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Dog Day

This year's White Sox Dog Days will take place on April 29 and September 10.

PLEASE NOTE: To attend a 2019 Dog Day game date with your dog, please e-mail or call (312) 674-5244 to purchase those tickets.

If you are not bringing a dog, you are free to purchase a ticket below.

Helpful Dog Day Reminders

  1. As in previous years, comfort stations will be available in the Outfield concourse for your dogs throughout the game day.
  2. All dogs must have a special dog ticket to gain admission to the park. Waiver forms must be completed before tickets will be issued. We reserve the right to direct you and your dog to any seat in our outfield area.
  3. All dogs must have complete and current vaccinations. Your dog must wear a current rabies tag to gain admission to the park. I.D. Tags are recommended.
  4. All dogs MUST be on a leash at all times.
  5. Dogs and their owners will be restricted to a certain area within the ballpark.
  6. Use good judgement regarding temperament of your pet so that this event will be enjoyable for everyone. Do not bring your dog if he/she is unreliable in crowds or with other dogs. Do not bring a dog whose behavior could be dangerous to others. Do not bring a female dog in heat. Be courteous and responsible - please pick up after your dog.
  7. Veterinarians will be on hand in case of an injury or emergency.
  8. We reserve the right to refuse entry to any dog.