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Astros Shooting Stars - Halle


Name: Halle

Nickname: Hales

Hometown: League City, TX

Number of seasons with the Astros Shooting Stars?
The 2018 Astros season is my third season on the team.   

All-time Favorite Astros Memory:
Wow. Last season had a lot of unforgettable memories. However, I think my all-time favorite was the World Series Championship Parade. This city went through so much during Harvey. To see everyone come together- to celebrate this team, this season, this city was incredible. I truly believe without the amazing fans and support the Astros had this post season, this team could not have achieved everything they did. The parade didn't only celebrate the Astros, it celebrated the strength it took to overcome the devastating tragedy, the struggle, and the city. #HoustonStrong 

What are some of your hobbies?
I love to workout, eat, cheer on the Texas Longhorns and spend as much time outside.

What is your profession?
Texas Wine Manager

Favorite food:
Mexican Food

Favorite ballpark food at Minute Maid Park?

Do you have any pregame superstitions?
I have a lot of in-game superstitions, one being section 432 is my good luck charm.

If I could go on one road trip to watch the Astros take on another team, I would go to?
If I could go on one road trip to watch the Astros take on another team, I would go to see the Colorado Rockies because I want to see a game played in that stadium. It's beautiful.
My go to hype-song is:
My go to hype - song is Baby Got Back

My favorite part about being a Houston Astros Coca-Cola Shooting Star is:
One of my favorite parts of being a Shooting Star is how close and interactive we are with the fans. Especially all the little girls that look up to us so much. I remember being that little girl and it's incredibly humbling to get to be their inspiration.

A fun fact about me:
I have a HUGE/irrational fear of whales.