Watch Elly De La Cruz learn he was called up to Majors

June 6th, 2023

For the first two months of the Triple-A season, has done nothing but stand out thanks to his unique skill set. So, it’s only right that the 21-year-old got notified of his callup to the Majors in a way that was also unique.

With the rest of his team gathered in the hotel lobby following their series against Worcester, Louisville Bats manager Pat Kelly called De La Cruz to the middle of the circle the team had formed, and asked the phenom if he had brought all his stuff with him, before gesturing to a set of bags that were in a corner of the room.

De La Cruz, who looked just as confused as anyone would be in the situation, shook his head and said he didn’t recognize the bag. Kelly then asked for some help identifying the bag, to which someone said they were De La Cruz’s.

With smiles rising on everyone’s face, Kelly let De La Cruz know he had made it to The Show by uttering five words that De La Cruz will never forget: “You gotta go to Cincinnati.”

From there, it was a procession of daps and hugs as De La Cruz went around the circle celebrating the callup with his teammates.

De La Cruz enters the Reds’ lineup after a historic start to the season in which he slashed .297/.398/.633 with 12 home runs and 36 RBIs in 38 games at Louisville while regularly scorching baseballs at elite exit velocities at or above 116 mph, which only a few Major League players have done.

In total, he's recorded the hardest-hit ball in the Majors or Minors this year (118.8 mph) and has hit five home runs of 116-plus mph this season.

Now, he and his bags are on their way to Cincinnati for the start of what Reds fans hope will be a fruitful big league career.