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Padres Front Office Directory


Title Name
Chairman Peter Seidler
Vice Chairman Ron Fowler
Chief Executive Officer Erik Greupner
President of Baseball Operations & General Manager A.J. Preller


Title Name
Executive Assistant to the CEO Virginia Schang


Title Name
Vice President, Ballpark Operations Ken Kawachi

Event Operations

Title Name
Director, Event Operations Christian Mua
Senior Manager, Event Operations Samantha Freed
Manager, Event Operations Kimberly Leth


Title Name
Senior Director, Security & Transportation Kevin Dooley
Manager, Security, Venue Operations & Compliance Michelle Martinez La-Vetter
Manager, Security Operations Lauren Sjursen
Supervisor, Ballpark Security Kevin Rene
Supervisor, Ballpark Security David Cannon
Security Officer Lead Silvestre Balistreri
Security Officer William Rohde
Security Officer Michael Zbikowski
Security Officer Reginald Collins
Security Officer Hunter Green
Security Officer Cristina Picazo
Security Officer Joshua Kucenic
Security Officer Manuel Colergo
Security Officer Sergio Sanchez
Security Officer Nikko Amador-Carman
Security Officer Eric Harris
Security Officer Mathew Kurnik

Field Operations

Title Name
Director, Field Operations Mat Balough
Assistant Director, Field Operations Peter Hayes
Assistant, Groundskeeper Tyler Beckas
Assistant, Groundskeeper Robert Gladwell
Assistant, Groundskeeper David Gradstein
Assistant, Groundskeeper Alec Maddux
Assistant, Groundskeeper Andrew Faust

Ballpark Facilities Management

Title Name
Senior Director, Facility Services Randy McWilliams
Director, Facilities Services Armando Montes
Chief Engineer John Cooper
Senior Facilities Engineer Jose Garcia
Senior Facilities Engineer Steve Heimer
Senior Facilities Engineer Paul Currans
Facilities Engineer Lamar Lane
Facilities Engineer Gene Leatherwood
Facilities Engineer Miles Talmont
Facilities Engineer Salvador Gomez
Junior Facilities Engineer Matthew Vela
Facilities Administrator Rebecca Patlan
Facilities Engineer, Refrigeration and HVAC Technician Maria Lopez
Painter Manny Sanchez
Painter Teon Hawkins


Title Name
Vice President, Assistant General Manager Fred Uhlman, Jr.
Vice President, Assistant General Manager Josh Stein
Vice President, Baseball Operations Nick Ennis
Senior Advisor/Director of Player Personnel Logan White
Special Assistant to the General Manager James Keller
Special Assistant to the General Manager Andrew Ellis
Special Assistant to the General Manager Dave Post
Special Assistant to the GM, Baseball Research & Development Dave Cameron
Special Assistant, Baseball Operations Ian Kinsler
Advisor to Baseball Operations Allen Craig
Scouting Crosschecker, Advisor to Baseball Operations Luke Murton
Director, Baseball Information Services Matt Klotsche
Director, Player & Staff Services TJ Lasita
Director, Player Health and Performance Don Tricker
Director, Baseball Systems Wells Oliver
Senior Developer, Baseball Systems Garret Doe
Developer, Baseball Systems Michael Vanger
Developer, Baseball Systems Gustavo Montalvo
Director, Baseball Research & Development Adam Esquer
Senior Analyst, Baseball Research & Development Cody Zupnick
Analyst, Baseball Research & Development Jeremy Muesing
Analyst, Baseball Research & Development Mario Paciuc
Coordinator, ML Advance Scouting & Game Planning Preston Mattingly
Assistant Director, Baseball Operations David Longley
Director, Baseball Administration & Special Assistant to General Manager Michaelene Courtis
Manager, Professional Scouting & MiLB Operations Brett Becker

Medical & Training Staff

Title Name
Head Athletic Trainer Mark Rogow
Coordinator, Medical Administration Joseph Tarantino
Minor League, Athletic Training Coordinator Paul Porter
Physical Therapist Scott Hacker
Massage Therapist Atsushi Nakasone
Massage Therapist Yuji Nagahama

Player Development

Title Name
Senior Director, Player Development Sam Geaney
Director, Pitching Development Steve Lyons
Director, Professional Development Jason Amoroso
Director, Player Development Ryley Westman
Director, Sports Science Nathan Landau
Baseball Performance Dietician Whitney Milano
Special Assistant, Player Development Steve Finley
Manager, Player Development Video Operations/Professional Scout Ethan Dixon
Assistant, Player Development Technology and Video Clinton Sewell
Coordinator, English Instruction Kaitlyn Teske
Coordinator, International Player Development Vicente Cafaro


