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The Home Depot Tools

Meet the 2019 Home Depot Tools

Your favorite Home Depot Tools are here to greet you in the plaza of SunTrust Park as you are waiting to enjoy the festivities inside the stadium. Be sure to stop by and say hello, get a photo, hug and high five your favorite character. They are available before each game in the plaza next to the Right Field Gate.

Hammerin' Hank
Phil the Bucket
Two-Bit the Drill


Instruction Manual for B-Rush

!WARNING! Maintenance personnel must be physically fit to perform job tasks, and handle the bulk, weight and power of the tool.

B-RUSH is the slickest guy around. Take it from him, don't listen to the haters, brush yo shoulders off.

Hammerin' Hank

Instruction Manual for Hammerin' Hank

!WARNING! Ensure that you have secure footing and good balance while using a hammer.

Hammerin' Hank is the wise guy of the bunch, some have told him he has a big head at times, but he makes up for it with his long history of awesomeness and NAIL-breaking humor.

Phil the Bucket

Instruction Manual for Phil the Bucket

WARNING! keep in cool, well-ventilated areas as contents can exploded when exposed to extreme heat.

Phil the Bucket may look empty, but he's actually full of himself. His Goals include winning, not losing and trying to live out his Bucket list before he becomes old and "Pale".

Two-Bit the Drill

Instruction Manual for Two-Bit the Drill

!WARNING! Handle with care. If numbness, tingling or pain occurs, stop using tool and consult a physician.

Two-Bit the Drill is what some may call an easy target, while others would say he's the underdog that everyone is rooting for! He just calls himself cautious. There are very few activities and events that Two-Bit doesn't find extremely dangerous.

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