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A-List Membership Renewal

Thank you for being a 2019 A-List Member. It has been an action-packed season - and it's not over yet! Renew your membership for the 2020 season to receive great benefits outlined below.

The deadline to renew was Friday, September 6. Your seats may still be available. Please contact your service representative to discuss your options.

If you have any questions, please contact your Atlanta Braves Membership Services Representative.

Renew Your Membership

What's New in 2020

Chop Now Pay Later

Cheer on the Atlanta Braves throughout the 2019 Postseason and only make payments AFTER the games have been played.

Here's how it works:

  • Chop Now Pay Later commits you to all home Postseason games at Truist Park.
  • Tickets will be in your online account no later than 72 hours before the Series starts.
  • At the end of the series, your credit card on file will be charged the next business day for all home games in that series played. Please note: this applies to all tickets in your account whether they are used or not.

*Members sitting in the upper level (300-400) and all 27 Game Members will be charged in advance for their World Series tickets after the NLCS.

Payment Options

Choose from the 3 payment options below:

#1: Green Light Renewal Program

Once registered, the Braves will automatically charge your credit card on the following dates:

2020 Renewal Payment Plan (credit card only)
  • Payment 1: At sign-up - 40% of balance due
  • Payment 2: November 20 - 12% of balance due
  • Payment 3: December 20 - 12% of balance due
  • Payment 4: January 20 - 12% of balance due
  • Payment 5: February 20 - 12% of balance due
  • Payment 6: March 20 - 12% of balance due
#2: Standard and Overnight Mail

The Atlanta Braves recommend that you send your payment through a tracked system such as UPS to alleviate lost payment concerns. Please mail your payment to:

Atlanta Braves
Attn: Your Membership Services Representative
755 Battery Avenue
Atlanta, GA 30339

Make checks payable to the Braves Stadium Company.

#3: Via Your A-List Representative

We always appreciate the opportunity to handle your personal inquiries! Feel free to contact your Atlanta Braves Membership Services Representative or call (404) 577-9100, option 2.

Renewal Benefits

Renew before the September 6, 2019 deadline to guarantee these benefits:
  • Lowest prices and maximum benefits
  • Bonus Braves Memories Points for 2020
    • Full Season: 2 points per seat bonus
    • 27-Game Season: 1 point per seat bonus
  • Guarantee your seats
  • Invitation to online Select-a-Seat event to improve current seat location
  • One (1) bobblehead voucher per 2020 gate giveaway bobbleheads to pick up (non-kids items)
Added benefits if you opt-in to the Green Light Renewal Program:
  • Green Light 7-Month Payment Plan
  • Chop Now Pay Later Postseason Payment Plan
  • 2021 MLB All-Star Game Access if you do not opt-out for 2021
  • 3 additional Braves Memories points in 2020 added for Green Light signup

Ticket Delivery Options

Choose from the 2 ticket delivery options below for the 2020 season:

#1: Mobile Tickets


#2: Non-Commemorative Paper Season Tickets


  • $150 per seat, full season
  • $75 per seat, 27-game plan


For information about adding a parking pass to your 2020 A-List Membership, please contact your Membership Services Representative.

Postseason Tickets

A Postseason Ticket Strip contains all possible home games at Truist Park.

  • Opting into "Chop Now, Pay Later" commits you to all of these games and allows you to pay for these tickets after games have been played.

27 Game Members and all 300-400 Level Members will pay for World Series tickets before the series begins if and when the Braves win the NLCS.

For my 2019 Postseason seats the Braves invoiced me for, how much am I paying in each round?

Want additional Postseason Strips for all games at Truist Park?