Welcome to the 2024 Reds Baseball Camps!

The summer of 2024 marks the 13th year of the Reds Baseball/Softball summer camps. If you're looking for one of the finest instructional camps in America wrapped in an amazing Reds experience, you've come to the right spot! Since 2012, over 15,000 kids from Reds Country and around the nation have joined us.

Reds Camp is about providing a blueprint for aspiring ballplayers to find the joy and success that our great game can give. It’s also about writing a chapter in the memory book of every “Future Reds” player who puts on that new uniform on Monday morning.

In 2023, most of our camps sold out. We strongly suggest that you sign up for camp early to guarantee your spot.


May 27-31

June 3-7

June 10-14

June 17-21

June 24-28

July 8-12

July 15-19

July 22-24

July 29-August 2


Camp Culture

The Curriculum

The curriculum is adjusted every day to meet the diverse and changing needs of kids at camp. The most important thing to understand about the Reds Baseball and Softball Camps is that it doesn't matter if your athlete is six and picking up a bat for the first time or 14 and preparing to play high school baseball. This camp will significantly improve each player's ability to play the game. The camper would have to sleepwalk through the week to NOT be a better ballplayer on Friday than he or she was on Monday.

Safety, Safety, Safety

Let's get this big question answered right away. How can we have a camp with six year-olds and 14 year-olds? Look at it this way. A K-8 school does not have second graders and eighth graders in P.E. or math class together. They may pass in the hallways, take the same bus and be in the same yearbook but they are not in class together. Get the picture? At a Reds Camp, they will not be in "class" together either.

That being said, not all players of the same age have equal ability. For safety reasons and because it facilitates the best learning environment, players will be grouped by age and ability. These "teams" will then stay together throughout the week with the same coach. There will be cross-pollination of instructors but we have found that the bonds created between teammates and their primary coach is one of the truly special dynamics at camp.

And yes, at our instructors' discretion, tennis balls, Wiffle balls and safety balls will be used liberally at camp. Of course, we will use regulation baseballs when appropriate but fear-free confidence is a critical foundation for fun and learning success.

Have questions about the camps? Send them to [email protected] or call toll free at (855) 8GoReds (846-7337).

Day Care? No.

It’s true that we welcome players of every skill and experience level. It’s also true that we put a high premium on having fun. However, this is an honest-to-goodness baseball/softball camp and not a daycare service. Please keep that in mind when deciding to sign your little one up.

Travel Player? This camp is for you, too.





Got a Flexible Spending Account at Work?

Many parents use their employer's FSA benefit to save even more. Check with your employer to see if the camp fee qualifies as Dependent Care. Our FEIN is 45-0643499. You will need that for reimbursement.


V.I.P. Day Trip to Great American Ball Park for a behind-the-scenes experience

On one of the five camp days, campers will be transported by bus to Great American Ball Park for a day they will never forget. Your athlete will get a chance to experience Great American Ball Park in a way that few others can. It’s hard to overstate the special feeling that comes from being so close to Major League action. Now, how cool is that!

Subject to change if required by the Department of Health or MLB.

Four tickets to a Camper Reunion Game

Each participant will receive four tickets to a choice of one of several 2024 Reds games. These Camper Reunion Games provide a great chance to reunite with new friends from camp.

Subject to change if required by the Department of Health or MLB.

Every camper will be given a full Reds uniform (jersey, pants, hat and belt)

If you are going to train like a Major Leaguer, might as well dress like one.

Special Patch for "Veterans"