Bauer, Reds keep door open for '21 reunion

September 27th, 2020

has dominated on the mound this season and has the chance of becoming the first Reds pitcher to win the National League Cy Young Award. Bauer also performed his best as Cincinnati battled for a playoff spot and did it in his walk-year ahead of becoming a first-time free agent.

It’s a little early for the Hot Stove season, but it won’t be long until November, when teams will begin maneuvering to sign Bauer. Will the Reds make a run at re-signing arguably the most coveted pitcher on the open market?

President of baseball operations Dick Williams did not rule it out.

“Well, you know, [CEO] Bob [Castellini] and I and [GM] Nick [Krall] and the group will do everything we can to make that happen,” Williams said on Saturday. “I’d love to say yes that there are scenarios where it could happen. It’s honestly not something we’re working on today, right now, we’re really focused on the postseason, but I’d love to think that Trevor would come back.”

Bauer, 29, is 5-4 with an NL-best 1.73 ERA, 0.79 WHIP, 275 ERA+ and 100 strikeouts over 73 innings. He has long maintained in past comments that he would only sign one-year contracts his entire career.

“I know I’ll be with the Reds on Saturday’s game, today’s game, Sunday’s game, Wednesday’s game and Thursday’s game at least. That’s really where my head’s at,” Bauer said. “As far as free agency goes, I’m going to listen to every offer that comes in, and make a decision where I want to play based on factors that are important to me. I want to win; I want to be happy; I want to enjoy playing baseball. I don’t think any team is out of the running to sign me. It just depends on what the landscape looks like and all that. That’s really been the last thing on my mind.”

Bauer has enjoyed playing for Cincinnati, which acquired him from Cleveland in a three-way trade on July 31, 2019.

“There’s parts of it that I haven’t enjoyed, mostly centered around how many games we lost. I hate losing,” Bauer said. “But it’s been a very rewarding experience as well. I don’t see this team as a losing team. We lost some games early that we probably shouldn’t have lost, but we’re in a position now to go to the postseason, and it takes a lot of energy to change a culture and to get over the hump initially.

“Once you do, you set yourself up for a window of success. Looking out into the future, if you’re talking about the I-want-to-win qualification, I feel like this is a team that I can win with, for sure.”