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2019 Tryout Camp Schedule

 Listed below are the Reds tryout camps for the Midwest region for 2019. There is no charge to try out. After we have had the opportunity to see you in one camp, we will be able to evaluate your ability. Should we want to see you further, we will personally invite you to another camp. Players must be between the ages of 16 and 22 and must supply their own glove, spikes, and baseball attire. All other equipment will be provided by the Reds.  

Registration will begin one hour prior to start of camp.

All Legion players must bring with them written permission from the Post Commander or Legion Coach to workout.

NOTE: Any player who is under twenty-one years of age must have a written release from a parent or legal guardian accepting full legal liability in order to workout, NO EXCEPTIONS. This must be a release of liability, not just a permission slip to participate.                           



Ben Jones
Scouting Supervisor  
IN, OH, MI, KY  

Andy Stack   
Scouting Supervisor