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Security & Regulations

Please review the Tropicana Field security policies regarding which items are permitted to be brought in with you during your next Rays game.

Security Initiatives

Heightened ballpark security initiatives continue for all games at Tropicana Field.

These initiatives include:

Increased presence of uniformed law enforcement at all games.

Daily facility inspection by stadium and law enforcement personnel prior to the opening of gates to the public.

Identification and inspection of all ballpark deliveries.

New in 2019, for the safety of all fans, backpacks are now restricted at Tropicana Field. The prohibition covers all backpacks with the exception of those carried for medical reasons, and backpack diaper bags that accompany infants and young children. Any bag larger than 16" x 16" x 8" is still restricted under MLB rules. 

Unauthorized vehicle parking prohibited within 100 feet of any ballpark exterior; parking lots to be inspected daily and unattended vehicles removed.

Security awareness training for all club personnel and detailed review of all existing security personnel.

Prohibited Items

Heightened security policies established by the Tampa Bay Rays and Tropicana Field will remain in effect throughout the season. We would like to remind you that these enhanced security measures are for your safety. We understand that this is an added inconvenience, however due to the nature of current world events, we feel they are necessary.

The following items are prohibited from Tropicana Field

  • Bags/purses in excess of 16" x 16" x 8"
  • Backpacks (See Backpack Policy)
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Weapons/fireworks
  • Items that could be projectiles
  • Cameras with 12" or more lenses
  • Bullhorns/airhorns
  • Lasers
  • Brooms in excess of 4 feet in height
  • Coolers of any kind
  • Anything that can obstruct a fans view
  • Wrapped presents and/or gifts of any kind*

*Please note that if you have a planned party of any kind that includes gifts, we advise either wrapping the gift item at Tropicana Field after the item has been inspected or place the unboxed gift item in a gift bag. Our security staff will ask guests to open any wrapped items.

If any of the above items are discovered at our gates, our security staff members will ask that you return these items to your vehicle or be thrown away. Prohibited items will not be stored at the gates or guest services.

Rules & Regulations

Stadium operations officials at Tropicana Field will follow these procedures in addition to the rules and regulations currently existing at the facility.

The Rays would like all fans to review current Tropicana Field rules and regulations which include the following:

  • Stay Alert: Baseballs hit into the stands can be dangerous. Fans may keep any baseballs hit into the stands.
  • Fan Interference: Major League Baseball rules require that fans not go onto the field, throw objects onto the field or interfere with balls still in play. Violation may result in ejection from Tropicana Field and prosecution.
  • Smoking: Use of tobacco products and/or e-cigarettes are not permitted inside Tropicana Field. There are designated smoking areas outside Gate 2/5/6/7.
  • Food/Drinks/Containers: Patrons are allowed to bring personal quantities of food into Tropicana Field. All food items must be wrapped, bagged, or contained within a soft-sided container that shall not exceed 16"x16"x 8". Patrons are allowed to bring in single-serving juice boxes and sealed plastic water bottles (no larger than one liter). Hard-sided coolers and breakable drink containers are not permitted.
  • Fan Behavior is important to the comfort of our other guests. Profanity, abusive language, inappropriate dress or conduct deemed disorderly, unruly or disruptive by Tropicana Field management is grounds for ejection. Solicitation of contributions and distribution of literature on stadium property are prohibited.
  • Banners and signs are permitted and may be displayed in the stadium as long as they are baseball related, do not interfere with the playing field or other stadium signage, or inhibit other guests' views, and are in good taste as determined by Tropicana Field management. Tropicana Field management reserves the right to remove any sign displayed on the property.
  • Bats, brooms and umbrellas are allowed inside the stadium. If these items interfere with another guest's enjoyment of the game, you will be asked to store them under your seat.
  • Beach balls and Frisbees and other objects are not to be throw in the stadium and will be confiscated.
  • Noise makers, air horns, laser pointers and any other irritating or distracting items are prohibited and will be confiscated.
  • Electronic equipment: Radios, laptops, tablets, and televisions are allowed in the stadium as long as they do not interfere with other fans' enjoyment of the game and are smaller than 16"x16"x8". Cameras (still and video) are permitted in the stadium provided they are for personal use only and do not result in obstruction of other fans' view. Tripods are prohibited. The taping of game footage and the transmission of any description or reproduction of game activity are prohibited.