Where Nats top prospects are starting '21

May 3rd, 2021

With the 2021 Minor League season opening, here's where the Nationals’ Top 30 Prospects are projected to start:

  1. Cade Cavalli (MLB No. 86), RHP -- Wilmington (High-A)
  2. Jackson Rutledge, RHP -- Wilmington (High-A)
  3. Cole Henry, RHP -- Wilmington (High-A)
  4. Yasel Antuna, SS -- Wilmington (High-A)
  5. Andry Lara, RHP -- Extended spring training
  6. Jeremy De La Rosa, OF -- Extended spring training
  7. Armando Cruz, SS -- Dominican complex
  8. Tim Cate, LHP -- Harrisburg (Double-A)
  9. Mason Denaburg, RHP -- Injured (Tommy John)
  10. Matt Cronin, LHP -- Wilmington (High-A)
  11. Drew Mendoza, 1B -- Harrisburg (Double-A)
  12. Roismar Quintana, OF -- Extended spring training
  13. Sammy Infante, SS -- Extended spring training
  14. Daniel Marte, OF -- Extended spring training
  15. Israel Pineda, C -- Wilmington (High-A)
  16. Joan Adon, RHP -- Wilmington (High-A)
  17. Jackson Cluff, SS -- Harrisburg (Double-A)
  18. Seth Romero, LHP -- Injured (rib)
  19. Tres Barrera, C -- Rochester (Triple-A)
  20. Holden Powell, RHP -- Wilmington (High-A)
  21. Ben Braymer, LHP -- Rochester (Triple-A)
  22. Steven Fuentes, RHP -- Rochester (Triple-A)
  23. Tyler Dyson, RHP -- Wilmington (High-A)
  24. Evan Lee, LHP -- Wilmington (High-A)
  25. Jake Irvin, RHP -- Injured (Tommy John)
  26. Jakson Reetz, C -- Harrisburg (Double-A)
  27. Reid Schaller, RHP -- Wilmington (High-A)
  28. Viandel Pena, SS -- Extended spring training
  29. Sterling Sharp, RHP -- Harrisburg (Double-A)
  30. Bryan Sanchez, RHP -- Extended spring training

Team to watch

No questions here. It’s High-A Wilmington. The Blue Rocks boast all four of Washington’s top prospects and five of the top 10 total. Cavalli, Rutledge and Henry should make as strong a top three of a rotation as can be found anywhere else in the Minors, and the competitiveness of having the trio together could push them to further heights. Keep an eye on catcher Israel Pineda as well. He was a Minor League camp standout, having hit a 465-foot homer with an exit velocity of 114 mph. He’ll need to improve on the defensive side, but the Nats are pleased with his power potential so far in 2021.

Teams on MiLB.TV

Triple-A Rochester
Double-A Harrisburg

New faces

Not a ton of new talent to be found that wasn’t already in the pipeline at the end of last season. Armando Cruz was the biggest prospect name added in the offseason, having signed for $3.9 million out of the Dominican Republic back in January. He has worked out back in the D.R. this spring in anticipation of a Dominican Summer League season and is still at least one year removed from seeing a full-season affiliate.

On the shelf

No. 9 prospect Mason Denaburg underwent Tommy John surgery this spring and will miss the entire 2021 season as a result. The 21-year-old right-hander has thrown only 20 1/3 innings in his Minor League career due to other injuries, so Washington is hopeful this will clear up the remaining issues keeping him off the mound. No. 18 prospect Seth Romero, who debuted in the Majors last season, is out with stress fracture in his rib. He hasn’t been throwing as the injury heals but could begin his progression back to the mound as early as next week.