Title Name
Vice President, Professional Scouting Pete DeYoung
Vice President, International Scouting & Field Coordinator Chris Kemp
Director, Amateur Scouting Mark Conner
Director, Pacific Rim Operations Acey Kohrogi
Assistant Director, Scouting Kurtis Kemp
Senior Advisor, Director Player Personnel Logan White
Senior Advisor, Scouting Ronald Rizzi
Special Assistant to the General Manager David Post
Special Assistant to the General Manager James Keller
Special Assistant to Professional Scouting Spencer Graham
Manager, ML Advance Scouting & Video Operations Patrick Coghlan
Manager, Amateur Scouting Sam Ray
Manager of Amateur Analysis, Baseball Research & Development Layne Gross
Coordinator, Arizona Video Operations Max Kraust

Clubhouse Staff

Title Name
Manager, Visitors Clubhouse Spencer Dallin
Assistant Equipment Manager & Umpire Room Attendant Tony Petricca
Manager, Clubhouse & Equipment TJ Laidlaw
Manager, Peoria Clubhouse Zach Nelson
Manager, Peoria Operations & Spring Training Todd Stephenson
Clubhouse Assistant - Home James Bigler
Clubhouse Assistant - Home Josh Vernetti
Clubhouse Assistant - Peoria Kyle Ross


Title Name
Senior Vice President, Business Administration & General Counsel Caroline Perry
Executive Assistant to SVP, Business Administration, and General Counsel Julia Lepore


Title Name
Vice President, Finance Chris James
Manager, Accounting Devin Carr
Senior Financial Analyst Kara Vermeulen
Staff Accountant, AR Donna King
Coordinator, Purchasing & Diverse Business Partner Doris Middleton
Staff Accountant Joseph Kosmicki
Staff Accountant Jonathan Pendergast
Clerk, AP Mark Trias

Information Technology

Title Name
Vice President, IT Ray Chan
Manager, Information Technology Oscar Castro
Senior Applications Developer Dan Lee
Applications Developer Michael Kelly
Systems & Telecom Administrator Hector Ortega
IT Desktop Administrator Kris Peralta
IT Desktop Administrator Oliver Bermoy
Coordinator, Information Technology Madison Taylor-Hawk
Desktop Support Specialist Jonathan Ibanez


Title Name
Associate General Counsel Terezka Zabka
Paralegal AnnaLisa Trautwein

Public Affairs

Title Name
Vice President, Public Affairs Diana Puetz


Title Name
Vice President, Business Strategy & Analytics Scott Robish
Director, CRM & Data Strategy Lisa Beno
Business Analyst Brendan Freeman

Ticket Operations

Title Name
Senior Director, Ticket Operations Jim Kiersnowski
Director, Ticket Operations Gabriel Kunde
Director, Ticket Systems Ellen LoPresti
Manager, Box Office & Ticket Operations Emily Gross
Manager, Ticket Systems Samantha Malott
Assistant Manager, Box Office & Ticket Operations Vanessa Cummins
Assistant Manager, Box Office & Ticket Operations Sean Nichols
Coordinator, Ticket Systems Brittany Lynn


Title Name
Vice President, Communications Craig Hughner
Senior Manager, Business Communications & Spanish Media Relations Danny Sanchez
Senior Manager, Media Relations & Baseball Information Darren Feeney
Manager, Media Relations & Baseball Information JP Nolan
Manager, Business Communications Vanessa Dominguez


Title Name
Senior Vice President, Community & Military Affairs Tom Seidler
Vice President, Community Relations Bill Johnston
Advisor, Military Affairs Jeanette Groeneveld
Senior Manager, Community Outreach Connor Novak
Coordinator, Community Outreach Sarah Wiggins


Title Name
Senior Vice President, Corporate Partnerships Sergio del Prado
Vice President, Partnership Services Eddie Quinn
Director, Partnership Development Alyssa Brown
Director, Partnership Development Ryan Thorvaldsen
Director, Partnership Development Jeff Farmer
Manager, Partnership Services Hunter Khaleghi
Manager, Partnership Services Codi Baylor
Manager, Partnership Development Alec Arsht
Manager, Partnership Fulfillment Kaitlynn Aguirre
Coordinator, Partnership Services Katelyn Roth


Title Name
Vice President, Hospitality Joshua Pell
Director, Hospitality Carlos Vargas
Manager, Hospitality Peter Thai

Guest Experience

Title Name
Senior Director, Guest Experience Erin Sheehan
Manager, Guest Experience Jenna Matsushita
Coordinator, Guest Experience Rachelle Allison


Title Name
Senior Vice President, Marketing Chris Connolly
Manager, Marketing Services Theresa Bloom


Title Name
Senior Director, Content Nicky Patriarca
Manager, Content Michael Alcaraz
Analyst, Multimedia Bill Center
Team Photographer Matt Thomas

Creative Services

Title Name
Director, Creative Digital Design Daniel Kim
Senior Motion Designer - Producer Thomas Higdon
Videographer/Producer Randy Wesley
Graphic Designer Alexa Nasland
Graphic Designer Christopher Mora
Graphic Designer Evan Denworth

