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New for the 2020 Season and Beyond

We've tied together two new benefits to create greater ease in purchasing and renewing your Pittsburgh Pirates Season Tickets.

  • We're now offering an EXTENDED 8-MONTH PAYMENT PLAN in which you can pay for your Season Tickets in monthly installments through March of 2020.
  • As a further benefit, this Extended 8-Month Payment Plan comes with the AUTO-RENEW which allows you to commit to Pirates Baseball for future seasons with no further paperwork required. You can opt out of AUTO-RENEW at any time.

You can read more about the EXTENDED AUTO PAYMENT PLAN in the FAQ section below.


Renew before the dates below and receive great incentives!








In addition to the best locations and the most savings on tickets, you can look forward to these benefits:

Exchange Program
First Mate Vouchers
Opening Day Tickets
Guaranteed Giveaway Program
Clubhouse Store Discount
2020 Postseason Tickets
Renewal Incentives & Bonus

Core Benefits

All Season Ticket Holders, regardless of plan, can look forward to these core benefits:

  • Extended Payment Plan Option
  • Exclusive Access to Events Throughout the Year
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Priority to Purchase Additional Game Tickets at the Season Ticket Holder Rate
  • Early Access to PNC Park on Game Days
  • Exclusive Breaking News Email and Text Alerts
  • Exclusive e-Newsletter
  • STH At Bat Offer - As a feature of being a Pirates Season Ticket Holder, you will receive a subscription to MLB.TV for the 2020 season.*
  • Special Pricing for the Following Events, Opportunities & Attractions:
    • Pirates Gameday Suite Rentals (select dates)
    • Pirates World Series Suite Rentals (select dates)
    • PNC Park Facility Rentals
    • PNC Park Tours
    • Special Season Ticket Holders-Only Ticket Offers Throughout the Year

* Purchase must be made from Prior purchase not eligible for offer. Discounted subscription to MLB At Bat will not automatically renew annually.

All Hyundai Club & Club Cambria accounts receive Full Season Ticket Holder Benefits.



Past Experiences have included:

• All-Star Game Watch Party
• Field Days
• Mascot Breakfast
• Tailgate Party
• Alumni Meet & Greet
• Catch on the Field

• Team PhotoFest
• Pre-Game Walk on the Warning Track
• Deliver the Lineup Card
• Deliver the Game Ball
• Seven Springs Activity Bracelets
• and more!


All games are eligible for exchange.*

Future Game Exchange

All Season Ticket Holders will have the ability to perform unlimited future game ticket exchanges (80 games) with the following guidelines:

  • The deadline to exchange out of a future game is 24 hours (or more) prior to the start time of the original game you wish to exchange out of.
  • Two (2) Ways to Exchange Your Season Tickets:
  1. My Pirates Online Ticket Account ( Through your ticket account, you have access to live ticket inventory which is the most convenient way to exchange your season tickets.
  2. PNC Park Ticket Office (located at the corner W. General Robinson and Federal Street).
  • Guests must choose their new game at the time of the exchange; future game tickets are not eligible to be banked for credit.
  • Season Ticket Holders requesting a ticket exchange from a lower-priced game into a higher-priced game must pay the difference in value. Conversely, if requesting a ticket exchange from a higher-priced game into a lower-priced game, the difference in ticket value can be applied to eligible future game exchanges in the 2020 Regular Season.
  • There is no limit to the number of future games you may exchange but each game must be exchanged out of in a separate transaction.
  • All exchanges are based on availability; the Pirates cannot guarantee that all exchanges will be available.
  • While all games (except Opening Day) will initially be available to exchange into, exchanges will no longer be available once a game reaches a specific ticketing threshold. Once a game is nearing that threshold, the Pirates will notify you via email that exchanges are nearing capacity, thus giving you an opportunity to transact your potential exchange before the game is closed.
  • STH Exchange Ticket Rate is subject to change throughout the 2020 Season.

Missed Game Replay

As a benefit, Season Ticket Holders are eligible to "replay" their season tickets from a missed game. There will be 37 select Monday-Thursday games available for missed game redemption (Tuesday, June 16 & Wednesday, June 17 excluded) with the following guidelines:

  • Redemption fees will be applied at the following rates:
    •   Corner Box, Infield Grandstand & Outfield Grandstand = Full Season: $1 per ticket, Half Season: $2 per ticket, 20-Game: $4 per ticket
    •   Home Plate Box & Infield Box = Full Season: $4 per ticket, Half Season: $8 per ticket, 20-Game: $12 per ticket.
  • Missed Game Replay tickets may be transacted at the PNC Park Ticket Office only.
  • The last Missed Game Replay available is September 24.
  • Missed Game Replay tickets may only be redeemed once; once tickets are replayed for a new game, the tickets may not be redeemed again, regardless if the new game has passed or not.
  • Missed Game Replay tickets may be redeemed only in the following eligible seat locations: Corner Box, Infield Grandstand, Outfield Grandstand & Corner Grandstand. Tickets cannot be upgraded into any other seating category.
  • Tickets for missed games may only be redeemed into the same or a lesser priced seating category among those listed above.
  • All Missed Game Replays are based on availability; the Pirates do not guarantee that all redemptions will be available.

