Sean Doolittle's guide to DC 2.0

March 28th, 2023

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WASHINGTON -- The Nationals Beat Newsletter debuted last season with 's Guide to D.C. After Doolittle became a D.C. resident, I revisited his go-to list one year later to share his favorite experiences following his first offseason in the District.

Favorite new coffee shop: Philz is still going to be my favorite because of the connection: It’s Bay Area coffee in D.C. With our ties to the Bay, when we found that right when we got here in ‘17, I was like [sighs], ‘Oh OK.’ I settled in. But there’s a spot in our neighborhood called Buffalo and Bergen that does awesome breakfast sandwiches and has really good cold brew coffee. So, I mixed that in quite a bit this offseason.

Favorite dine-in restaurant: Our new favorite restaurant to go to is Fancy Radish on H Street Corridor. It’s vegan. I’m not vegan, my wife’s vegan. The food, you’ve just got to trust it. First time we went, we got one of like everything on the menu – it's a small menu and the plates are shareable. The desserts were unbelievable. It’s a really cool atmosphere in the restaurant. Good date-night spot because it's a little fancier, a little more upscale.

Favorite takeout restaurant: I would say Sol [Mexican Grill] on H Street Corridor. The burritos are absolutely incredible – absolutely incredible. In the offseason, when I’m trying to bulk back up and recover from a long season, it’s perfect. They have a shredded chicken one that’s absolutely incredible, it’s outstanding. And with my wife being vegan, there’s a lot of stuff that she can make work, too. That’s in heavy rotation for us.

Favorite neighborhood gem: It’s not in our neighborhood, but Steadfast Supply. There’s one in the Navy Yard that we found when we lived in the Navy Yard for two years, and we’ll still go there because we like it so much. They have little knickknacks for the house. We can never have enough notepads – we’re constantly writing things down, to-do lists, grocery lists, whatever it is. So much of it is made by people in and from D.C., it’s all local, so we like that part of it.

Favorite tattoo shop: It’s called District Tattoo Company in Union Market. I got an old-timey ship [this offseason]. I had plans to get more, but with the rehab I was getting done on my arm, I needed to keep that canvas clean for all the stuff I had going on. The guy’s name is David, he’s done a few of my other ones as well. He’s awesome.

Favorite winter holiday experiences: Having it be the first holiday season in our new house just in itself was cool. We did a couple of walks with the dogs throughout our neighborhood and looked at people’s decorations. There were a lot of really cool homes. Finally, we gave in. I think we only got a week out of it, but my wife was like, ‘We’ve got to do something.’ … It was the first time that we really decorated the exterior of the house for Christmas because we’re usually either in a rental house or, when we were living in Chicago, we were traveling. We got the garland; we did the white lights on the railing around the door. It was kind of subtle, but we had a lot of fun with it. Not quite as good as fall in D.C., that’s my favorite season.

In that case, favorite fall activity: [I like] just walking around. There’s a Boy Scout troop in our neighborhood that does pumpkins, and we did pumpkins and put them out on the front step. I did a jack-o-lantern and Eireann did a cat. We got a lot of trick-or-treaters, that was really cool.

Favorite part of being named a Washingtonian of the Year: Probably the company that we were in at the event. … These people have been grinding in the District for a long time, and they’ve founded their own organizations and aid groups. … It was connecting with other people around the city that are making some really positive impacts and being able to kind of have that feather in our cap, maybe give us a little bit of street cred if we’re going to try to work with somebody. (Smiles)