Competitive Balance rounds set for 2020 Draft

December 9th, 2019

In late September, the Detroit Tigers clinched the worst record in baseball, so they have the first pick in the upcoming Draft for the second time in three seasons. The rest of the 2020 Draft order took shape, decided by reverse order of standings.

The Orioles, who picked first in 2019, will select second in June, while the Marlins, Royals and Blue Jays round out the top five. Picks 6-10 will go to the Mariners, Pirates, Padres, Rockies and Angels.

What happens right after the first round is starting to take shape now that the Competitive Balance Rounds are set. Competitive Balance Round A takes place after the first round is over, and Round B is held after the completion of the second round.

Since 2017, Major League Baseball has used a formula that combines revenue, winning percentage and market score to award Draft picks to teams that fall in the bottom 10 in revenue or market size. That first year, six teams received Round A picks and eight clubs got Round B picks. Each subsequent year, the number of picks in the two rounds alternates between six and eight. This year, the A’s have dropped out and the Tigers have been added.

The 2020 Round A is eight picks once again, with the Orioles, Pirates, Royals, D-backs, Padres, Rockies, Indians and Cardinals getting selections that, as of now, will be picks 31-38. The Round B order will be Marlins, Tigers, Rays, Brewers, Reds and Twins. Those picks will be Nos. 68-73.

The order and current pick numbers of Competitive Balance Rounds A and B are below. Pick numbers are subject to change based on trades (Competitive Balance Round picks can be traded) and qualifying offer free-agent signings. Click here for the complete Draft order, including updates due to free-agent signings.

Round A

  1. Baltimore Orioles
  2. Pittsburgh Pirates
  3. Kansas City Royals
  4. Arizona Diamondbacks
  5. San Diego Padres
  6. Colorado Rockies
  7. Cleveland Indians
  8. St. Louis Cardinals

Round B

  1. Miami Marlins
  2. Detroit Tigers
  3. Tampa Bay Rays
  4. Milwaukee Brewers
  5. Cincinnati Reds
  6. Minnesota Twins

There are still changes that will come to the Draft order, starting with what happens with qualifying-offer free-agent signing deals. Those deals will have some impact on the Draft beyond the top picks. Two free agents, José Abreu of the White Sox and the Twins’ Jake Odorizzi, accepted their teams’ qualifying offer this year. That brings the total of acceptances to eight of the 90 players who have received a qualifying offer.

Here are the eight free agents who declined a qualifying offer this year and the Draft compensation their 2019 teams stand to receive if the players sign elsewhere. The Giants have already been awarded what is currently pick No. 75 for losing free agent Will Smith to the Braves. For signing Smith, the Braves will forfeit their second-highest pick, which was currently at pick No. 63 in the second round. By signing Zack Wheeler, the Phillies will lose their second-round pick (No. 53), moving the start of the Competitive Balance Round B up to pick No. 67, and the Mets would receive a compensation pick after the Giants:

Astros -- Gerrit Cole: pick after Competitive Balance Round B
Braves -- Josh Donaldson: pick after Competitive Balance Round B
Cardinals -- Marcell Ozuna: pick after Competitive Balance Round B
Giants -- Madison Bumgarner, Will Smith: picks after Competitive Balance Round B
Mets -- Zack Wheeler: pick after Competitive Balance Round B
Nationals -- Anthony Rendon, Stephen Strasburg: picks after Competitive Balance Round B