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Fredbird was born in April of 1979...from the day he was hatched, Fredbird loved going to games with Mom and Dad Bird. He loved the crowd and the game itself, (he also like the popcorn, hotdogs, and soda too.) Before the games he was always playing around on the field with the players, umpires, and ushers. While watching the games he liked to have fun with the fans around him. One day Fredbird got up on the dugout and started dancing in between innings when they played music. Fredbird did this at every game and the fans loved it. As Fredbird got older he did more and more around the ballpark, dancing, playing with his watergun, playing jokes on the umpires, and shooting t-shirts out to the crowd. The Cardinals noticed how much the fans loved Fredbird and decided to give him a life-long contract as their mascot. Look for Fredbird at EVERY GAME that you go to, you will find him driving his truck, dancing on the dugout, or beaking a few fans' heads. Watch out, you might be next to be beaked!

If you would like the chance to see your photo of you and Fredbird on Fredbird's page e-mail Fredbird at [email protected].

Are you looking to book Fredbird for your event? If so, email Gail Ruhling at [email protected]. You have three choices for your Fredbird appearance fees: 30 minutes for $200 or 1 hour for $400. For any Fredbird appearance that is over 50 miles from Busch Stadium, please email Gail Ruhling at [email protected] for rates. If you have any questions please call the Fredbird hotline at 314-345-9441.

Don't forget, you can also book Team Fredbird. Fredbird's official crew can make an appearance with or without him at your next event. The girls are great for selling raffle tickets, emceeing an event, or pepping up the crowd. To book Team Fredbird, please email [email protected].