How Camargo has earned nickname 'Netflix'

May 1st, 2022

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Maybe no Phillies player has more style than Johan Camargo, which explains why Jean Segura calls him “Netflix.”

“He’s like a movie star on the baseball field,” Segura said. “He’s got a bunch of earrings, he’s got the batting gloves in his pockets, he’s got the earring in his nose, he’s got the nice part in his hair, he’s got the tight pants. The kid has flow. When he comes to the plate, he’s feeling good about himself. You can see the difference between him coming to the plate and when everybody else comes to the plate.”

Camargo’s style includes his cleats, which he paints himself. His pair of white Nike cleats has red and blue dots on the tops and sides, which he added with Sharpies. He added red and blue lines around the laces. He changed the color of the toe to red. He added gold to the sides. He changed the laces from red to blue. He said it takes less than an hour to finish a pair of cleats.

Photo courtesy of Miles Kennedy/Phillies

“It’s relaxing to me,” Camargo said. “I like playing with colors. I like being creative.”

And what does he think about the “Netflix” nickname?

“It’s crazy,” Camargo said, laughing. “But it’s OK. I’ll take it. Why not?”