Season Ticket Member Policies & Procedures

Account Changes

Season ticket accounts can only be transferred or changed with the permission of the Seattle Mariners. All requests must be made in writing by the account holder of record and sent to the Seattle Mariners. The Seattle Mariners reserve the right to approve any such requests.

Lost or Stolen Tickets

Lost tickets can be reprinted or issued to the Season Ticket Member of record through our box office upon payment of $5 per transaction.

Ownership of Seat Location

Purchasers of Seattle Mariners season tickets obtain a license in the form of a ticket to use the seat location designated on the ticket only for the games issued. Your location is licensed to you on a one-year basis. Ticket holders are subject to the rules and regulations set forth on the back of the tickets, and must meet all payment deadlines. The Seattle Mariners own and control all rights to the seat locations for the Mariners home games.

Purchasers of season tickets do not have the right to transfer seat location(s) to an existing or new account. If you decide to relinquish your seats, the location is reassigned at the discretion of the Seattle Mariners.

Seat Location Changes

Requests for seat location changes are considered on an annual basis. Availability depends upon the number of cancellations received each year and the needs of the club. We try to allocate additional seats and seat changes based on the length of time you have been a Season Ticket Member.

Ticket Exchanges and Returns

Season Tickets for a future game may be returned online at least 24 hours in advance of the game you are returning. All ticket returns are final and cannot be cancelled. Season tickets returned will result in an account credit, that can be used to purchase future single-game tickets. All exchanges can be completed online through your My Mariners Account.

Notice: All ticket returns are final and cannot be cancelled. Any account credit resulting from a return, must be used during the 2022 regular season. Account credits can be used to purchase tickets for all remaining Mariners home games. Group offers, ticket specials or other promotional discounts cannot be paid for with account credit, only single-game tickets are eligible. Any group offers, ticket specials or promotional discount tickets purchased using account credit will be automatically refunded and returned.

*For information on purchasing tickets for the primary purpose of reselling those tickets, please visit If the Mariners determine, in their sole discretion, that any Season Ticket Account holder purchases any tickets for the primary purpose of reselling those tickets, the Season Ticket Account holder may be classified as a Ticket Broker. Ticket Brokers may not be eligible for certain Season Ticket Member benefits, pricing, and seat locations, including but not limited to Mariners Flex Memberships. The Mariners reserve the right to cancel and refund any 2022 Season Ticket purchase made by anyone determined to be a Ticket Broker.

By purchasing a Seattle Mariners ticket, you accept all Terms and Conditions applicable to ticket purchase, including the updated terms.