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All-Star Club Flex Plans

Get a taste of the Suite Level in the luxurious All-Star Club above the first base line. Enjoy a private bar and all-inclusive buffet, perfect for entertaining clients and networking opportunities. All-Star Club Flex Plans offer the ultimate flexibility in a premium space.

For questions about 2019 All-Star Club Flex Plans please call 206-346-4001.

All-Star Club Flex Plan Benefits

  • VIP parking and convenient skybridge entrance.
  • Delicious all-inclusive buffet and dessert bar.
  • Climate-controlled lounge with view of the field.
  • Private cash bar with a large selection of beer, wine and spirits.
  • Receive special Season Ticket Holder benefits and invites to exclusive events.

Flex Plan Details

  • Option to choose 10, 20, 30 or 40 games.
  • All-Star Club Flex Plans start at just $135 per game.
  • Amenities include game ticket, all-inclusive buffet and dessert bar, private cash bar and VIP parking.
  • Select the seats of your choice for each game. 
  • Select your payment plan option from the following:
    • Pay In Full
    • 2-Part Payment Plan: 20% on 11/14, 80% on 1/25
    • 5-Part Payment Plan: 20% on 11/14, 12/14, 1/14, 2/14, 3/14


*For information on purchasing tickets for the primary purpose of reselling those tickets, please visit If the Mariners determine, in their sole discretion, that any Season Ticket Account holder purchases any tickets for the primary purpose of reselling those tickets, the Season Ticket Account holder may be classified as a Ticket Broker. Ticket Brokers may not be eligible for certain Season Ticket holder benefits, pricing, and seat locations. The Mariners reserve the right to cancel and refund any 2019 Season Ticket Deposit made by anyone determined to be a Ticket Broker.