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The Official Site of the Chicago White Sox
Grand Slam Groups and Fundraisers

Create your own Grand Slam Group or Fundraiser by selling 250 or more tickets. Or join an existing Grand Slam Group with just 20 fans and receive specially-priced tickets.

We'll provide you with flyers, order forms, posters and other necessary collateral to help promote your event.

You are eligible for the following perks (based on tickets sold) when you book your Grand Slam Group or Fundraiser:

  • Scoreboard Recognition
  • Group Leader Gifts
  • Specially-Priced Tickets
  • Ceremonial First Pitch
  • On-field Photo
  • Pregame Parade
  • Southpaw Visit
  • Autographed Items
  • Photo with a Player
  • PA Announcement
  • Line-Up Card Exchange
  • Announce Play Ball
For more information, please contact the White Sox at 312-674-1000 or at


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Current Grand Slam Groups

Occupational Groups:
Government Employees
Building and Construction Workers
Postal Employees
Police and Fire Night
Financial Employees
Union Workers
Law Employees
Dentistry Employees

Fundraiser Groups:
High School and Youth Baseball/Softball
Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts
High School Bands
Cheer/Spirit Squads

Heritage Groups:
Asian Heritage
Greek Heritage
Hispanic Heritage
Polish Heritage
Italian Heritage

Education Groups:
Library Appreciation
Private Schools
Teacher Appreciation Games
Weather Day (presented by WGN)

Municipal Groups:
Village of Midlothian
Village of Orland Park
Village of Tinley Park
North Side Sox Fans
Northwest Indiana Fans

Southpaw Visits