Front Office Directory

Washington Nationals
Nationals Park
1500 South Capitol Street, SE
Washington, DC 20003-1507

Tel: 202-675-NATS (6287)
Fax: 202-640-7999

Principal Owners

Managing Principal Owner: Mark D. Lerner
Founding Principal Owner: Theodore N. Lerner
Principal Owner: Annette M. Lerner
Principal Owner: Marla Lerner Tanenbaum
Principal Owner: Debra Lerner Cohen
Principal Owner: Robert K. Tanenbaum
Principal Owner: Edward L. Cohen
Principal Owner: Judy Lenkin Lerner

Founding Partners

Founding Partner: Paxton K. Baker
Founding Partner: James T. Brown
Founding Partner: Alphonso Maldon, Jr.
Founding Partner: B. Doyle Mitchell
Founding Partner: Raul R. Romero
Founding Partner: Rodney E. Slater


Partner: Fredrick D. Schaufeld
Partner: Clifford A. White
Partner: Anthony P. Nader
Partner: Jonathan Ginns
Partner: David Dupree
Partner: John W. "Squire" Galbreath
Partner: Arthur N. Fuccillo
Partner: Jacob K. Schwalb
Partner: Harris L. Schwalb
Partner: Alan H. Gottlieb
Partner: Lori A. Creasy
Partner: Margaret M. Mekenie
Partner: Fred S. Zeidman

Executive Management

Chief Operating Officer, Lerner Sports: Alan Gottlieb
Executive Vice President, Business Operations: Mike Carney
Senior Vice President: Elise Holman

Baseball Operations

General Manager & President of Baseball Operations: Mike Rizzo
Assistant General Manager & Vice President, Scouting Operations: Kris Kline
Chief Financial Officer: Ted Towne

Major League Operations

Vice President & Assistant General Manager, Baseball Operations: Michael DeBartolo
Assistant General Manager, Player Personnel: Mark Scialabba
Vice President, Clubhouse Operations & Team Travel: Rob McDonald
Senior Advisor to the General Manager: Jack McKeon
Special Assistant, Major League Administration: Harolyn Cardozo
Assistant, Major League Administration: Jordan Missal
Assistant Director, Baseball Operations: James Badas
Analyst, Baseball Operations: Silas Morsink
Assistant, Baseball Operations: Jason Fixelle
Quality Assurance Coordinator: Jonathan Tosches
Manager, Advance Scouting: Greg Ferguson
Coordinator, Major League Video & Technology: Kenny Diaz
Assistant, Major League Video & Technology: Dominic Merlino
Clubhouse & Equipment Manager: Mike Wallace
Assistant, Clubhouse Operations & Team Travel: Kate Donnelly
Clubhouse Manager - Visiting Clubhouse: Matt Rosenthal
Equipment Manager: Dan Wallin
Clubhouse Assistant: Brandon Darnell
Clubhouse Assistant: Mike Gordon
Clubhouse Assistant: Andrew Melnick
Clubhouse Assistant: Gregory Melnick

Baseball Research & Development

Senior Director, Baseball Research & Development: Lee Mendelowitz
Assistant Director, Baseball Research & Development: Max Ehrman
Manager, Major League Strategy: David Higgins
Lead Analyst, Baseball Research & Development: Michael Schatz
Analyst, Baseball Research & Development: Carmen Ciardiello
Analyst, Baseball Research & Development: David Gagnon
Analyst, Baseball Research & Development: Lee Przybylski
Analyst, Baseball Research & Development: Omar Taveras
Coordinator, Player Development Analytics: Jordan Rassmann
Player Development Analyst, Baseball Research & Development: Allen Ho
Senior Developer, Baseball Research & Development: Jason Holt
Senior Developer, Baseball Research & Development: Jay Liu
Developer, Baseball Research & Development: Harout Boujakjian
Data Engineer: Chris Jordan
Data Engineer: Jimmy Morrow
Data Engineer: Jonathan Rice

Medical Services

Executive Director, Medical Services: Harvey Sharman
Lead Team Physician: Dr. Robin West
Director, Athletic Training: Paul Lessard
Head Athletic Trainer: Dale Gilbert
Assistant Athletic Trainer: Jonathan Kotredes
Team Physician and Internist: Dr. Dennis Cullen
Team Physician, Minor League and Florida Operations: Dr. Bruce Thomas
Head Strength & Conditioning Coach: Brett Henry
Assistant Major League Strength & Conditioning Coach: Tony Rogowski
Corrective Exercise Specialist: Patrick Panico
Team Chiropractor: Dr. Hirad Bagy
Director of Visual Performance: Dr. Keith Smithson, O.D.
Team Dentist: Dr. Hugo Bonilla, DDS MS
EAP Coordinator: Frank Jans


