Group Outings

The more you bring, the more you save

Whether you are organizing a school family night, fundraising for a non-profit organization or planning the next office party, attending a group outing at a Mariners game is a great option!

It's As Easy As...

  1. Select your game date: Choose from 81 game dates, and a variety of opponents & promotions.
  2. Select a seating level: Estimate the number of seats you'll need and we'll help you plan your event. You don't need an exact count, just as long as you commit to 20 or more tickets.
  3. Request more information: For the 2024 season, reserve your group game date with no deposit. (Subject to change)
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The Mariners make fundraising easy! Whether you’re looking to raise money for your local school or a non-profit organization, T-Mobile Park provides the perfect setting for your next fundraising event.