A-List Membership Terms of Use

You understand that by selecting to purchase your A-List Membership, you agree to the following terms and conditions (as they may be amended from time to time in the Braves' sole and absolute discretion):

For the 2025 Season:

  1. You must renew your A-List membership on or before the August 9, 2024 renewal deadline, or risk losing your seat location.
  2. Applies to all Full Season and Twenty-Seven (27) game Partial Season A-List Memberships.
  3. Your purchase will be payable in full, unless a previous payment structure is agreed to by the Braves, by the renewal deadline.
  4. Renewals associated with a subsequent season may have a higher price than the current season or a prior season. All information about any changes to A-List Memberships, including the prices of each subsequent season's renewal, will be communicated to you at least thirty (30) days prior to the renewal deadline.
  5. Multiple notices will be communicated about the renewal deadline and any material changes to these terms and conditions, including but not limited to, via mail and via email.
  6. Opting not to renew will cause you to lose your seating location(s). If you would like to renew seats after opting not to renew, you must join the Braves A-List Season Ticket Waitlist. Notwithstanding the forgoing, you acknowledge that the Braves may still contact you about the following season's A-List Membership options.
  7. Opting not to renew may cause you to lose certain members-only benefits (e.g. higher pricing on renewal, and access to fewer special events, festivities, and benefits).
  8. Current credit cards must be kept on file by the Braves and any changes to such credit cards must be communicated to the Braves in a timely fashion. You acknowledge and agree to notify us immediately if any of your credit card information changes.
    • Accounts that are not up to date on payments by the start of Major League Baseball’s official Opening Day of the next season may have their ticket account management frozen.
  9. Once a purchase is made, the ticket holder purchaser whose credit card is on file with the Braves is responsible for all payments until the next renewal period (i.e. the next season).
  10. Because we will be providing you with notices from time to time under these Terms and Conditions, it is important that we maintain your current contact information. You acknowledge and agree to notify us immediately if any of your contact information changes.
  11. New and updated contact information will be subject to a verification process.
  12. All A-List Members must be eighteen (18) years of age or older. Limit one (1) Membership per household.
  13. Any member found engaging in excessive resale of their tickets may have their seat privileges revoked for the 2025 Postseason and/or the 2026 regular season, as evaluated and decided in the Braves’ sole discretion. Resale activity will be checked before 2025 Postseason seats are available and at the end of the 2025 regular season. Excessive resale for the 2025 season is defined to include any one of the following:
    • Resale activity above 62% for your total season ticket allotment or any single seat within your plan above 62%. This applies to all season tickets and parking plans.
    • Additional single game tickets and parking purchased for the purpose of reselling: If three (3) or more games of additional single game tickets or parking are resold, your account will go under review. If five (5) or more games of additional single game tickets or parking are resold, 2025 Postseason and 2026 seat privileges will be revoked.
    • Group tickets, specialty ticket packages, or parking purchased for the purpose of reselling: If more than 30% of any group tickets, specialty ticket packages, and/or parking purchased are resold, 2025 Postseason and 2026 regular season seat privileges will be revoked.
    • Transferring tickets to friends, family, and business partners does not count against your resale percentage. However, if transferred tickets are resold by the recipient, your resale percentage will be directly impacted.
    • Additional game tickets and parking that are procured through the ticket exchange program should not be resold. Violation of the A-List Member Ticket Exchange Program may result in seat privileges being revoked. Information about the A-List Member Ticket Exchange Program can be found at braves.com/exchanges.
  14. All A-List Members shall be bound by and shall observe the terms and conditions upon which tickets for admission to Truist Park have been issued for each game or event including, without limitation, policies with respect to ticket holder behavior and the cancellation or postponement of a game or event, and agree to observe all rules, regulations, policies, and procedures, which may be adopted from time to time. Any members failing to do abide by such terms, conditions, rules, regulations, policies, and/or procedures may have their A-List membership and/or seat privileges revoked.