Front Office Directory

Arizona Diamondbacks
Chase Field
401 E. Jefferson St.
Phoenix, AZ 85004
Tel: 602-462-6500

Executive Office

Title Name
Managing General Partner Ken Kendrick
General Partner Mike Chipman
General Partner Jeff Royer
President, CEO & General Partner Derrick Hall
Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer Tom Harris
Executive Vice President & General Manager Mike Hazen
Executive Vice President, Business Operations & Chief Revenue Officer Cullen Maxey
Sr. Vice President, Corporate & Community Impact Debbie Castaldo
Sr. Vice President, Ticket Sales & Marketing John Fisher
Sr. Vice President & Asst. General Manager Amiel Sawdaye
Sr. Vice President, People & Culture Joe Walsh
Sr. Vice President, Marketing & Business Analytics Kenny Farrell
Sr. Vice President, Corporate Partnerships, Media & Events Steve Mullins
Sr. Vice President, Content & Communications Jaci Brown
Sr. Vice President & Chief Technology Officer Bob Zweig
Special Assistant to the President & CEO Luis Gonzalez
Special Assistant to the President & CEO Randy Johnson
Special Assistant to the President & CEO J.J. Putz
Special Assistant to the General Manager Allard Baird
Special Assistant to the General Manager Jason McLeod
Special Assistant to the General Manager Deric Ladnier


Title Name
Vice President, Government Affairs Amilyn Pierce
Executive Assistant to the President & CEO Brooke Mitchell
Executive Assistant to EVP, Business Operations Anne Benton
Executive Assistant to the Managing General Partner & EVP/CFO Nicki Adair
Special Advisor on Mexico to the President & CEO Erubiel Durazo
Hispanic Initiatives Advisor to the President & CEO Richard Saenz

Ballpark Operations

Title Name
Vice President, Ballpark Operations Mike Rock
Sr. Director, Facility Engineering Jim White
Sr. Director, Facility Services Jose Montoya
Director, Traffic Support Norwood Browder
Coordinator, Event Services Natalie Skigen
Director, Facility Engineering Alan Sokolsky
Director, Security Aimee Herman
Sr. Manager, Security Greg Green
Manager, Facilities Services Oscar McLaurin
Manager, Traffic Support Services JD Hanna
Sr. Manager, Security Chris Taylor
Director, Guest Services JT McCreary
Manager, Event Services Kat McDonald
Manager, Guest Services Carter Keenan
Manager, Guest Services Sharon Holmes
Manager, Guest Services Tyler Wilcox
Coordinator, Guest Services Erin Firestone
Supervisor, Facility Services Ramon Grijalva
Manager, Facility Services Victor A. Salas
Administrative Assistant, Engineering Terri Ferguson
Supervisor, Housekeeping Trinidad Grijalva
Facility Services Crew Justin Nelson
Facility Services Assistant Gene Gilbert
Facility Services Assistant Samantha Granado
Facility Services Assistant Rosa Mauricio
PA Announcer Jeffrey S. Rosenberg
Roof Specialist Chris Near
Manager, Event Services Kat McDonald
Manager, Security Greg Condry
Security Officer 3 Robert Anderton
Security Officer 1 Alexis Ayala
Security Officer 2 Reynaldo Cota, Jr.
Security Officer 3 Hunter Hannah
Security Officer 3 Luis Reyes
Security Officer 1 Morris Rivard
Security Officer 1 Andrew Turpen
Security Officer 2 John Warnock
Security Officer 1 Jeff Satterlee
Security Officer 1 Rance Walker
Security Officer 1 Jacob Strojny
Security Officer 1 Jesse Florez
Security Officer Zachary Hanna
Security Officer Mario Tavizon
Security Officer Ezra Mylott
Security Officer 1 Alexander Medrano
First Impression Specialist/Security Tony Hopper
First Impressions Specialist Jacqueline Vargas
Coordinator, Education Joseph Dziedzic
Engineering Supervisor Tim Casey
Engineering Technician 1 Michael Fox
Engineering Painter 1 Seth Peta
Engineering Plumber 1 Joe Paglia
Engineering Technician 1 Bob White
Engineering Electrician 1 Andre Bailey
Class 1 Engineer Justin Olson
Maintenance Technician Ian Jiron

