Name Years
Rod Allen, Television Analyst 1998-2002
Steve Berthiaume, Television Play-by-Play 2013-Present
Bob Brenly, Television Analyst 2013-Present
Thom Brennaman, Television Play-by-Play 1998-2006
Joe Garagiola, Television Analyst 1998-Present
Mark Grace, Television Analyst 2004-2012
Tom Candiotti, Radio Analyst 2006-Present
Steve Lyons, Television Analyst 2003-2004
Jeff Munn, Radio Play-by-Play 2001-Present
Ken Phelps, Radio Analyst 2004
Miguel Quintana, Spanish Radio Play-by-Play 1998-Present
Victor Rojas, Radio Analyst 2003
Richard Saenz, Spanish Radio Analyst 2001-Present
Greg Schulte, Radio and Television Play-by-Play 1998-Present
Oscar Soria, Spanish Television and Radio Analyst 2000-Present
Daron Sutton, Television Play-by-Play 2006-2012
Jim Traber, Television Analyst 2001-2003