2022 Cardinals Yearbook

Celebrating #50

The Perfect Souvenir of a 'Perfect Cardinal'

"In so many ways, he's a perfect Cardinal."

That's the declaration from the very top of the Cardinals organization, but even that high praise from club chairman Bill DeWitt Jr. only hints at the multitude of qualities and incredible character that define Adam Wainwright.

To capture the full depth of the pitcher who helped lead the franchise into a new era of excellence after arriving in a Dec. 2003 trade, a chorus of voices is needed. And that's what we've assembled in the 2022 Cardinals Yearbook for a first-of-its-kind tribute to Wainwright's 17 seasons in a Cardinals uniform.

What else can be said about Waino? Here's a sample of what you'll read from some of the 40-plus friends, family members, teammates and competitors who share testimonials saluting his legacy: An alpha good guy, the kind you'd want your daughter to marry ... Has changed more lives than anybody I know ... Not a bigger heart in the game ... Stands up there with the best in Cardinals history ... A very cerebral pitcher – when you're looking for the dog, he throws you the cat ... In a world full of excuse-makers, Adam Wainwright always finds a way ... One of the great competitors I've ever been around.

From our in-depth Q&A with the pitcher himself, to our overflowing package of tributes from baseball insiders, to our look inside each of his past 17 seasons, you’ll get to know Waino like you never thought possible. Of course, this all-inclusive celebration is packaged with our traditional Cardinals Yearbook content, featuring 60 pages of player action photos and portraits spotlighting members of the 2022 team.

Covering 176 pages, this special edition is available for just $20 (plus postage/processing). You'll never get closer to Waino, short of being invited over for dinner – which would, of course, be completely within "Uncle Charlie's" character.