Front Office Directory

Executive Officers

Title Name
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer William O. DeWitt Jr.
President William O. DeWitt III
Senior Administrative Assistant Julie Laningham
Sr. Vice President & General Counsel Mike Whittle
Senior Administrative Assistant Grace Kell
Associate Counsel Nicholas Garzia
Vice President, Business Development Dan Good

Baseball Operations Department

Title Name
President of Baseball Operations John Mozeliak
Vice President & General Manager Mike Girsch
Sr. Executive Assistant to the President of Baseball Operations Linda Brauer
Assistant General Manager Moisés Rodríguez
Assistant General Manager & Director of Scouting Randy Flores
Assistant General Manager & Director of Player Development Gary LaRocque
Special Assistant to GM/Player Procurement Matt Slater
Manager, Player Development & Performance Emily Wiebe
Director, Baseball Administration John Vuch
Director of Performance Dr. Robert Butler
Director, International Operations Luis Morales
Manager, Player Communications Melody Yount
Manager, Professional Scouting Jared Odom
Amateur Manager, Domestic Scouting Ty Boyles
Manager, Video Operations Javier Duren
Coordinator, Player Development Antonio Mujica
Title Name
Sr. Director Jeremy Cohen
Project Director Matt Bayer
Director, Baseball Analytics Kevin Seats
Senior Data Scientist Alan Kessler
Data Scientist Garrett Greenwood
Amateur Scouting Analyst Julia Prusaczyk
Analyst, Baseball Development John Kern
Title Name
Senior Developer Brian Seyfert
Sr. Analytics Engineer Todd Heitmann
Sr. Cloud Engineer John Weeks
Sr. Data Engineer Nathan Nutter
Application Developer Austin Lukaschewski
Systems Engineer Mike Noel
Analytics Engineer Jack Hanley

Manager/Coaching Staff

Title Name
Manager Oliver "Oli" Marmol
Bench Coach Jared "Skip" Schumaker
Hitting Coach Jeff Albert
Pitching Coach Mike Maddux
First-Base Coach Stubby Clapp
Third-Base Coach Ron "Pop" Warner
Assistant Coach Willie McGee
Bullpen Coach Bryan Eversgerd
Asst. Hitting Coach Turner Ward
Major League Internal Player Strategist Patrick Elkins
Major League Pitching Strategist Dusty Blake
Bullpen Catcher/ Catching Instructor Jamie Pogue
Bullpen Catcher/Catching Instructor Kleininger Teran

Travel & Clubhouse

Title Name
Director, Team Travel Ernie Moore
Head Clubhouse Manager Mark Walsh
Assistant Equipment Manager Andy Bollier
Visiting Clubhouse Manager Rip Rowan
Video Coordinator, Major Leagues Chad Blair
Assistant Video Coordinator Dan O'Connor
Video Room Assistant Mike Meier

Performance & Medical

Title Name
Director of Medical Operations / Head Athletic Trainer Adam Olsen
Director of Performance Dr. Robert Butler
Assistant Director of Performance Thomas Knox
Assistant Athletic Trainer Chris Conroy
Assistant Athletic Trainer Keith Joynt
Performance Specialist Jason Shutt
Strength & Conditioning Coach Lance Thomason
Physical Therapist Matt Leonard
Soft Tissue Specialist Cyrus Poitier
Mental Skills & Well-Being Coordinator Brian Alazzawi
Rehab Performance Specialist Azita Nejaddehghani
Head Team Physician Dr. George Paletta
Major League Medical Services Coordinator Dr. Brian Mahaffey
Team Orthopedist Dr. Julienne Lippe
Team Orthopedist Dr. Matthew Steffes
Team Orthopedist Dr. Lyndon Gross
Primary Care/Sports Medicine Physician Dr. Christian Verry
Primary Care/Sports Medicine Physician Dr. Nicholas Greiner
Team Chiropractor Dr. Michael E. Murphy
Team Dentist Dr. Dan Bergman
Team Ophthalmologist Dr. Adam Fedyk
Concussion Specialist Dr. Brandon Larkin

