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Summer Workouts

Get up and get moving

It's the time of year when the sun rises earlier and sets later so take advantage of it! Get outside and just move! But make sure you're being safe and using sun tan lotion to protect your skin!

  • Go biking with friends and family
  • Play at the park or local swimming pool
  • If you're at the beach, go for long walk on the sand with your family and see how many shells you can spot!
Stuck indoors?

It can't be sunny everyday but here are plenty of ways to stay active indoors:

  • Watching TV? Exercise during commercials - jumping jacks, push-ups, sit-ups, lunges.
  • Video-games? If you're flying solo on the video game circuit, stop every 15 mins and walk around the room/house; do some jumping jacks to get your heart rate up. If you're playing a sports game with a friend or two, try some healthy competition with the ones you're playing with - whoever loses has to do 25 jumping jacks; 10 push-ups; and 10 lunges! The winner gets by with only 25 jumping jacks!