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Work Out Your Body

To be at the top of their game, Phils players practice daily, including doing drills by position. Did you know that there are exercises tailored to strengthen muscles used in each specific position? See below for fun exercises to strengthen your muscles and be big and strong like the players on the field.

Phillies Phitness tips and exercises were developed in conjunction with physical therapy professionals. Please check with your physician before beginning any physical activity program.

Here are some PHUN exercises that you can do with no equipment!

It's important to warm up before exercising and get your heart pumping. Warming up can be fun though! Turn some music on and do some high knees or jumping jacks.

The most important thing is just to get your heart pumping and circulation up. You can check your circulation in a few ways. You can put your hand over your heart, take your index and middle fingers and place them on your wrist, slightly closer to your thumb. You can also feel your pulse by taking those some fingers and putting them on the side of your neck, just below your jawbone.

  1. Lunges - Take one step back and place your knee on the floor. Then bring your leg back to its original position. Now do the same with the other leg and repeat.
  2. Squats - With your legs shoulder width apart, bend your knees like you're sitting down and then rise to the starting position. For balance, keep your arms out. Be sure to keep your knees from going past your toes.
  3. Push Ups - With your hands on the ground shoulder width apart, start by keeping your body flat on the ground and then push your body up, keeping your back straight and core tight. If keeping your body straight is a challenge, try doing it with your knees on the ground.
  4. Mountain Climbers - In a push up position, bring one knee up to your chest, then extend your leg placing your foot back on the ground. Repeat with other leg.