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Magellan Scout Seats


The Location

  • Unparalleled view of the game from the first 11 rows behind home plate
  • Private entrance at Gate 3 ½
  • Comfortable, padded, wide seats

The Fare

  • All-inclusive gourmet buffet
  • Premium open bar
  • In-seat food and beverage service

The Lounge

  • Exclusive access for Magellan Scout Seat holders
  • Private restrooms
  • TVs and entertainment
  • Extended post-game lounge hours


Full Season Magellan Scout Seats Package

5-Year Agreement - $19,845 per season

3-Year Agreement - $20,655 per season

1-Year Agreement - $21,870 per season

*All first row seats will be $300 per game no matter the length of agreement.

Partial Season Magellan Scout Seats Package

Half-Season - $11,200 per season