Vice President & Assistant General Manager, International Operations: Johnny DiPuglia
Director, International Operations: Mike Cadahia
Director, Player Procurement: Kasey McKeon
Director, Scouting Operations: Eddie Longosz
Director, Latin America Scouting: Fausto Severino
Special Assistant to the VP, International Operations: Ricky Gutierrez
Special Assistant to the General Manager: Steve Arnieri
Special Assistant to the General Manager: Michael Daughtry
Special Assistant to the General Manager: Willie Fraser
Special Assistant to the General Manager: Jeff Harris
Special Assistant to the General Manager: Greg Hunter
Special Assistant to the General Manager: Dan Jennings
Special Assistant to the General Manager: John Mirabelli
Special Assistant to the General Manager: Mike Pagliarulo
Special Assistant to the General Manager: Jay Robertson
Special Assistant to the General Manager: Matt Ruebel
Special Assistant to the General Manager: Bob Schaefer
Special Assistant to the General Manager & Director, Pitching Evaluation: Jeff Zona
Assistant Director of Amateur Scouting: Mark Baca
West Coast Crosschecker: Fred Costello
Midwest Crosschecker:
Jimmy Gonzales
Area Supervisor: Bryan Byrne
Area Supervisor: Brian Cleary
Area Supervisor: Ben Diggins
Area Supervisor: James Goodwin
Area Supervisor: Kevin Ham
Area Supervisor: Bob Hamelin
East Coast Crosschecker: Alan Marr
Southeast Crosschecker & Area Supervisor: Alex Morales
Latin America Crosschecker: Alex Rodriguez
Latin America Crosschecker: Riki Vasquez
Assistant, International Scouting: Taisuke Sato

Player Development

Director, Player Development: De Jon Watson
Assistant Director, Player Development: John Wulf
Director, Minor League Operations: Ryan Thomas
Senior Advisor, Player Development: David Jauss
Senior Advisor, Player Development: Spin Williams
Special Assistant to the General Manager: Gerardo Parra
Director, Player Development Technology & Strategy: David Longley
Assistant Director, Player Development Technology & Strategy: Patrick Coghlan
Senior Biomechanist: Bill Johnson
Biomechanist: Brittany Mills
Catching Coordinator: Randy Knorr
Field Coordinator: Bobby Henley
Outfield & Base Running Coordinator: Coco Crisp
Infield Coordinator: Cody Ransom
Pitching Coordinator: Sam Narron
Quality Control Coordinator: Bill Mueller
Hitting Coordinator: Joe Dillon
Lower Level Hitting Coordinator: Troy Gingrich
Lower Level Pitching Coordinator: Michael Tejera
Rehab and DR Pitching Coordinator: Mark Grater
Medical & Rehab Coordinator: Gene Basham
Assistant Medical Coordinator: Jeff Allred
Medical Rehab Coordinator: Gene Basham
Assistant Medical Rehab Coordinator: Jeff Allred
Physical Therapist: JR Wood
Coordinator, Minor League Video: Allan Bekerman
Strength & Conditioning Coordinator: Gabe Torres
Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coordinator: Shane Hill
Minor League Nutritionist: Emily Kaley
Player Education and Cultural Development Coordinator: Andrew Scarlata
Minor League Clubhouse & Equipment Coordinator: Carlos Felix
Minor League Clubhouse Operations: Scott Paquin
Clubhouse Assistant: Giovanni Augusti
Clubhouse Assistant: Brandon Darnell
Assistant Director, Minor League Operations: JJ Estevez
Manager, Florida Operations: Dianne Wiebe
Assistant, Minor League Operations: Juan Iglesias

Ballpark Operations

Senior Vice President & General Manager of Nationals Park: Frank Gambino
Senior Vice President, Ballpark Operations: Lisa Marie Czop


Director, Field Operations: John Turnour
Field Manager: Cameron Basila
Field Supervisor: Max Wadsworth
Assistant Field Manager: Lucas Montgomery


Executive Director, Retail: Andrew Boswell
Warehouse Manager: Keith Butler
Store Manager: Courtney Epps
Manager, Retail Experience: Jacob Charmatz
Senior Manager, Retail Operations: Leah Kelley
Program Manager, Authentics: Abigail Ulewicz
Coordinator, Authentics: Chris Mayo
Coordinator, Retail: Rebekah Haskell
Assistant Buyer: Will Franklin

