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Mobile Ticket Delivery

How to Access Your Mobile Tickets

Individual Game Tickets

For tickets purchased on

  • Your confirmation email will contain a link to view your tickets from your mobile browser, which can be scanned for entry.
  • Using your mobile device, click on the "View Mobile Ticket" link in your confirmation email.
  • Login to your Ticketmaster account.
  • Click on the game you are attending under "Your Orders"
  • Click on your ticket to be scanned for entry or click the checkbox on the ticket(s) you wish to transfer to other members of your party attending the game.

The above actions must take place on your mobile device.

Season Tickets and Group Tickets

For season tickets, group tickets, individual game tickets purchased on StubHub

  • Log into your My Mariners Account from your mobile device using your email address and password.
  • Once logged in, you can either "View" your tickets or "Transfer" your tickets.
  • Select "View" on your mobile device for scanning and entry into the Stadium.
  • Select "Transfer" on your mobile device to send to other members of your party attending the game.

The above actions must take place on your mobile device.

Accepting a Ticket Transfer from a My Mariners Account

  • You will receive an email with the subject line "Mariners Fan sent you tickets".
  • Click "Accept Tickets".
  • Log into your My Mariners account or create a new one using your email address.
  • Not sure if you have an account? Try to create an account. You will be notified if an account with your email address already exists.
  • Once you are in your account, select "Next Step".
  • Review the transfer. Check the "I agree to terms of use." box and select "Complete Transfer".
  • Your tickets will now be available to manage.

Accepting a Ticket Transfer from the MLB Ballpark app

  • You will receive an email with the subject line "You have just been forwarded a Mariners ticket for…"
  • Click "Access Tickets"
  • Exit your email and download the MLB Ballpark app.
  • Return to your email and select "Access Tickets"

Mobile Ticket Entry

Please make sure you download and transfer to each member of your party his/her individual ticket via mobile smartphone, prior to arriving at the ballpark.

  • Mobile tickets should be downloaded and accessible before proceeding through the security screenings.
  • Transfer mobile tickets to each member of your party prior to arrival.
  • Mobile tickets cannot be transferred after they have been scanned and Guests are inside the ballpark.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get the MLB Ballpark app or a Ticketmaster app?

Both apps are available for free in the Apple App Store and Google Play.

What if I don't have Internet connectivity at the gate?

The ballpark has excellent WiFi, but it's always best to avoid potential connectivity problems by accessing your mobile tickets before you get to the ballpark and saving them in Apple Wallet or Google Pay. You can also manage them in the Ballpark app. That way you can avoid any day-of-game technical glitches that could happen at the gate.

What happens if my phone's battery dies before I get to the gate?

If you have trouble with your phone or tablet before you get to the gate you can go to the customer service window at the ballpark box office, show I.D., and they can print a hard ticket at no charge.

How do I share mobile tickets with the other people who are meeting me at the game?

Fans can forward tickets through the free MLB Ballpark app. From the app it's easy to forward tickets via text, email or social media. Fans can also use their Ticketmaster account, or for season ticket members through their MyMariners account.

I forwarded mobile tickets to a friend who can't make it to the game. Can I cancel the transaction and send them to someone else?

If tickets are managed through the Ballpark app, you can cancel the forward up until the time they are scanned in at the ballpark. Otherwise, you may cancel tickets as long as the recipient has not accepted them. If the recipient has already accepted the tickets, they must forward them to you. Once you have accepted the tickets you are free to forward them along to someone else.

I don't have a smartphone or tablet. How am I going to get into the game?

We will continue to offer printed tickets. If you buy your tickets in person at our Team Stores or at the ballpark ticket windows you can choose mobile or printed tickets. For online purchases, while digital will be the preferred delivery mode, you can have printed tickets left for you/your party at will call for an added fee of $5 per order. You can also opt to have your tickets mailed to you via USPS. The fee for that is $3.75.

Can I still get a printed ticket if I buy it at the Team Store or the ballpark box office?

Yes, if you buy your single-game tickets at our Team Stores or at the ballpark ticket windows, you can opt for printed tickets at no extra charge. Printed tickets can also be mailed to you for a fee of $3.75 at least 10 days prior the game. Less than 10 days before a game, you can leave printed tickets at will call, which will carry a $5 per order fee.

What about season tickets, suite holders and group tickets?

Season ticket members, suite holders and groups of 20 or more will still be able to use printed tickets. However, PDF/print-at-home will no longer be an option to forward tickets.

Will season ticket members still be able to forward their season tickets to guests with PDF/print-at-home?

Season ticket members will no longer be able to forward tickets as PDFs. Season ticket members can use mobile forwarding through their MyMariners account or through the Ballpark app.

Can I resell my mobile tickets?

Yes. Tickets may be resold through our official secondary market provider Stubhub.

I want to give tickets as a gift. How do I do that with digital tickets?

We have created a downloadable certificate you can use.

Print it out and fill in the details. The certificate is not valid for entry at the ballpark. Instructions on how to send and receive are included on the certificate.