Nationals' nicknames for Players' Weekend

August 9th, 2018

For the second consecutive year, Major Leaguers will put their personalities and passions on the field when Players' Weekend takes center stage during all games from Friday, Aug. 24, through Sunday, Aug. 26.

Here are the nicknames the Nationals will wear on their backs while sporting colorful, non-traditional uniforms featuring alternate designs inspired by youth-league uniforms:

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2018 Players Weekend nicknames

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: "JACK"

: "EL DE"

: "DOC"



Fedde actually pitched on Player's Weekend last season, but he did not have a nickname because he was not on the roster when the names were selected. He was sitting with Tommy Milone when they came up with the name. He also likes the pasta.


Glover's first name means "Bear" in Cherokee, and the Oklahoma native is proud of his heritage after growing up in a town of fewer than 200 people. 





: "K 40"

Greg Holland: "HOLLY"




It's an acronym for the names of his five children: Ben, Luke, Ella, Sean and Tyler. 

: "J. MILLZ"

Tommy Milone: "TOMASO"

: "ANT"


When Reynolds first got called up to the Majors and went on a hot streak, a broadcaster proclaimed, "There's a new sheriff in town." The name sort of stuck and Reynolds has been known as "The Sheriff" ever since.

: "T-RO"

Joe Ross: "JR"

Max Scherzer: "BLUE EYE"

A lot about Scherzer stands out, but one of his defining physical traits are his different colored eyes. Although he has said his pitching eye is his brown eye, he decided to use the name "Blue Eye" on the back of his jersey. 


Sammy Solis: "BIG ANGUS"

Two years ago, former Nats reliever Matt Belisle gave the nickname to Solis shortly after their introduction because Solis was a big, meaty guy, according to Belisle, Solis recalled. Solis texted him a picture of the jersey when he got it. 

Juan Soto: "JUANJO"



Michael A. Taylor: "MIGGY"


Matt Wieters: "MAUI"

A nickname given to him by former Nats outfielder .

"I'd never heard it before and thought it was original, so it kind of stuck," Wieters said.

: "ZIM"