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About Cardinals Insider

Our goal with the Cardinals Insider television show and online news site is to provide fans with the ultimate behind-the-scenes view of the St. Louis Cardinals. Our commitment is to offer a level of insider access to the team that is only possible coming directly from journalists employed by the team. Each week on television and online, we will offer fans news, profiles, features and information directly, unfiltered, from the source.

We will take you behind the scenes, introduce you to the dedicated men and women who work for the team, and give you a glimpse at the inner workings of the club while providing you with a degree of access to the team that isn't possible from any other news source.

We will work tirelessly to provide fans with stories that inform them about the team they love. We are also committed to offering fans content that inspires and engages. Being fans ourselves, we know there is something truly special about the St. Louis Cardinals and being part of the large, diverse community we call Cardinals Nation.

We are not ashamed to admit that the birds on the bat beat strong in our hearts!

You have our promise that we will strive very hard to share our passion and our love for the Cardinals with each story we tell!

While we have some idea of what you want to see, we need your input to ensure that we are covering the stories you want to know about. We need your help as we strive to offer fans stories that inform, inspire and engage.

As we move forward, we encourage you to offer your thoughts on what you want to see and how we can continue to improve. Feel free to email us directly at or contact any other member of our editorial team.

Cardinals Insider with Ozzie Smith is a Mid-America Emmy-nominated, weekly news magazine television show that provides fans with exclusive, behind-the-scenes content about the Cardinals, produced by team journalists. Cardinals Insider gives fans an all-access pass to everything Cardinals baseball.