Green Light Renewal Program Terms of Use

You understand that by selecting to purchase your A-List Membership using Green Light Renewal, you agree to the following additional terms and conditions (as they may be amended from time to time in the Braves' sole and absolute discretion):

  1. By selecting the Green Light Renewal, you acknowledge that your season tickets will automatically renew for each successive season, unless you cancel your A-List membership or opt-out of Green Light Renewal by providing written notice to the Braves at [email protected] or to your individual membership services representative on or before the renewal deadline the year prior to the season subject to renewal (for example, to cancel your A-List Membership or opt-out of Green Light Renewal for the 2023 baseball season, your cancellation or opt-out must be received by the Braves on or before the August 12, 2022 renewal deadline).
  2. Green Light Renewal is eligible for all Full and Twenty-Seven (27) game A-List Memberships.
  3. Your purchase will be payable in, and you will be charged, payments that are due on the Payment Dates set forth in the Payment Schedule available at the time of purchase.
  4. You may make Payment Schedule changes after your time of purchase according to the Braves' current payment plan schedule dates, which will be communicated on the Braves' website located at
    • Braves renewal members’ payment schedule can be found at and selecting "2023 Membership Renewals".
    • Braves new 2023 Members can find a payment schedule by logging into their account at and clicking “My Invoices”.
    • Inquiries on payment schedules can be made directly to the Braves at [email protected].
  5. Renewals associated with a subsequent season may have a higher price than the current season or a prior season. All information about any changes to A-List Memberships, including the prices of each subsequent season's renewal, will be communicated to you at least thirty (30) days prior to the renewal deadline.
  6. Multiple notices will be communicated about the renewal deadline and any material changes to these Green Light Renewal terms and conditions, including but not limited to, via mail and via email.
  7. Opting out of Green Light Renewal does not mean your A-List Membership cannot be renewed, but you shall lose your seating location(s). Notwithstanding the forgoing, you acknowledge that the Braves may still contact you about the following season's A-List Membership options.
  8. Opting out of your Green Light Renewal may cause you to lose certain members-only benefits (e.g. higher pricing on renewal, and access to fewer special events, festivities, and benefits).
  9. Current credit cards must be kept on file by the Braves and any changes communicated to the Braves in a timely fashion. If you have not opted-out of Green Light Renewal, your credit card on file will be charged for your A-List Membership renewal. You acknowledge and agree to notify us immediately if any of your credit card information changes.
  10. Once a purchase is made, the ticket holder purchaser whose credit card is on file with the Braves is responsible for all payments until the next renewal period (i.e. the next season).
  11. Because we will be providing you with notices from time to time under these Green Light Renewal Terms and Conditions, it is important that we maintain your current contact information. You acknowledge and agree to notify us immediately if any of your contact information changes.