Broadcasting & Entertainment

Title Name
Vice President, Broadcasting and Entertainment Erik Meyer
Director, Game Day Presentation Shannon Landers
Director, Video Production Ryan Baechel
Senior Manager, Scoreboard Operations Jeff Praught
Senior Manager, Video Board Operations Cole Gallagher
Manager, Production Engineer Hendrik Jaehn
Manager, Event Production Brian Lewis
Manager of Archives Sandy O'Toole
Audio Engineer Jose Chace Espudo
Videographer/Producer Cristian Vaca
Producer/Editor Sonni Simmons

Fan Engagement

Title Name
Director, Fan Engagement Darryl Mendoza
Supervisor, Fan Engagement & Entertainment Jesi Perry


Title Name
Broadcasters Jesse Agler, Mark Grant, Tony Gwynn Jr.,
Carlos Hernandez, Ted Leitner, Don Orsillo,
Eduardo Ortega and Bob Scanlan


Title Name
Senior Vice President, People & Culture Sara Greenspan
Director, Benefits and Risk Management Joanne Bautista
Director, People & Culture – Event Staff Christina Hall
Manager, People & Culture Noelle Mendoza
Manager, Payroll Jessica Anderson
Coordinator, People & Culture Kristen Noneman
HRIS Specialist Pablo Vazquez
Front Desk Receptionist Monica Silva


Title Name
Vice President, Special Events Jaclyn Lash
Senior Director, Events Stephanie Grace
Director, Special Events Kristie Ewing
Director, Special Events Allie Asuncion
Senior Manager, Special Events Drew Gomes
Senior Manager, Events Paula Badali
Coordinator, Special Events Nicole Lucatuorto
Coordinator, Special Events Juliana Spina


Title Name
Vice President, Ticket Sales and Service Curt Waugh
Coordinator, Sales Operations Emily Evans

Premium Sales

Title Name
Director, Premium, Membership and Suite Sales Jeff Gould
Manager, Premium Sales Wil Cannon
Manager, Premium Sales Gerald Harris
Manager, Premium Sales Connor Soicher
Manager, Premium Sales Joseph Galati
Manager, Premium Sales Alyson Perna
Manager, Premium Sales Jack Spohn
Coordinator, Suite Operations Samantha Barker

Group Tickets & Hospitality

Title Name
Senior Manager, Group Tickets & Hospitality Jenna Sain
Manager, Group Tickets & Hospitality Anil Guerrero
Account Manager, Group Tickets/Hospitality Ryan Eifler
Account Manager, Group Tickets/Hospitality Logan Washburn
Senior Account Executive, Group Tickets/Hospitality Brandon Drechsler
Account Executive, Group Tickets & Hospitality Derek Pharis
Account Executive, Group Tickets & Hospitality Lizzy Tardieu
Account Executive, Group Tickets & Hospitality Lorena Miranda
Account Executive, Group Tickets & Hospitality Carina Boites-Zarate

Membership Development

Title Name
Senior Manager, Membership Development Carter Motley
Account Executive, Membership Development Conor Bierfeldt
Account Executive, Membership Development Ryan Fedde
Account Executive, Membership Development Adrian Sadighi
Account Executive, Membership Development John Tovey
Account Executive, Membership Development Bailey Haner
Account Executive, Membership Development Matthew Etherington
Representative, Inside Sales Alexandra Pfahler
Representative, Inside Sales Alex Ross
Representative, Inside Sales Jack Donovan
Representative, Inside Sales Jessica Lugo
Representative, Inside Sales Jason West
Representative, Inside Sales Crystal Sanchez
Representative, Inside Sales Hannah Plackowski
Representative, Inside Sales John Ruegge
Representative, Inside Sales Thomas Knopf
Representative, Inside Sales Evan Gross
Representative, Inside Sales Chad Brinza
Representative, Inside Sales Connor Curley
Representative, Inside Sales Katie Quick
Representative, Inside Sales Jackson Fricke
Representative, Inside Sales Makenna Mugnani

Membership Services

Title Name
Director, Membership Services Ashley Hoffman
Senior Manager, Membership Services Steve Carter
Manager, Premium Service Marisa Kezirian
Manager, Membership Services Meagan McCreery
Senior Account Specialist, Membership Services Erin Miley
Account Specialist, Premium Service Troy Journey
Account Specialist, Membership Services & Team Lead Hans Hodvil
Account Specialist, Membership Services Will Grant
Account Specialist, Membership Services Sean Horan
Account Specialist, Membership Services Sami Neel
Account Specialist, Membership Services Briana Vega
Account Specialist, Membership Services Olivia O’Brien
Account Specialist, Membership Services Rebecca Bishay
Account Specialist, Membership Services Natalie Quijada
Account Specialist, Membership Services Jordan Goulet
Account Specialist, Membership Services Jacob Hanzlik
Account Specialist, Membership Services Justin McClendon
Account Specialist, Membership Services Devon Edwards


Title Name
Director, Tourism & Corporate Events Chelsea Dill
Manager, Travel & Tourism Melissa DiMartino