online Account Manager.

All exchanges must be made in writing and will not be accepted over the phone.

What are the exchange guidelines?
All Padres home games are categorized in a tier: Grand Slam, Home Run, Triple, Double and Single. Members may exchange Single and Double games for other Single and Double games. If you exchange a Single game into a Double, you can pay the difference during the checkout process. Triple games can be exchanged for other triple games, Home Run games can be exchanged for other Home Run games, and Grand Slam games are not exchangeable. Up to 50% of your games can be exchanged. Please note, if you exchange into a lower tiered game or seat location, you will not receive a credit to your account.

When can I start exchanging my tickets?
Ticket exchanges will begin once tickets are active in your Padres Account Manager. You will receive an email from the Padres once your tickets are available to manage online.

Can I sell games in my Season Membership plan?
Members can post and sell up to 50% of their tickets on StubHub and/or the secondary market. Members may not sell any additional tickets purchased with their special Member discount. Members who violate this policy will be classified as a Ticket Reseller and will be subject to additional restrictions including the possibility of revoked seats.

What other actions can I take with my season ticket plan?
You may donate your tickets to the Padres Foundation or forward your tickets to friends or family to use. All these actions can be done from Account Manager.