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Membership FAQ


How is Membership different than regular season tickets?
The San Diego Padres Membership program consists of customized year-round benefits, events and discounts that have been designed specifically for you, including the ability to completely customize your Membership using points as part of the Compadres Fan Rewards loyalty program. The core Membership benefits include your season seats and ticket benefits (i.e. Ticket Exchange Policy, Unused Ticket Night, etc.). However, Membership is much more than just your season tickets and we want to recognize you as more than a season ticket holder but as a Member of the Padres family.

Are some Membership types more expensive than others?
The cost of your Membership is dictated by your seat location and Membership level (Platinum, Gold, Blue or Flex).

Can I upgrade my Membership?
Yes, the Membership levels are dictated by the season ticket plan that you have selected. You are able to upgrade your Membership by upgrading the number of games in your season ticket plan.

I just renewed, when will my Membership be effective?
Your Membership is effective from January 1, 2019 - December 31, 2019 as long as your account remains in good standing.

What is the deadline to renew my 2019 Padres Season Ticket Membership?
In order to attend Fantasy Camp and take advantage of the 12-month payment plan, Platinum Members must renew by September 15, 2018. In order to guarantee your current seat location and the renewal price all Members must renew by October 16, 2018.

How long is my 2019 Membership valid for?
Your 2019 Membership will be valid from January 1, 2019 to December 31, 2019.

Digital Tickets

What are digital tickets?
All season ticket Members receive their season tickets conveniently through the Ballpark app. All Member tickets are delivered exclusively digital for the 2019 season. Through the Compadres Fan Rewards program, your digital tickets are automatically updated with all changes made to your season plan (i.e. exchanges).

Will my ticket partners be able to use digital tickets?
You can nominate a share partner through your Compadres Fan Rewards account. Your partner will receive an e-mail with instructions on how to sign up for Compadres Fan Rewards. Once completed, they will be able to use a digital membership card by downloading the Ballpark app on their smartphone and signing in using their Compadres Fan Rewards account details.

Can I still get printed tickets?
You do have the option to purchase commemorative tickets for your season Membership for $50 per seat, regardless of Membership level. You are required to purchase commemorative tickets for all seats on your account if you choose this option. This must be paid in full by November 16, 2018. After November 16, we cannot accommodate the printing of tickets on commemorative stock.

Member Benefits

What are Unused Ticket Games?
The Padres offer six (6) Unused Ticket Nights during the 2019 season. Members get up to twice the number of seats in your plan for each Unused Ticket Game as long as you have that many unused tickets. You can redeem unused tickets by visiting the Ticket Office at Petco Park or by contacting your Membership Services Representative. Please note, Unused Ticket Games tickets are complimentary and are not eligible to be re-sold. Games eligible for Unused Ticket Games are:

May 22 vs. D-backs
June 18 vs. Brewers
July 29 vs Orioles
August 12 vs. Rays
September 8 vs. Rockies
September 22 vs. D-backs

As a Member, do I get a discount on additional tickets throughout the season?
As a Member, you can purchase up to four (Grand Slam and Home Run) or six (Triple, Double, Single) additional tickets per game for your friends and family. The price of your discounted ticket would correspond to the tier (Grand Slam, Home Run, Triple, Double, Single) that is assigned to that particular game.

Does my Season Membership plan come with Opening Day tickets?
Current Members are guaranteed Opening Day tickets. Platinum and Gold Members will have Opening Day included with their plan. Blue and Flex Members will be able to purchase Opening Day tickets through a pre-sale. New Members will receive Opening Day tickets subject to availability.

How do I pick my exclusive Member-only events?
The Padres offer many exclusive events throughout the entire year for our Members. You are able to redeem these events in the Compadres Fan Rewards portal using your Compadres Fan Rewards points, if you so choose. Events will be added to the Marketplace approximately two months prior to the event date.

Do Members get into the ballpark early for home games?
Members can enter Petco Park two hours prior to first pitch (30 minutes before the general public) at the Park Boulevard gate entrance to enjoy batting practice. Additionally, Member-only lines are available at the Park Boulevard Gate and Home Plate Gate entrances.