Event Operations

Director, Events: Kevin Kelley
Manager, Events: Adrienne Cleverley
Assistant Manager, Events: Kali Fujinami
Coordinator, Events: Giselle Diaz
Coordinator, Ballpark Operations: RJ O’Brien
Senior Manager, Venue Services: Ryan LoScalzo
Senior Manager, Ballpark Operations: Matthew O’Rourke
Coordinator, Logistics: Brice Goff
Lead, Logistics: Garrett Day
Loading Dock Coordinator: Jherick Cooper
Logistics Specialist: Eric Mintz
Logistics Specialist: Emanuel Smith

Guest Experience

Director, Guest Experience: DaQuan Lightfoot** Manager, Guest Experience & Ballpark Tours: Jillian Pekoske
**Manager, Guest Experience Operations
: Latoya Wright
Coordinator, Guest Experience: Emily Ahnin


Vice President, Public Safety & Security: Scott Fear
Director, Security: Gregory Monahan
Manager, Public Safety & Security: Tajanna West
Coordinator, Security: Wesley-Xavier Smith
Coordinator, Security: Drew Hurley
Supervisor, Special Police: Darryl Melton
Supervisor, Special Police: Quentin McNeil
Supervisor, Special Police: Marcus Farrell
Special Police Officer: Joseph Gleason
Special Police Officer: Brian Guadalupe
Special Police Officer: Damon Harari
Special Police Officer: Angela Harris
Special Police Officer: Crystal Johnson
Special Police Officer: Derriah Johnson
Special Police Officer: Daniel Jones
Special Police Officer: Tanya Jones
Special Police Officer: Sharmaine Lewishardy
Special Police Officer: Jeffrey Lyles
Special Police Officer: Janiece Kelly
Special Police Officer: Kendra Motley
Special Police Officer: Tom Nguyen
Special Police Officer: Anthony Overton
Special Police Officer: Stewart Porter
Special Police Officer: Diana Scott
Special Police Officer: Shanee Simmons
Special Police Officer: Shante Stanard
Special Police Officer: Kirk Swift
Special Police Officer: Monroson Toe
Special Police Officer: Lowell Upshaw
Special Police Officer: Dhanielle Washington
Special Police Officer: James Wilson
Special Police Officer: ShaQuanna Wilson
Special Police Officer: Joyce Woodard
Special Police Officer: Harold Yeager

Facility Management

Executive Director, Facilities: Brian Greenfield
Facilities Operations Manager, Ballpark Operations: Jeff McClelland
Manager, Electrical Trades: Georon Baker
Lead Electrician: John King
Electrician: Kevin Rich
Manager, Mechanical Trades: Robert Gouldman
HVAC Technician: Muhammad Diin
HVAC Technician: Robert Henriquez
HVAC Technician: Eric Wellington
Plumber: William Britt
Plumber: Jonathan Felder
Manager, Carpentry: Brian Miller
Carpenter: Charles Hritz
Painter, Team Lead: Gary Baggott
Painter: Joseph Baggott, Sr.
Maintenance Mechanic: Edson Santos
Senior Facilities Project Manager: Samantha Kaufman

Experience and Hospitality

Vice President, Experience & Hospitality: Jonathan Stahl
Director, Experience Optimization: Kathleen Dillon
Guest Support Specialist: Zoey Johnson


Senior Vice President, Chief Communications Officer: Jennifer Giglio
Executive Director, Communications: Valerie Krebs
Director, Communications: Kyle Brostowitz
Manager, Communications: Daniel Kurish
Manager, Communications: Gabrielle Scheder-Bieschin
Coordinator, Communications: Devon Bridges

Community Relations

Senior Vice President, Community Engagement: Gregory McCarthy
Executive Director, Player & Community Relations: Shawn Bertani
Director, Community Relations: Nicole Murray
Manager, Community Relations: Sade Means

Finance & Human Resources


Chief Financial Officer: Ted Towne
Vice President, Accounting: Ross Hollander
Director, Accounting: Michael Page
Director, Payroll & HRIS: Antonio Alexander
Senior Payroll Specialist: Helen Song
Senior Accountant: Courtney Greener-Wray
Senior Accountant: Jen Picardo
Staff Accountant: Tom Bertolino
Staff Accountant: Cal Martin
Junior Accountant: Chad Causey
Director, Financial Reporting: Michael Sullivan
Financial Accounting Analyst: Erin Barry
Senior Director, Purchasing: Jorge Fajardo
Manager, Purchasing: Ryan Arbesfeld
Coordinator, Purchasing: Max Zester
Senior Manager, Accounts Payable: Kimberly Morris
Senior Accounts Payable Specialist: Tasha Millhouse
Coordinator, Accounts Payable: Joyce Gary
Coordinator, Accounts Payable: Steven Ly