Player Development

Title Name
Assistant GM & Director Player Development Gary LaRocque
Coordinator, Player Development Antonio Mujica
Minor League Equipment Manager Dave Vonderhaar
Coordinator of Instruction Jose Oquendo
Sr. Pitching Coordinator Tim Leveque
Hitting Coordinator Russ Steinhorn
Asst. Pitching Coordinator Dean Kiekhefer
Jupiter Complex Pitching Coordinator / FCL Pitching Coach Rick Harig
Asst. Hitting Coordinator Daniel Nicolaisen
Minor League Hitting Instructor Ryan Ludwick
Minor League Pitching Instructor Jason Isringhausen
Medical Coordinator Chris Whitman
S&C Coordinator Frank Witkowski
Rehab Coordinator Victor Kuri
Technology Integration DC MacLea
Performance Specialist Ross Hasegawa
Korean Language Interpreter James Bae
Title Name
Manager Ben Johnson
Hitting Coach Brandon Allen
Pitching Coach Dernier Orozco
Athletic Trainer Dan Martin
Strength & Conditioning Coach Jacqueline Grover
Title Name
Manager Jose Leger
Hitting Coach Tyger Pederson
Pitching Coach Darwin Marrero
Athletic Trainer Alex Wolfinger
Strength & Conditioning Coach Dan Trapp
Title Name
Manager Patrick Anderson
Hitting Coach Willi Martin
Pitching Coach Edwin Moreno
Athletic Trainer Paden Eveland
Strength & Conditioning Coach Ryan Duffy
Title Name
Manager Gary Kendall
Hitting Coach Kedeem Octave
Pitching Coach Giovanni Carrara
Athletic Trainer Jeff Case
Strength & Conditioning Coach Campbell Quirk
Title Name
Manager Roberto Espinoza
Hitting Coach Bernard Gilkey
Pitching Coach Rick Harig
Athletic Trainer Kiomy Martinez
Strength & Conditioning Coach Grace Cullen
Title Name
Manager Fray Peniche
Hitting Coach Erick Almonte & Luis Cruz
Assistant Pitching Coach Wilman Madera
Pitching Coach Bill Villanueva
DR Medical Coordinator Pedro Betancourt
Athletic Trainer Riku Shibata
Strength & Conditioning Coach Gerardo De Leon
Strength & Conditioning Coach Elvis Hernandez


Title Name
Special Assistant to Scouting Director & Professional Scout Jeff Ishii
Professional Scout Brian Hopkins
Professional Scout Aaron Klinec
Professional Scout Deric McKamey
Professional Scout Craig Richmond
Professional Scout Joe Rigoli
Professional Scout Kerry Robinson
Title Name
Special Advisor to the Scouting Director Jamal Strong
National Crosschecker Aaron Looper (Shawnee, OK)
National Crosschecker Zachary Mortimer (Pilesgrove, NJ)
National Crosschecker Jamal Strong (Surpirse, AZ)
Regional Crosschecker Jabari Barnett (Humble, TX)
Regional Crosschecker Aaron Krawiec (Gilbert, AZ)
Regional Crosschecker Clint Brown (Braselton, GA)
Regional Crosschecker Sean Moran (Furlong, PA)
Area Scout Jason Bryans (Tecumseh, ON)
Area Scout TC Calhoun (Abingdon, VA)
Area Scout Keanan Lamb (Birmingham, AL)
Area Scout Josh Lopez (West Palm Beach, FL)
Area Scout Mike Garciaparra (Manhattan Beach, CA)
Area Scout Dirk Kinney (Lenexa, KS)
Domestic Scout Donnie Marbut (Olympia, WA)
Area Scout Brian Moehler (Atlanta, GA)
Area Scout Jim Negrych (Phoenixville, PA)
Area Scout Pete Parise (Okla.)
Area Scout Stacey Pettis (Brentwood, CA)
Area Scout Joe Quezada (Houston, TX)
Area Scout Chris Rodriguez (Los Angeles, CA)
Area Scout Mauricio Rubio (Tempe, AZ)
Part-Time Scout Juan C Ramos (Caguas, PR)
Part-Time Scout Paul Ah Yat (Hon, HI)
Title Name
Senior International Crosschecker Joe Almaraz
International Crosschecker Damaso Espino
Senior Latin American Crosschecker/DR Scouting Supervisor Angel Ovalles
Latin American Crosschecker/DR Crosschecker Alix Martinez
Dominican Republic Scout Braly Guzman
Dominican Republic Scout Raymi Dicent
Dominican Republic Scout Filiberto Fernandez
Dominican Republic Scout Darluimis Almonte
Venezuela Scouting Supervisor Jose Gonzalez Maestre
Venezuela Scout Estuar Ruiz
Venezuela Scout Jesus Perez
Venezuela Scout Neriel Morillo
Venezuela Scout Wilmer Castillo
Mexico Scout Ramon Garcia
Colombia Scout Carlos Balcazar

Communications Department

Title Name
Director, Communications Brian Bartow
Administrative Assistant Carol Lueke
Manager, Baseball Communications Michael Whitty
Administrator, Baseball Information & Media Services Chris Tunno
Multimedia Communications Strategist Carson Shipley

