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Phun Phillies Games

You can get a workout in a variety of ways including playing a fun game! Try playing the games below to give yourself a great workout!

Phillies Phitness tips and exercises were developed in conjunction with physical therapy professionals. Please check with your physician before beginning any physical activity program.

Batter's Box Tag

Great for working on walking lunges, this activity works your hamstrings and gluts. Position your hands on your hips and bend your knees as you take a big step. For each step, bring the next foot forward with the knees bent. Play tag, but instead of running, players lunge as they try not to get caught. The trick of this game is that there are 2 safe zones, the batter's boxes. Once you're in a batter's box, you can't be tagged.

Nola ... Nola ... Rhys!

Another name for 'Duck, Duck, Goose', all but one child sits in a circle. The standing child walks around the circle, patting each sitting child's head and saying, "Duck", until someone is tapped, "Goose." At that point, the tapped child chases the other child around the circle as they attempt to make it all the way back to the empty spot before being tagged.