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Braves Country Cutouts


Will I know where my cutout is placed?
Unfortunately, we will not be able to communicate the seating location of your cutout. However, photos will be taken of each section and posted on our website for you to locate your cutout.

How long will my cutout be in the stands for?
Cutouts will be in the stands at Truist Park for all games played without fans this season.

Will I have the same seat?
Yes, you will be seated in the same seat for all 2020 regular season games at Truist Park played without fans in the stands.

Can I choose my seat?
No, seat assignments are random.

Can I keep my cutout after the season?
Your cutout will remain in the ballpark for 2020 regular season games that take place without fans in the stands. You will have the option to pick it up following the season (details forthcoming). Please note, we cannot guarantee the condition of your cutout.

How many Braves Country Cutouts can I purchase?
There is a limit of 5 cutouts per account.

How do I upload my photo?
You can upload your photo through the purchase form here at

Are there any restrictions to the photo I upload?
Yes. Check out our guidelines here.

Can two people be in one photo?
Only 1 person per photo. We'll make an exception if you're holding a cute baby.

How will I know if the photo I upload is accepted?
You will only receive communication from us if your photo was not approved! If your photo was not approved, your credit card will be refunded and you will an email from us stating that your photo did not meet our guidelines, which you can review here.

If I purchase more than one cutout, will they be placed next to each other?
While we can’t guarantee exact locations, we will do our best to seat multiple submissions together.

Will you ship me my cutout at the end of the season?
We will not be shipping cardboard cutouts.