'Dad shoes' into cleats? That's a Father's Day fashion flex

June 19th, 2022

WASHINGTON -- Following Mother’s Day last month, Nationals relievers and began contemplating what they would wear for Father’s Day in June.

“[We] just said that it would be funny if we got the original ‘dad shoes,’” Rainey said. “We joked around and called them the ‘Grillmaster 3000s.’ Then the next day, we were like, ‘Let’s order them. Let’s do it.’”

Cishek came up with the idea a few years ago, but he had never ordered the shoes in time. This season, he wasn’t going to let the opportunity pass him by. He ordered a pair of sneakers from New Balance for himself and Rainey, and had cleats added to them once they arrived.

Cishek and Rainey, both dads, tried out the shoes in pregame warmups during the week to break them in, and they decided to wear them for the Father’s Day matinee game. Neither pitcher appeared in the Nationals’ 9-3 win over the Phillies, but a pregame photo of Cishek’s kicks caused social media buzz.

Clearly quite proud of his stylish shoes, Cishek showed them off in a post on his Instagram Story before the game:

“It’s amazing. It’s hilarious,” Cishek said. “I might be converted over to them here pretty soon, as a dad, because after wearing them all day, they are literally the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn.”

Rainey agreed.

“I understand why guys wear them, especially older men,” Rainey said. “Don’t know that I can make it a full-time cleat, but they’re definitely comfortable.”