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White Sox Good Grades Program

The White Sox Good Grades Program allows teachers and school administrators the opportunity to honor students with complimentary tickets to a 2018 White Sox game.

Designed for students who demonstrated great academic effort and achievement, you can use this program as an incentive or reward that best fits your school culture.

Participating in the program is easy!

  1. Identify deserving students
  2. Duplicate the White Sox Good Grades certificate and fill in information for the deserving students
  3. Distribute the certificate and ticket vouchers to students

Rewarding students with the opportunity to see the Chicago White Sox is a home run for all! You are welcome to pass this information to other schools or educational administrators that would find the program useful as a motivational tool.

Registration is free and open to any school/program in Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, or Michigan. Please note that the White Sox Good Grade vouchers will be shipped in February or March of 2018.

If you have any other questions, please email