Baseball Operations

Title Name
Vice President, Latin American Scouting & Player Dev. César Gerónimo
Vice President, Research & Development Mike Fitzgerald
Vice President, Latin Operations Junior Noboa
Special Asst. to the GM Craig Shipley
Special Asst. to the GM Burke Badenhop
Pitching Strategist Dan Haren
Director, Professional Scouting Jason Parks
Director, International Scouting Peter Wardell
Director, Baseball Systems John Krazit
Director, Baseball Administration Kristyn Pierce
Director, Sports Medicine & Performance Michelle Riccardi
Coordinator, Mental Skills Zach Brandon
Assistant Director, Player Development Matt Grabowski
Assistant Director, Minor League Administration Shawn Marette
Assistant Director, Baseball Operations Max Phillips
Assistant Director, Amateur Scouting Kerry Jenkins
Assistant Director, Player Personnel Cory Hahn
Coach, Latin America Coordinator Mariana Patraca
Coordinator, Baseball Developmental Technology Cory Swope
Assistant Pitching Coordinator/Pitching Analyst Ross Seaton
Sr. Baseball Systems Developer Thomas Johnson
Baseball Systems Developer Robert Elsom
Baseball Systems Developer Creagor Elsom
Baseball Systems Developer Elizabeth Lopez
Junior Baseball Systems Developer Matt Wales
Director, Baseball Research & Development Max Glick
Sr. Analyst, Research & Development Cody Callahan
Sr. Analyst, Sports Medicine & Performance Patrick Sellas
Analyst, Research & Development Taylor Choe
Analyst, Research & Development Micah Daley-Harris
Analyst, Player Personnel Chris Slivka
Analyst, Player Personnel Connor Shannon
Analyst, Baseball Research & Development Carl Gonzalez
Analyst, Player Personnel Jake Greenberg
Associate, Player Development Jacob Sheley
Associate, Player Development Dylan Olsonawski
Associate, Player Development Alberto Gonzalez Del Valle
Associate, Player Development Xen Penny
Associate Player Development Daniel Brackman
Associate, Player Development Eduardo Escribano
Minor League Video Assistant Jason Gallagher
Assistant, Amateur Scouting & Latin American Assimilation Chloe Medina
Scout/Scouting Operations Assistant Kelvin Kondo
DSL Administrator José Angel Diaz
Director, Sports Medicine & Performance Ken Crenshaw
Major League Head Athletic Trainer Ryan DiPanfilo
Coordinator, Major League Strength & Conditioning Nate Shaw
Physical Therapist Ben Hagar
Manual Therapist/Athletic Trainer Junko Yazawa
Assistant Athletic Trainer Ryne Eubanks
Sr. Director, Team Travel & Home Clubhouse Manager Roger Riley
Visiting Clubhouse & Equipment Manager Bob Doty
Home Clubhouse Assistant Chad Chiffin
Home Clubhouse Assistant Jimmy Garrett
Home Clubhouse Assistant Shawn Moore
Home Clubhouse Assistant Lupe Uribe
Visiting Clubhouse Assistant Scott Baarson
Visiting Clubhouse Assistant Charlie Hrvatin
Coordinator, Major League Video Allen Campbell
Coordinator, Run Prevention Alex Cultice
Coordinator, Run Production Drew Hedman
Major League Scout Bill “Chief” Gayton
Major League Scout Mike Piatnik
Major League Scout Stephen Baker
Amateur Scout William Tucker
Special Assignment Scout Todd Greene
Special Assignment Scout Danny Haas
Special Assignment Scout Alex Jacobs
Special Assignment Scout Mark Snipp
Special Assignment Scout Tim Wilken
Professional & International Scout Mack Hayashi
Professional Scout Tucker Blair
Professional Scout Diego Bordas
Professional Scout Jacob Frisaro
Professional Scout Matthew Hahn
Professional Scout Gabriel Hernandez
