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At Eversource, we are proud to be recognized as one of the greenest companies in the nation.

As a catalyst for clean energy and the nation's number one energy efficiency provider, we work closely with community leaders, residents, schools and businesses to reduce energy consumption, increase the use of renewable resources and encourage participation in smart energy programs.

Red Sox Green Energy

Red Sox fans know that Fenway Park is the oldest MLB stadium in the nation, and many would say the most beloved as well. Now add energy-efficient to the list of accolades. During the last five years, Eversource has helped cast Fenway in a whole new light - LED lighting, to be specific. The park played its first night game in 1946, and now, in a year-round entertainment venue, lighting does more than illuminate the Green Monster! In fact, the recent LED lighting upgrades have reduced the park's electricity use by 11 percent, resulting in avoided greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to taking about 1,400 cars off the road for an entire year!


Whether you own or rent, Eversource can help make your home more comfortable while saving you energy and money.


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Eversource works with businesses large and small to identify smart energy improvements, lower operational costs, and enable greater business competitiveness.

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Electric Vehicles

We are also actively engaged with policy leaders, automakers, neighboring utilities and technical experts to prepare our infrastructure to support electric vehicles.

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At Eversource, we're more than just an energy company - we are a partner in the community, serving the neighborhoods where we work and live.

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