Human Resources

Vice President, Human Resources: Jason Beckwith
Senior Director, Human Resources: Tatiana Diener
Director, Benefits: Stephanie Giroux
Manager, Human Resources: Ryan Becker

Information Technology

Chief Technology Officer: Jason Zachariah
Director, IT Operations: Todd Auerbach
Senior Systems Administrator: Shaun Hill
Systems Administrator: Ashley Ayres
Senior Network Engineer: Jerry Duhu
Network Engineer: Antar Parkman
Manager, IT Help Desk: Carl Hawkins
Technical Analyst: Jarrett Cade


Senior Vice President & General Counsel: Betsy Philpott
Vice President & Deputy General Counsel: John Bramlette
Associate Counsel: Michael Scott

Office Services

Senior Vice President: Elise Holman
Director, Risk Management: Eric Ray
Manager, Administration & VIP Services: William Tucker
Coordinator, Office Services: Warren Johnson
Coordinator, Mailroom: Marc Barnes
Receptionist: Tanya Johnson

Marketing, Broadcasting & Game Presentation

Senior Vice President, Marketing, Broadcasting & Game Presentation: Jacqueline Coleman

Creative Services

Senior Creative Director: Kerin Kolonoskie
Senior Designer: Chris Baker
Senior Designer: Daniel Frazier
Senior Designer: Cierra Kaiser
Designer: Megan Kuras
Manager, Marketing Campaigns & Projects: Emily Wilson
Manager, Photography & Digital Imagery: Amanda Bowen

New Media

Director, New Media: Dan Armelli

Promotions & Events

Senior Director, Promotions & Events: Lindsey Norris
Manager, Promotions: Margot Goddard

Production and Broadcasting

Executive Director, Game Production & Engineering: Benjamin Smith

Video & Broadcast Engineering

Manager, Video & Broadcast Engineering: Jonathan Beck

Content Production

Executive Director, Content & Broadcasting: Wendy Bailey
Manager, Video Production: Nathan Baker
Videographer & Editor: Jessica Carnivale

Game Production

Director, Game Production & Operations: Emilee Harris
Senior Manager, Digital Signage: Nicki Goldstein
Designer, Digital Signage: Dayna Ruan
Senior Manager, Motion Graphics & Animation: Ed Dominique
Motion Graphic Designer & Editor: David Mason
Public Address Announcer: Jerome Hruska
Organist: Matthew Van Hoose

Game Presentation

Senior Manager, Game Presentation: Pete Subsara
Manager, Mascots & Entertainment: John Wagner
In-Game Host: Mike Ploger
In-Game Host: Brittney Ramsey

Consumer Revenue

Business Strategy & Analytics

Executive Vice President, Business Operations: Mike Carney
Vice President, Business Strategy & Analytics: John Choi
Executive Director, Ticket Strategy: Karl Micka-Foos
Senior Director, Digital Strategy: Alex Basil
Director, Ticket Strategy & Analytics: Kevin Zmozynski
Senior Manager, Sales Analytics & Optimization: Luke Holman
Manager, Advertising: Jay Fitzgerald
Manager, Business Analytics: Justin Sherman
Manager, Business Intelligence: Dan Crosson
Manager, Database Marketing: Kenneth Chu
Coordinator, Revenue & Marketing: Kira Stoutamire

Ticket Sales

Vice President, Ticket Sales & Service: Ryan Bringger
Director, Ticket Sales: Andrew Radke
Senior Manager, Ticket Sales: Justin Wilhelm
Senior Manager, Sales Marketing: Melissa Elguera
Senior Manager, Ticket Sales: Adam Dantus
Manager, Sales Operations: Trevor Mann
Account Executive, Ticket Sales: Logan Davis
Account Executive, Ticket Sales: Josh Grohs
Account Executive, Ticket Sales: Ean Hill-Addison
Account Executive, Ticket Sales: Gabbi Leggett
Account Executive, Ticket Sales: Eric Liskey
Account Executive, Ticket Sales: Bret Morsberger
Account Executive, Ticket Sales: Jason Smith

Inside Sales

Manager, Inside Sales: Ronald Boyett
Inside Sales Representative: Holden Collison
Inside Sales Representative: Katherine Detter
Inside Sales Representative: Brayden Koch
Inside Sales Representative: Andrew Larson
Inside Sales Representative: Sam Marshall
Inside Sales Representative: Anthony Sierra

