Ballparks: 1871 - 2016


South End Grounds

Capacity: 6,800 (1888)
First Game: May 16, 1871
Last Game: August 11, 1914
Dimensions for SEG III: 250 L, 445 LC, 440 RC, 255 R
Other Names: Walpole Street Grounds, The Grand Pavilion, Boston Baseball Grounds

  • In their 44 seasons playing at South End Grounds, the team won 13 league championships and one World Series.
  • In 1894, South End Grounds was destroyed by "The Great Roxbury Fire." The team played at the Congress Street Grounds while South End Grounds was being rebuilt.
  • After the fire, the new South End Grounds was smaller than its predecessor. The most distinctive architectural feature was the spires atop the grandstand. Originally there were six, but the number was reduced to two when the park was rebuilt.
  • The Braves used Fenway Park to accommodate large crowds for a Memorial Day doubleheader in 1913 and the last two games of the 1914 World Series.
  • The Braves continued to play some home games at Fenway Park in 1915 until Braves Field was completed.
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