Do Members get pre-sale opportunities for other events hosted at Petco Park?
When available, the Padres offer special Member-only presales for non-baseball events hosted at Petco Park.

Does the Team Store merchandise discount work online?
Your merchandise discount (10%) is valid only at the Padres Majestic Team Store located at Petco Park. Show your Ballpark app and accompanying photo ID to secure your Member discount.

How do I get the Free At Bat subscription?
All Members who renew or buy by January 31, 2019 will receive a free MLB.TV subscription in the spring of 2019.

Compadres Fan Rewards

What is Compadres Fan Rewards?
Compadres Fan Rewards is the official loyalty program of the Padres available to all fans. Points are awarded for the things you already do as a fan: enter the ballpark and purchase tickets, pay for concessions and merchandise with E-cash, engage with the Padres and many other activities. Members receive exclusive bonus points based upon their Membership tenure, level and spend. For Members, points can be used to redeem Member Events, giveaways, memorabilia, exclusive experiences and items. You can access the Compadres Fan Rewards program through the Ballpark app and the Compadres Fan Rewards portal.

How do I sign up for Compadres Fan Rewards?
Simply visit the Compadres Fan Rewards page on and click "Compadres Login". Enter your account information or press "Create New Account" if you do not currently have an account. Follow the proceeding prompts.

Do Compadres Fan Rewards points expire?
Compadres Fan Rewards points earned during the year will expire on December 31. Members who have renewed for the next season will have their new points loaded in January. Points are available from January 1 - December 31 each year.

How do I use my Compadres Fan Rewards points?
Compadres Fan Rewards points can be redeemed in the Marketplace, Experiences or Auctions under "Rewards" in your Compadres Fan Rewards portal. Marketplace items and Experiences are redeemed outright, while Auctions use a bidding system. You only spend your Compadres Fan Rewards points if you win the Auction you are bidding on. Once you redeem an item from the Marketplace or win an item from an Auction, you will receive an email with instructions on how to redeem your reward.

How do I get my 10% Member discount on concessions?
Members can scan their digital loyalty card at concession and merchandise stands in Petco Park as well as the Team Store to receive a 10% discount.

Membership Ticketing

How do I exchange tickets?
The San Diego Padres Ticket Exchange Program is a benefit exclusively for 2019 Platinum, Gold and Blue Members. Tickets may be exchanged based on game tier designations as per the subsequent policy. Up to 50% of your games can be exchanged. The games in each tier will be announced at a later date. Platinum and Gold Members must perform exchanges 48 hours prior to the game being exchanged. Blue Members must perform exchanges five business days prior to the game being exchanged. Exchanges can be performed online or at the Padres Advance Ticket Windows. You may also email [email protected] with your exchange request. If you miss the 48-hour deadline, you may still attend the original game or turn it in for an Unused Ticket Night. Six Unused Ticket Games will be available in 2019. You may redeem unused tickets by contacting your Membership Services Representative or in person at the Padres Advance Ticket Windows.

What are the exchange guidelines?
All Padres home games are categorized in a tier: Grand Slam, Home Run, Triple, Double and Single. Members may exchange a Single or Double to a higher tier and pay the difference. Singles, Doubles and Triples cannot be exchanged to Home Run or Grand Slam tiers. Up to 50% of your games can be exchanged.

When can I start exchanging my tickets?
Ticket exchange will begin in February 2019.

Can I sell games in my Season Membership plan?
Members can only post up to 50% of tickets on StubHub and/or the secondary market. Members will not be allowed to use the single game ticket discount to purchase additional tickets to sell on StubHub and/or the secondary market. Members who violate this policy will be classified as a Ticket Reseller and will be subject to additional restrictions including the possibility of revoked seats.

What other actions can I take with my season ticket plan?
You may donate your tickets to the Padres Foundation, forward your tickets to friends or family to use or print paper tickets off from your home or work computer. All of these actions can be done from your My Tickets account in the Compadres Fan Rewards portal.