Ballparks: 1883 - Present

Recreation Park

Years: 1883-1886

University of Pennsylvania

Years: 1894

Columbia Park

Years: 1903

Baker Bowl/National League Park

Years: 1887-1938

Capacity: 18,000

The Phillies' baseball park from its opening in 1887 until 1938. Rebuilt 1895; hailed as nation's finest stadium. Site of first World Series attended by U.S. President, 1915; Negro League World Series, 1924-26; Babe Ruth's last major league game, 1935. Razed 1950. (Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission)

Shibe Park/Connie Mack Stadium

Years: 1938-1970

Capacity: 33,000

Dimensions: L-334, C-410, R-329

Early Major League baseball park opened in 1909. Renamed, 1953. Home to Athletics, 1909-1954; Phillies, 1938-1970. Site of three Negro League World Series; five A's World Series victories. Among first to host night games. Razed, 1976. (Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission)

Veterans Stadium

Years: 1971-2003

Capacity: 62,623

Dimensions: L-330, C-408, R-330

Built on a 74-acre site that was formerly marsh land and opened in 1971. The multi-colored, multi-purpose stadium, the largest in the National League at the time, was completed at a final cost of about $52 million.

Citizens Bank Park

Years: 2004-Present

Capacity: 43,500

Dimensions: L-329, C-401, R-330

Philadelphia's new world-class ballpark is every bit as spectacular as it is intimate - with breathtaking views, dazzling amenities and a staggering array of special features.