Billy vs. the kid: Reds star races young girl

January 31st, 2016

FLORENCE, Ky. -- Throughout Reds Caravan this week, kids have wanted a piece of center fielder Billy Hamilton. During the question-and-answer sessions at each stop, youngsters have often asked Hamilton how fast he really is or how many bases he thinks he can steal.

On Sunday, during the Caravan finale at Florence Mall in Northern Kentucky, a young girl threw down the gauntlet on Hamilton. Holding a microphone in front of several hundred of her fellow Reds fans, she asked him if he would like to have a race.

Hamilton responded that after the Q&A was done, he would oblige her. He proved to be a man of his word, but he was no match for this particular girl.

In the short sprint across the mall floor, the girl showed her own speed and edged out Hamilton, who stole 57 bases last season for Cincinnati.

How did Hamilton respond? He graciously gave his footrace foe the No. 6 jersey off of his back, and he autographed it.

You want next, Dee Gordon?