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Birthday Parties

Make your birthday party a GRAND SLAM with a visit from Southpaw!

10 or 45 minute appearances are bursting with fun, fun and more fun!

Potential activities include:

  • Photographs (camera must be provided)
  • Autographs on baseball cards (10-minute appearance) or baseball pennants (45-minute appearance)
  • Two (2) games, including prizes for all who play and win

The birthday honoree will receive a birthday gift that includes a Southpaw T-shirt, a Southpaw plush doll and two (2) lower box ticket vouchers to a 2018 home White Sox game (dates subject to availability, only included in the 45-minute appearance)


"Great job! Southpaw made the event! It would not have been as much fun without Southpaw!" - Joe L.

"Everything was popular and the dancing was so much fun! The whole experience was great!" - Deanna K.

More details and pricing information are available by calling (312) 674-5312.

Block Parties

Hoping to add your favorite South Side neighbor to an upcoming block party, family reunion, or street festival? Southpaw would love to join you to interact with children of all ages, challenge our neighbors to a dance off and eat all your cotton candy!

  • 10 or 45-minute appearances
  • Potential activities include:
    • Participation in events like bags
    • Photographs (camera must be provided)
    • Autographs
    • And more!


"We loved his dance steps!! Southpaw, as usual, was one of the highlights of the walk" - Carel M.

More details and pricing information are available by calling (312) 674-5312.

Corporate Events

Looking for something to spark up you next corporate event? Southpaw will certainly hit it out of the park in a meeting or entertaining your most important guests during a luncheon.


"After a long day on the golf course he greeted guests with a high five and took lots of photos. Everyone was very receptive; he helped to create a more exciting atmosphere after a long day!" - Diane B.

More details and pricing information are available by calling (312) 674-5312.

Other Holidays

Looking to add some fa-boo-lous entertainment to your Halloween party? Looking to bring a non-grinchy green guy to your holiday party? Southpaw is available to bring joy, hugs, and high fives all year long. He might even have a special outfit to fit your party's theme.

More details and pricing information are available by calling (312) 674-5312.


If you're hoping to have your parade float or vehicle stand out in a crowd, we have the perfect suggestion. No one loves smiling, waving, posting for photos and handing out candy more than Southpaw! From a community parade to a one-truck ride down your town's main street, Southpaw will be sure to liven up the route.

More details and pricing information are available by calling (312) 674-5312.

School Events

Bring the excitement of White Sox baseball to your next school event! From fundraisers to dances and days of F-U-N, Southpaw is guaranteed to make your event victorious. Here are some of Southpaw's favorite school-time activities, which all include Southpaw baseball cards, magnets and five (5) T-shirts:

Classroom Visits
This 45 minute long visit for autographs and photos with students is an exciting wat to kick off a reading challenge, reward students for test score improvement or celebrate good attendance!

Fun Fair, Festival, or Field Day Appearance
Southpaw is the perfect addition to the celebratory atmosphere as he signs autographs, poses for photos, dances and entertains students of all ages!

"Stand Tall Southpaw" Assembly
Southpaw will educate students on how to embrace their differences, always be themselves and treat others with respect as he uses props to act out a story. The story is about 20 minutes long and requires assistance from one adult "actor." Southpaw can perform for two groups per assembly or follow one performance with 30-minutes of classroom visits.

Fun and Games Assembly
Southpaw would love to kick off a school incentive program or reward your students for a job well done on testing, attendance or other accomplishments. This assembly is FULL of interactice fun, games, silliness and lots of laughs!

Reading Assembly
Get your students excited about reading as Southpaw incorporates your schools reading requirements and/or programs into a fun and educational program with reading challenges and games!

Looking for other ways to include Southpaw? The White Sox will help build your own Southpaw appearance! Just let us know your needs and Southpaw will do his best to accommodate your requests.

More details and pricing information are available by calling (312) 674-5312.


Make your wedding an event to remember! Surprise your guests or the bride and groom with a 10 or 40 minute visit from Southpaw, a personalized wedding card from the White Sox, a Southpaw T-shirt for the bride and groom, two (2) lower box ticket vouchers to a 2018 White Sox home game (dates subject to availability, only included with the 40 minute appearance) and memories that will last a lifetime. Southpaw loves any excuse to put on his tuxedo including:

  • Ceremony usher
  • Post-ceremony photos
  • Cocktail hour mingling
  • Dancing at the reception


"The look on my wife's face when she saw Southpaw was absolutely priceless! Everyone loved him and we feel our wedding will be remembered for years to come, thanks to Southpaw." - Jeff M.

"Southpaw was a surprise for the bride and groom. Southpaw was the talk of the wedding into the next day and beyond." - Marianne T.

More details and pricing information are available by calling (312) 674-5312.