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Gila River Hotels & Casinos

Come to fan-friendly Chase Field to watch your Arizona Diamondbacks play against division rivals and teams from across the league. As a valued partner, the D-backs are pleased to offer these special discounts to bring you, your family, friends and colleagues out to an exciting game of baseball in 2020.

Seating areas will vary by game. All offers based on availability and cannot be combined with other offers.

Please note: March 26, May 2, June 21, July 4 and August 1 game dates are not discounted.

Grab your glove and buy your tickets today!

For accessible seating or groups of 8 or larger, please contact Johanna Imperial at (602) 462-4113 or [email protected].

Seating & Pricing
Infield Reserve: $18-$45 (reg. $24-$50)
Bleachers: $21-$62 (reg. $24-$65)
Bullpen Reserve: $21-$62 (reg. $24-$65)
MVP Box: $24-$67 (reg. $38-$70)
Baseline Reserve: $27-$92 (reg. $30-$95)
Baseline Box: $36-$102 (reg. $39-$105)
Club Reserve: $34-$97 (reg. $38-$100)
Club Box: $49-$117 (reg. $52-$120)
Dugout Reserve: $46-$117 (reg. $49-$120)
Dugout Box: $100-$165 (reg. $105-$165)
Homeplate Box: $105-$175 (reg. $110-$175)