Premium Sales & Service

Premium Sales Executive: Daniel Keifer
Account Executive, Premium Client Services: Adam Hoyt
Account Executive, Premium Client Services: Kacie Haines

Ticket Services

Executive Director, Ticket Services & Operations: Thomas Kildahl
Senior Manager, Client Retention: Christopher Bush
Manager, Inside Service: Noah Rubin
Manager, Loyalty & Ticket Technology: Hannah O'Neil
Senior Account Executive, Membership Services: Cassie Bullis
Senior Account Executive, Membership Services: Jared Blue
Senior Account Executive, Membership Services: Brad Herson
Account Executive, Membership Services: Carl Baltimore
Account Executive, Membership Services: Haley Carkitto
Account Executive, Membership Services: Sydney Kirsch
Account Executive, Membership Services: Thomas Raneses
Account Executive, Membership Services: Emily Renninger
Account Executive, Membership Services: Duncan Sanders
Account Executive, Membership Services: Jake Whitehead

Inside Service

Inside Service Representative: Alisa Lemere
Inside Service Representative: Drew Shrager
Inside Service Representative: Dylan Smith
Inside Service Representative: Vince Watson

Ticket Operations

Director, Ticket Operations: Tyler Hubbard
Senior Manager, Ticket Operations: Emily Opalach
Manager, Box Office: Nate Deavers
Assistant Ticket Manager: Valerie Imperial
Assistant Ticket Manager: Jessica Mathews
Assistant Ticket Manager: Lon Morris

Ballpark Enterprises

Director, Ballpark Enterprises: Kristin Blaser
Manager, Ballpark Enterprises: Angelyse Henry
Coordinator, Ballpark Enterprises: Zoe Winslow

Corporate Partnerships

Vice President, Corporate Partnerships: Matt Lemire
Director, Corporate Partnerships: Fred Jordan
Senior Manager, Corporate Partnerships: Chris Weiner

Director, Suite Sales and Service: Matt Hayes
Senior Manager, Suite Sales: Adam Froemming
Senior Manager, Suite Service: Tessa More

Senior Director, Sponsorship Activation: Sarah Keep Perucci** Senior Manager, Sponsorship Activation:** Alexandra Cruz
Manager, Sponsorship Activation: Carey Neff
Manager, Sponsorship Activation: Carissa Schattke

Vice President, Strategic Partnerships: Missy Jenkins
Senior Director: Strategic Partnerships: Konrad Coutinho
Senior Manager, Strategic Partnerships: Jake Gore
Senior Manager, Strategic Partnerships: Maggie Barbush

Washington Nationals Philanthropies

Chair: Rick Schifter
Chief Executive Officer: Tal Alter
Managing Director, Organizational Performance: Brian Alexander
Vice President, Development: Lauren McCarthy
Senior Director, Development: Lauren McCarthy
Senior Director, Marketing: Kelly Decerbo
Manager, Grant Writing: Gary Jared
Manager, Development: Emily Tenuta
Coordinator, Development: Cameran Garland
Coordinator, Marketing & Operations: Emily Syken
Associate, Marketing: Morgan Roberts

Washington Nationals Youth Baseball Academy

Senior Director, Finance & Operations: Jordan Jones** Director, Community & Culture:** Charles Sperduto
Director, Sports Programming: Nick Sussman
Director, Academic Programs: Kate Whitaker
Manager, Finance & Operations: Colin McKinnon
Manager, Finance & Operations: Andrew Gilbert
Manager, Youth Program Assessment: Brooke Wilson
Senior Associate, Sports Programming: Elissa Brown
Senior Associate, Sports Programming: Harry Thomas
Associate, Volunteerism & Alumni Relations: Janay Morant
Assistant Manager, Security & Operations: DeCarlos Bennett
Coordinator, Security: Michael Hatcher
Kitchen Coordinator: Shirley Gomillion
HUSTLE Baseball Coordinator: Devin Hurtado
HUSTLE Baseball Coach: Derek Ohringer
HUSTLE Baseball Coach: Daniel Harris
HUSTLE Softball Coach: Alanna Baiyina
Classroom Coordinator: Marsha Williamson
Classroom Coordinator: Jasmine Williams
Athletic Programs Coordinator: Raymond Armenta
Athletic Programs Coordinator: Devin Hurtado
Athletic Programs Coordinator: Camille Navarro
Athletic Programs Coordinator: Wells Jones
Athletic Programs Coordinator: Crawford Harris