Cardinals Care & Community Relations Department

Title Name
Vice President, Community Relations & Exec. Director, Cardinals Care Michael Hall
Administrative Assistant Bonnie Parres
Manager, Cardinals Care & Youth Baseball/Softball Commissioner Amanda Small
Cardinals Care Program Administrator Chelsea King
Director, Community Relations & Cardinals Care Meghan Essman
Manager, Community Relations Lindsey Weber
Community Relations Program Administrator Emily Westlove
Manager, Communications & Charity Events Marybeth Johnson

Event Services & Merchandising Department

Title Name
Vice President, Event Services & Merchandising Vicki Bryant
Administrative Assistant Sheila Pinsker
Manager, Retail Operations Linda Johnson
Supervisor, Retail Operations Erik Jaffry
Director, Special Events Aleah Likas
Manager, Special Event Operations Jenn Coticchio
Coordinator, Special Events Meagan McVicker
Coordinator, Special Events Amanda Beaton
Director of Operations, Cardinals Nation Nate Green
Hospitality Manager Leya Ruiz
Manager & Curator, Hall of Fame Museum Amy Berra
Collections Specialist Erin Pruhs
Manager, Museum & Tour Operations Brittany Schelp
Supervisor, Stadium Tours & Museum Operations Adam Presswood
Cardinals Nation Marketing Coordinator Megan Stubblefield

Finance & Administration Department

Title Name
Sr. Vice President & CFO Brad Wood
Sr. Administrative Assistant Missy Liotta
Director, Risk Management Rex Carter
Vice President, Accounting & Payroll John Lowry
Manager, Accounting Paul Hayden
Accounting Supervisor Michelle Flach
Sr. Payroll Accountant Kurt Hoevel
Supervisor, Financial Reporting & Accounts Payable Tracey Sessions
Payroll Accountant Marissa Hoover
Staff Accountant Liz Blase
Staff Accountant Tyler Richert
Accounts Payable Clerk Patty Cooper
Vice President, Business Strategy & Analytics Mark Murray
Director, Business Strategy & Analytics Jennifer Needham
Sr. Analyst – Strategy & Analytics Samantha Ross
Director, Information Technology Greg Pauli
Technical Project Manager Angie Bourget
Director, Purchasing Chris Molina
Senior Buyer Heather Bacon
Buyer Tracy Williams
Coordinator, Purchasing Jonathan Paterline
Vice President, Human Resources Jayme AB Riester
Director, Human Resources Felicia Lamar
HR Generalist – Benefits & Compliance Lauren Dugan
HR Generalist – Benefits & Compliance Sara Stever

Stadium Operations Department

Title Name
Vice President, Stadium Operations Matt Gifford
Administrative Assistant Hope Baker
Head Groundskeeper Bill Findley
Assistant Head Groundskeeper Justin Scott
Supervisor, Grounds Crew Justin Hatcher
Grounds Crew Terry Moll
Grounds Crew Dan Looney
Mechanic Elroy Gretzmacher
Director, Security Philip Melcher
Security Assistant Megan Armstrong
Director, Guest Services & Quality Assurance Cindy Richards
Manager, Guest Services Danielle Amann-Stewart
Guest Services Assistant Kristian Hollenbach
Manager, Janitorial Services Ron Torrey
Director, Event Operations Ashleigh Middlebrook
Manager, Event Operations Jeremy Neel
Event Operations Assistant Laney Thacker
Director, Facility Operations & Planning Hosei Maruyama
Project Manager Stanley Ruchalski
Facility Coordinator Mairead Scanlon
Supervisor, Logistics George Laningham
Logistics Crew Jerry Smith
Logistics Crew Jacob Swanson
Painter Foreman Patrick Barrett
Carpenter Foreman Barry Abbett
Carpenter Joe Schindler
Lead Mechanical Technician Ken Biekert
Mechanical Technician Sean Driver
Mechanical Apprentice Ryan Miller