Professional Scout Brad Kelley
Professional Scout Rob Leary
Professional Scout Brett West
Professional Scout Alex Lorenzo
Professional Scout Aaron Thorn
Professional Scout Colin Sabean
Development Scout Stephanie Johnson
Coordinator, Pro Scout/Independent League Scouting Chris Carminucci
Major League Baseball Advance Scout Jeff Gardner
National Scouting Supervisor Greg Lonigro
National Scouting Supervisor James Merriweather III
Director, Amateur Scouting Ian Rebhan
Amateur Scouting Supervisor Steve Connelly
Amateur Scouting Supervisor Frank Damas
Amateur Scouting Supervisor Rick Matsko
Amateur Scouting Supervisor Steve McAllister
Amateur Scouting Supervisor Doyle Wilson
National Pitching Supervisor Jeff Mousser
Amateur Scout Andrew Allen
Amateur Scout Hudson Belinsky
Amateur Scout Nate Birtwell
Amateur Scout Eric Cruz
Amateur Scout Pedro Hernández
Amateur Scout Jeremy Kehrt
Amateur Scout Jeremiah Luster
Amateur Scout Rick Matsko
Amateur Scout Matt Mercurio
Amateur Scout Mike Meyers
Amateur Scout Daniel Ramsay
Amateur Scout Mark Ross
Amateur Scout J.R. Salinas
Amateur Scout George Swain
Amateur Scout Garry Templeton II
Amateur Scout Jake Williams
Amateur Scout Stephen Baker
International Crosschecker Jon Lukens
International Crosschecker Hector Otero
Latin America Crosschecker Francisco Cartaya
Supervisor, Dominican Republic Omar Rogers
Coordinator, Dominican Republic Ronald Rivas
International Scout Luis González Arteaga
International Scout Gregory Blanco
International Scout Didimo Bracho Jr.
International Scout David Chicarelli
International Scout David Felida
International Scout Ubaldo Heredia
International Scout Andy Kyle
International Scout Kyle Lee
International Scout Pedro Meyer
International Scout José Ortíz
International Scout Ray Padilla
International Scout Kristians Pereira
International Scout Ronald Salazar
International Scout Julio Sánchez
International Scout José Luis Santos
International Scout Mark Shipley
International Scout Bradley Stuart
International Scout Wilfredo Tejada
International Scout Tzu-Yao Wei
International Scout Luis "Polo" Peña
International Scout Limberth Marin
Coordinator, Field Blake Lalli
Coordinator, Pitching Dan Carlson
Coordinator, Outfield/Baserunning Jonny Gomes
Coordinator, Infield Gil Velazquez
Coordinator, Catching Mark Reed
Coordinator, Rehab Pitching Brad Arnsberg
Minor League Trainer Haruki Mukohchi
Minor League Trainer Nathaniel Bray
Minor League Strength & Conditioning Coach Nathan Kolb
Player Development Assistant Orlando Hudson
Coordinator, Short-Season Hitting Casey Chenoweth
Short-Season Coach Rolando Arnedo
Rehab Coach José Queliz
Coordinator, Latin American Medical Spencer Ryan
Rehab and Performance Therapist Kelly Boyce
Major League Physical Therapist Max Esposito
Director, Skills Development - Minor League Strength & Conditioning Vaughn Robinson
Pitching Coach, Minor League Josue Matos
Pitching Coach, Minor League Thomas Gorzelanny
Pitching Coach, Minor League Ty Wright
Minor League Medical Administrator Jon Herzner
Coordinator, Minor League Rehabilitation Pitching Brad Arnsberg
Minor League Therapist Merritt Walker
Mental Skills Coach Charles Jauss
Mental Skills Coach Sydney Masters
Hillsboro Consultant Ben Petrick
Minor League Clubhouse Assistant James Cameron
Minor League Clubhouse Assistant Mike Young
DSL Administrative Assistant Yenastry Sprauve
Coordinator DSL Field Jaime Del Valle
MLB Bullpen Catcher Sharif Othman