*Excluding Opening Day


In the top left corner of your renewal website screen, click VIEW INVOICE

You'll be presented with two choices -

A - Opt to enroll in our Extended Auto Payment Plan and take advantage of our new extended 8-month payment plan. Note that our Extended Auto Payment Plan will automatically renew each season, but you can opt out of the auto-renewal feature at any time by visiting

B - Opt to enroll in our standard 4-month payment plan. This plan will not be subject to auto-renewal.


Upon making your selection, you'll be taken to your personalized invoice file.

1 - Confirm the Account Number and Name at the top are correct.

2 - Confirm the Events listed (Ticket Plan and Parking) are correct. Even if you wish to upgrade or change your seats for the 2020 season, you still must renew at this time. Please list any notes in the comments box and your Account Manager will contact you to discuss new plan/seating options.

3 -

Choose a payment plan - either Pay-in-Full or extended 8-month payment plan.

Choose a payment plan - either Pay-in-Full or four-month payment plan.

4 - Enter your credit card information and click to add your signature.

5 - At the end of the document, click to add your signature, agreeing to the terms and conditions. This blue box will only appear once all required fields are complete.

There are two options for payment:


If you opt to enroll in our Extended Auto Payment Plan, you're eligible for our new extended 8-month payment plan. The eight payments are broken down in installments as follows:

  • 12.5% of your total Ticket Plan price paid on the date you renew in August
  • 12.5% paid on September 15th 
  • 12.5% paid on October 15th 
  • 12.5% paid on November 15th 
  • 12.5% paid on December 15th 
  • 12.5% paid on January 15th 
  • 12.5% paid on February 15th 
  • 12.5% paid on March 15th 

Note: If you renew after August 31st, you will be charged in monthly installments equal to the remaining months through March 2020. For example, if you renew between September 1st and 30th, you will pay in seven installments: the initial renewal date, 10/15/19, 11/15/19, 12/15/19, 1/15/20, 2/15/20 and 3/15/20. 

Note: Our Extended Auto Payment Plan will automatically renew each season, but you can opt out of the auto-renewal feature at any time by visiting  


4-month payment plan
The four payments are broken down in installments as follows:

  • 25% of your total Ticket Plan price paid on the date you renew
  • 25% paid on November 15th 
  • 25% paid on January 15th 
  • 25% paid on February 15th

Note: If you renew after November 1st and elect to pay via a payment plan, you will pay in three installments: one initial payment of 34% on the date of renewal, one payment of 33% on January 15th, and one final payment of 33% on February 15th.

With both renewal options, you do have the option to Pay-in-Full for your 2020 Season Ticket plan as indicated on your invoice.

If you pay by credit card, please make sure your card does not expire before March 2020. If you choose the payment plan, you must have a credit card on file (no checks).

If you pay by check, please make the check payable to the "Pittsburgh Pirates" and include a copy or your invoice with your check. Please mail payment in full if paying via check.

For more information about the terms and conditions of your 2020 Season Ticket plan, please visit

Yes. Any earned StubHub sales that you elected to have placed into your Pirates Season Ticket account can be used towards your 2020 Season Ticket plan. Please check your StubHub account to verify any remaining funds and leave a note in the comments box on your invoice in to apply those funds to your renewal. If you choose either the Extended Auto Payment Plan or the Standard Payment Plan option, any StubHub credits you wish to put towards your 2020 Season Ticket Plan will be applied towards the first payment. Unless your StubHub balance is greater than the first installment (in which case any remaining balance will be applied to the second installment), your remaining installments will be unchanged. Please note: your first installment is charged on your date of renewal.

Yes, depending on availability. First, you need to renew your current Plan. You will receive additional seat information prior to the Pirates Relocation and Upgrade Event, which will be held in late November 2019.  

Please note, by selecting the four-month or eight-month payment plan on your current invoice, you will be charged for your regularly scheduled payment installments prior to the Relocation and Upgrade Event in late November. The payment installment occurring on January 15th and will take into account any plan changes. The remaining payment amount may be adjusted after changes are made.