Ticket Sales, Marketing & Corporate Sales Department

Title Name
Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing Dan Farrell
Administrative Assistant Gail Ruhling
Title Name
Vice President, Corporate Sales & Broadcasting Thane vanBreusegen
Director, Partnership Assets & Broadcast Administration Kristin Livingston
Director, Promotions & Events Megan Eberhart
Manager, Promotions & Events Kyle Cassity
Director, Account Services & Alumni Relations Joe Pfeiffer
Manager, Alumni Relations Larry State
Sr. Account Executive, Corporate Sales Nic Zamora
Supervisor, Alumni Relations & Account Services Executive Tom Parchomski
Supervisor, Kids Clinics & Account Services Executive Gabe Kiley
Account Services Executive / Spanish Broadcast Coordinator Celina Allen
Account Services Executive Whitney Clark
Account Services Executive Jake Aug
Director, Radio Sales Kyle Dinges
Sr. Account Executive, Radio Sales Adam Froidl
Traffic Coordinator, Cardinals Radio Robyn Curtis
Manager, Cardinals Radio Network Ben Boyd
Title Name
Director, Content & Production Tony Simokaitis
Manager, Fan Entertainment Katie Brandenberg
Coordinator, Fan Entertainment Caroline Smith
Mascot Coordinator Tim Falkner
Director, Production & Creative Services Craig Wilson
Manager, Creative Services Tyler Munie
Manager, Multimedia Brett McMillan
Multimedia Video Communications Specialist Emily Stephens
Multimedia Video Editing Specialist Wes Froeschner
Multimedia Production & Editing Specialist Travis Hawkins
Graphic Designer Vincent Diplarides
Manager, Content & Advertising Production Matt Shead
Content Creator, Advertising Jodi Willenbrink
Manager, Scoreboard Operations & Creative Services Jared Haukap
Production Services Coordinator Dan McLaughlin
Production Coordinator Michael Langston
Title Name
Director, Marketing & Brand Execution Martin Coco
Manager, Marketing Melissa Tull
Marketing Specialist Kathy Langenfeld
Marketing Coordinator Catie Kassebaum
Social Media Strategist Nora Farrell
Director, Photography & Digital Assets Taka Yanagimoto
Title Name
Director, Publications Steve Zesch
Senior Editor Jim Gilstrap
Senior Editor Elisabeth Meinecke
Sr. Staff Writer Stan McNeal
Title Name
Vice President, Ticket Sales Joe Strohm
Administrative Assistant Lisa Haffer
Director, Ticket Sales & Retention Rob Fasoldt
Manager, Ticket Partnerships Cullen Speckhals
Manager, Season Tickets Lori Rains
Supervisor, Season Tickets Scott Baker
Sr. Account Executive, Season Tickets Jeremy Busby
Account Executive, Season Tickets Steven Carpenter
Account Executive, Season Tickets Nolyn Coughlin
Account Executive, Season Tickets Jeanette Crowder
Account Executive, Season Tickets Rasheed DeBord
Account Executive, Season Tickets Justin Frisch
Account Executive, Season Tickets Mitch Handegan
Account Executive, Season Tickets Nathan Mackin
Account Executive, Season Tickets Matt Reisner
Manager, Ticket Development Andrew Dean
Supervisor, Ticket Development Payton Asmus
Supervisor, Ticket Development Shannon Lacker
Supervisor, Ticket Development Alex Stone
Direct Sales Representative, Ticket Development Alonso Argotte
Direct Sales Representative, Ticket Development Sean Ashley
Direct Sales Representative, Ticket Development Steven Gilston
Direct Sales Representative, Ticket Development Luke Gray
Direct Sales Representative, Ticket Development Michael Harvey
Direct Sales Representative, Ticket Development Myles Hudson-Bamberg
Direct Sales Representative, Ticket Development Zac Husman
Direct Sales Representative, Ticket Development Lori Lohmann
Direct Sales Representative, Ticket Development Niko Marshall
Direct Sales Representative, Ticket Development Nolan McLaughlin
Direct Sales Representative, Ticket Development Jake Needham
Direct Sales Representative, Ticket Development Nicolas Roes
Direct Sales Representative, Ticket Development Ty Rogers
Direct Sales Representative, Ticket Development Kennedi Sanders
Direct Sales Representative, Ticket Development Tamryn Schwab
Direct Sales Representative, Ticket Development Nicole Smythe
Direct Sales Representative, Ticket Development Willem Thissen
Direct Sales Representative, Ticket Development Jacob Wuelling
Director, Group Sales Ryan Eberhart
Manager, Group Sales Pierce Jefferson
Sr. Account Executive, Group Sales Chris King
Sr. Account Executive, Group Sales Reggie Whitted
Account Executive, Group Sales Thomas Burton
Account Executive, Group Sales Christian Heutel
Account Executive, Group Sales Adele Linderman
Account Executive, Group Sales Thomas McCarty
Account Executive, Group Sales Mudi Munyati
Account Executive, Group Sales Sam Roberts
Account Executive, Group Sales Matt Zurheide
Director, Ticket Operations Kerry Emerson
Manager, Ticket Operations Mike Salony
Manager, Ticket Fulfillment Jamie Brickler
Ticket Services Coordinator Andrew Waldo
Ticket Services Account Executive Nancy Landa
Ticket Services Account Executive Paul Pohlman
Ticket Services Account Executive Andrea Robinson
Ticket Services Account Executive Kelly Walsh
Director, Premium Sales & Service Dolores Scanlon
Manager, All-Inclusive Tickets Mary Clare Bena
Manager, Premium Sales & Service Julie Stevens
Account Executive, Premium Sales & Service Whitney Banker
Account Executive, Premium Sales & Service Brianna Reese
Manager, Theme Tickets Bethany White
Account Executive, Theme Tickets Shannon Fitzgerald