Title Name
Vice President, Broadcasting Scott Geyer
Radio Producer/Engineer Leo Gilmartin
Manager, Broadcast Engineering Steve Silvertooth
Broadcaster, TV Color Analyst Bob Brenly
Broadcaster, TV Play-by-Play Steve Berthiaume
Broadcaster, Radio Play-by-Play Greg Schulte
Broadcaster, Radio Color Analyst Tom Candiotti
Broadcaster, Radio Play-by-Play Christopher Garagiola
Broadcaster, Spanish Radio & TV Play-by-Play Óscar Soria
Broadcaster, Spanish Radio & TV Color Analyst Rodrigo López

Clubhouse Creative

Title Name
Director, Clubhouse Creative Zachary Alvarez
Sr. Graphic Designer Andy Owens
Graphic Designer Tristan Goldhammer
Graphic Designer Kaylee Seiber


Title Name
Vice President, Communications Casey Wilcox
Manager, Social Media Kyle Payne
Manager, Social Media Stephanie Spezialetti
Coordinator, Social Media Stephen Ontiveros
Director, Corporate & Community Communications Sara Waldman
Manager, Player & Media Relations Shane Philipps
Team Interpreter/Coordinator, Player & Media Relations Alex Arpiza
Coordinator, Player and Media Relations Kathleen Ritter
Team Photographer Kelsey Grant

Community Affairs

Title Name
Director, Strategic Community Partnerships & Programs Dustin Payne
Director, Foundation Operations & Grants Tara Trzinski
Manager, Special Events & Community Programs Noel Guevara
Sr. Coordinator, Fundraising & Community Impact Alexandra Maloney
Coordinator, Community Relations & Partner Programs Shelby Daniel
Manager, D-backs Baseball Academy Eric Figueroa
Coordinator, Authentics & Youth Sports Programs Ben Laffoon

Corporate Partnerships

Title Name
Sr. Director, Partnership Marketing Julie Romero
Director, Corporate Partnerships Dan Lentz
Sr. Manager, Partnership Marketing Natalie Alvarez
Sr. Manager, Corporate Partnerships Sales Tiffanie Tallman
Sr. Manager, Corporate Partnerships Sales Tia Meza
Manager, Partnership Marketing Taylor Popish
Manager, Partnership Marketing Ayla Acosta
Manager, Business Solutions Jake Hirshman
Manager, Partnership Marketing Autumn Peck
Coordinator, Partnership Marketing Amanda Dove

DBTV Productions & Game Operations

Title Name
Vice President, DBTV Productions & Game Operations Rob Weinheimer
Director, Game Operations Dominic Mascola
Sr. Coordinator, Game & Event Presentation Alexis Carpenter
Sr. Coordinator, Game & Event Presentation Haley Cyr
Sr. Manager, DBTV Jeff Cederbaum
Manager, DBTV Productions Stephen Rodack
DBTV Productions Producer Brandon Thomas
DBTV Productions Producer Brandon Stilwell
PA Announcer Chuck Drago
Motion Graphics Designer Jeffrey Parsons

Arizona Diamondbacks Events & Entertainment

Title Name
Vice President, Event Development & Operations Michael Hilburn
Director, Event Production Andrew Jones
Manager, Event Production Austin Young

Facilities & Event Services

Title Name
Manager, Administrative Services / Shipping & Receiving Andres Guillen
Mail Room Technician Rogelio Martinez
Head Groundskeeper Grant Trenbeath
Assistant Head Groundskeeper Karl Gant
Manager, Outside Landscape Brandon Isbell
Groundskeeper Mike James
Groundskeeper Gary Samuels
Lead Groundskeeper, Salt River Fields Carlos Guzman


Title Name
Vice President, Finance Craig Bradley
Director, Accounting Jeff Barnes
Accounts Receivables & Payables Specialist II Christina King
Sr. Staff Accountant Tanner Popish
Sr. Staff Accountant Austin Hammitt
Accountant, Foundation & Latin Operations Jesus Portillo
Staff Accountant II Justin Waslaski
Staff Accountant Claudia Lopez

Information Technology

Title Name
Sr. Director, Technology Infrastructure & Services Jay Gaskin
Director, Networking, Telecom & InfoSec Manuel Sanchez
Director, Business Systems and Applications Jacob Sloan
Cyber Security & System Administrator Nate Downs
Sr. Application Developer Tommy Gladden
Application Developer Jake Howell
Jr. Application Developer Jacob Lundberg
HelpDesk & Systems Administrator Irving Valenzuela

