Middletown Night

If your child participated in the Middie Way Youth Baseball Camp on September 25th, you received a voucher code for (1) complimentary ticket! Redeem your voucher code using the instructions below & purchase additional tickets at a discounted rate while still supporting Middie Way Youth Baseball.

For all other fans, you can click the “Buy Now” to purchase tickets at a discounted rate, with a portion of each ticket benefitting Middie Way Youth baseball.

For questions, please contact Reilly Burns at 513-765-7442.


  1. Click the “Redeem Ticket” button.
  2. Enter your one-time use password into the “Enter Offer Code” box and click Submit.
  3. Set search options to the total number of tickets you wish to redeem using the + and – symbols.
  4. On the map, click on an available section where you wish to sit and choose your specific seats.
  5. If claiming more than the one (1) free ticket, use the pencil to update the tickets to the Middletown Night Additional Ticket buyer type.
  6. Log into your MLB.com account, and complete your order.