For more information about the terms and conditions of your 2020 Season Ticket Plan, please visit

Auto-Renewal is a new service the Pittsburgh Pirates provide exclusively for Season Ticket Holders to automatically renew your Season Tickets each season, subject to availability. Further, by selecting auto-renewal, Season Ticket Holders can take advantage of our new Extended Auto Payment Plan with up to 8 months in equal installments.  

Before any changes are made for a subsequent season, the Pirates will send you a written Notice of Automatic Renewal stating the amount due for your renewal and identify your seat(s) for the upcoming season, which may be at a different rate and in a different location than the previous season. 

To sign-up for this program, please select the Extended Auto Payment Plan option and complete your 2020 renewal invoice.

You can opt out of the Auto-Renewal feature at any time. To opt out of auto-renewal for 2020 and beyond, visit and select the "I do not wish to renew" option in the Automatic Renewal notice, or simply contact your account representative. Further, before any charges are made for the 2021 season renewals, the Pirates will send you a Notice of Automatic Renewal, reminding you of your pending renewal approximately 31 to 60 days prior to the 2021 renewal launch.

Season Ticket Holders who do not renew by November 1st at 5PM EST will not be guaranteed their same seat locations for the upcoming season. In late November, we will begin the process of upgrading seat locations for the Season Ticket Holders who have already renewed for the 2020 season and allocating locations for new Season Ticket Holders. Any Season Ticket Holder who does not renew by the November 1st deadline will still have an opportunity to select from available seats at the close of the Relocation and Upgrade Event.

Further, Season Ticket Holders who do not renew by the November 1st deadline will not receive the Vintage Bobblehead, nor will they be eligible for BUC$ Back credit or First Mate Vouchers.

The Pirates encourage fans to adopt digital ticketing, which allows you to manage your Season Tickets electronically under your My Pirates Tickets account or have your tickets conveniently delivered to your mobile device. Digital ticketing helps us deliver your tickets in a timelier manner, makes entering the ballpark more efficient and allows you to forward, donate and resell your tickets easily. With digital ticketing, you will also have the ability to print your tickets from home at your convenience.

As a Season Ticket Holder, you will also be able manage your tickets digitally through the MLB Ballpark app. However, if you received a ticket book in 2019 and wish to receive a bound printed ticket book in 2020, you must renew on or by the November 1st renewal deadline and choose the printed tickets option on your invoice. If you received your tickets digitally in past seasons, you will remain digital for 2020. Note: all renewals after November 1st will be digital.

To learn more about digital ticketing through your MyTix account or the MLB Ballpark app, CLICK HERE.

For more information about the terms and conditions of your 2020 Season Ticket Plan, please visit

You will receive a notification email before the 2020 season begins regarding Season Ticket Holder Experience dates and the selection process. Available experiences will be listed under the 2020 Season Ticket Holder Special Events Page. A list of potential Season Ticket Holder Experiences is also included in this renewal e-brochure.

Once again, you will choose your Experiences through the MLB Ballpark app on your mobile device. For information on downloading and using the MLB Ballpark app, please CLICK HERE.

If you renew before the November 1st BUC$ Back incentive deadline, you are entitled to a BUC$ Back food, beverage and team store credit. If you renew by the September 17th early deadline, you will receive double your standard BUC$ Back amount, as listed on your invoice.

Further if you opt for digital ticketing, you will receive an additional $25 BUC$ Back bonus at the same time. (This benefit is available only upon your initial activation of digital ticketing and does not carry over season-to-season.)

BUC$ Back credit will be applied to your Season Ticket Holder Card before the start of the 2020 season. You will receive an email when it's been applied along with redemption instructions.

  • 2019 BUC$ Back are valid through Friday, December 20th, 2019.
  • 2020 BUC$ Back will be valid through Friday, December 18th, 2020.

Please note: If you have multiple accounts, each Season Ticket Holder card will have its own total of food, beverage and team store credit, based on that specific account.

You will receive an email containing pick-up/delivery instructions at a later date.

All Season Ticket Holders who renew before the Carnival date of September 28th will receive an email with instructions of when and where to pick up their passes on the day of the Season Ticket Holder Carnival. You may also renew on-site that day and will be admitted to the event. Please note: Passes are for the Season Ticket Holder and one guest.

You will receive your First Mate vouchers electronically in mid-March, 2020, via your My Pirates Ticket Account. You will receive additional information closer to the season on how to redeem your First Mate Vouchers.

Opening Day tickets are included in all Season Ticket Plans (Full, Half and 20-Game Plans). For additional individual Opening Day tickets, all renewed Season Ticket Holders for 2020 will have access to a special Season Ticket Holder presale at a later date.

To purchase group tickets (10 more more) for Opening Day or any Pirates home game, simply contact your Account Manager.

Season Ticket Holders will be able to exchange games for the 2020 season starting in mid-March. For more information, keep an eye on the Season Ticket Holder website at