A look at Alu: Get to know Nats No. 27 prospect

March 7th, 2023

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Infielder  turned heads last season in the Nationals farm system, and this spring the 25-year-old from New Jersey is in camp vying for a spot on the Opening Day roster.

As an unranked prospect, Alu led all Nats Minor Leaguers in batting average (.299), slugging percentage (.506), OPS (.871), doubles (40) and extra-base hits (62) last season. His impressive performance across the Double-A and Triple-A levels garnered International League Player of the Month honors in September and Washington’s annual “Nationals Way Award.”

Protected by the Nationals in the Rule 5 Draft and added to the 40-man roster, Alu is ranked as their No. 27 prospect by MLB Pipeline this preseason. With experience at second base and third base, he will contend for a backup role on a team that values defensive versatility.

Alu is slashing .333/.385/.417 in his first seven Spring Training games.

In this prospect Q&A, get to know Alu off the field. Stay tuned for other Q&As during camp.

MLB.com: If you could play a game as any athlete from any sport, who would it be?

Alu: I think I’ve got to go [with] Michael Jordan back in his prime. That would be unbelievable. After seeing that documentary as well, that just solidified it.

MLB.com: What non-baseball accomplishment are you proud of?

Alu: I shot under 80 in golf this offseason. It was actually in Boca [Raton, Fla.]. I came down here with my buddies for a week and we played a few rounds of golf. I shot sub-80, so that was a big, big accomplishment for myself.

MLB.com: How long have you been golfing?

Alu: Ever since I was a kid. I would just go out with my dad and grandpa. It was never very consistent.

MLB.com: What is your favorite pizza topping and where do you get it from?

Alu: I’ve got to go [with] sausage -- a hundred percent, a hundred percent … There’s two [restaurants] right across the street from each other called Papa’s and De Lorenzo’s.

MLB.com: Who have you met that you couldn’t believe you were meeting?

Alu: This is going to sound so Jersey of me. (Laughs) I met Pauly D [from “The Jersey Shore”]. I was so rattled. I was like, “You couldn’t be more the exact person I thought you were going to be.” … It was [at] the Philly airport three or four years ago. … He was standing in the Dunkin’ Donuts line and I was right behind him, so I had to say something.

MLB.com: Did you take a picture with him?

Alu: No, I didn’t want to do all that. I had to be suave, you know?

MLB.com: How do you think that your teammates would describe your personality off the field?

Alu: Off the field, I really just like being the relaxed guy, being able to hang with everybody. I don’t like being alone too much. I like hanging with the guys and just kicking it with them, just being around everybody.

MLB.com: Who is your best friend in baseball?

Alu: My best friend in baseball has to be one of my buddies growing up who actually got drafted by the Nationals, Anthony Peroni. He was drafted in 2017 [in the 14th round]. We actually, ironically enough, live right down the street from each other. We train every offseason together. He’s in Independent Ball, but we grew up together.

MLB.com: A lot of players spend their offseason in Florida or Arizona. What’s the best part being close to home in New Jersey?

Alu: I like being close to home in the offseason, but those people who are going out to Arizona and Florida are smart, because I think I might be doing that this offseason, too. (Laughs)

MLB.com: You live close to Philly and New York. What’s your favorite big city?

Alu: Definitely New York City. I go there all the time on the weekends. My girlfriend lives there, so I’m always there. A bunch of my buddies from college live there as well. I’m always finding myself taking the train right into the city.

MLB.com: What’s your New York City vibe once you’re there?

Alu: I usually end up going into SoHo, but I like the Meatpacking District and Chelsea area. It’s beautiful there.

MLB.com: Lastly, what’s the movie you’ve seen so many times you can quote it?

Alu: “Miracle.”

MLB.com: You said that without hesitation.

Alu: We used to make a joke in college about it – I knew all the lines. It’s just a good, heartwarming movie. You know, a little underdog story. It kind of reminds me of myself, I guess.