Marketing & Business Analytics

Title Name
Director, Fan Experience Cory Parsons
Coordinator, Fan Experience Micah Spellman
Director, Marketing Carlton Hawkins
Sr. Manager, Marketing & Events Meagan Hermosillo
Manager, Business Analytics Taylor Leavitt
Sr. Coordinator, Marketing Samantha Leighty
Sr. Coordinator, Marketing Ismael Alvarado Jr.
Coordinator, Marketing Gaby Baumgartner
CRM Customer Analyst Jacob Strong
Analyst, Business Analytics Ashley Osborne
Ticketing Analyst Stephen Burkly

People & Culture

Title Name
Director, People & Culture Jackie Dickerson
Manager, People & Culture Sara Manthey
Business Partner, People & Culture Kevin Kienitz
Sr. Coordinator, People & Culture Marlo Neal

Special Projects

Title Name
Vice President, Project Management Jeff Jacobs
Sr. Director, Special Projects Joe Garagiola Jr.
Manager, Project Management Marcus Bowers
Manager, Spring Training Operations David Dunne
Spring Training Head Groundskeeper Marshall Jennings
Spring Training Lead Groundskeeper Frankie Gonzalez


Title Name
Vice President, Membership Sales & Services Mike Dellosa
Sr. Director, Ticket Operations Josh Simon
Sr. Director, Membership Experience Jamie Roberts
Director, Event Services J.T. McCreary
Director, Group Events & Hospitality Alexis Espinosa
Director, Suites & Hospitality Jeremy Eisler
Sr. Manager, Ticket Operations Luis Calderon
Sr. Manager, Ticket Operations Josh Holley
Manager, Ticket Operations Amador Chávez
Manager, Ticket Operations Nicholas Kloos
Coordinator, Ticket Operations Rigo Munoz
Ticket Operations Specialist Alexus Robles
Ticket Operations Specialist Camille Guerrero
Sr. Manager, Business Development Carsten Bocchi
Sr. Manager, Membership Experience Damon Olstead
Manager, Event Development Garrett King
Manager, New Business Team Arthur Gioglio
Executive, Hospitality & Business Development E.A. McDonough
Team Lead, Suites & Hospitality Page Barnett
Account Executive, Suites & Premium Hospitality Risa Shigeto
Account Executive, Premium Hospitality Cole Scieszinski
Sr. Acct Exec. & Project Lead, Group Events & Hospitality Johanna Imperial
Sr. Account Executive, Group Events & Hospitality Tom Demeter
Account Executive, Group Events & Hospitality Derek Gensburg
Account Executive, Group Events & Hospitality Cole Scieszinski
Account Executive, Group Events & Hospitality Tandon Berry
Account Executive, Group Events & Hospitality Ryan Blanchard
Account Executive, Group Events & Hospitality Zach Salem
Account Executive, Group Events & Hospitality Tatum Barstad
Account Executive, Business Development Courtney Clark
Account Executive, Business Development Peyton Kadlecek
Account Executive, Business Development Isela Casillas
Account Executive, Business Development Alexandra Koehler
Account Executive, Business Development Madeleine Gaspard
Account Executive, Business Development Joseph Mendoza
Premium Account Executive, Membership Experience Adam Paschen
Account Executive, Membership Experience Ciara Merrifield
Account Executive, Membership Experience Tyler Kadison
Account Executive, Membership Experience Cole Evans
Account Executive, Membership Experience Caitlyn Seiger
Account Executive, Membership Experience Kyle Karrip
New Business Consultant Hunter Fitton
New Business Consultant Katherine Rico
New Business Consultant Christian Cardenas
New Business Consultant Andy Nickel
New Business Consultant Lucas G. Santavicca
New Business Consultant Dylan Mellen
New Business Consultant Kole Dempster
New Business Consultant Baylee Davila
New Business Consultant Daniel Gamber
New Business Consultant Anya Rogers
New Business Consultant Bradley Hipsley
New Business Consultant Olivia Hood
New Business Consultant Marc Cortez
New Business Consultant Nathaniel Tusing
New Business Consultant Hunter Arbogast
New Business Consultant Andrew Arrigo
New Business Consultant Aurora Rogers