Front Office Directory

Seattle Mariners
T-Mobile Park
1250 First Avenue South
Seattle, WA 98134

(206) 346-4001 | [email protected]

Board of Directors

Title Name
Chairman and Managing Partner John Stanton
Board Member John Ellis
Board Member Buck Ferguson
Board Member Betsy Pepper Larson
Board Member Chris Larson
Board Member Howard Lincoln
Board Member Jeff Raikes


Title Name
Chairman and Managing Partner John Stanton
Chairman Emeritus John Ellis
Chairman Emeritus Howard Lincoln
President Baseball Operations Jerry Dipoto
President Business Operations Catie Griggs
Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Tim Kornegay
Executive Vice President and General Counsel Fred Rivera
Senior Vice President & Special Advisor to the Chairman and CEO Randy Adamack
Senior Vice President - Information Technology Kari Escobedo
Senior Vice President - Ballpark Events & Operations Trevor Gooby
Senior Vice President - Marketing & Communications Kevin Martinez
Senior Vice President - Sales Frances Traisman
Senior Vice President, People & Culture Lisa Winsby
Vice President, People & Culture Brooke Sullivan
Vice President Deputy General Counsel Melissa Robertson
Vice President & Assistant General Manager - Baseball Operations Justin Hollander
Vice President - Communications Tim Hevly
Vice President - Corporate Partnerships Charles Johnson
Vice President - Finance Greg Massey
Vice President - Marketing Gregg Greene
Vice President Product & Technology Letitia Selk
Vice President, Fan Experience Malcolm Rogel
Vice President, Ticket Sales & Service Cory Carbary

Ballpark Events and Operations

Title Name
Senior Vice President - Ballpark Events & Operations Trevor Gooby
Senior Director - Event Sales Alisia Anderson
Sr. Director, Ballpark Operations Juan Rodriguez
Sr. Director, Facilities Dave Wilke
Director, Security Michael Bogosian
Director, Guest Experience Melissa Ross
Assistant Director - Guest Experience Melissa Leung
Sr. Manager, Ballpark Operations Kelsey Smith
Manager, Event Security Steve Sievers
Account Executive, Event Sales Zoe Yentzer
Account Executive, Event Sales Sara Campbell
Coordinator, Guest Experience Rachael Chambers
Coordinator, Ballpark Operations Jordan Crawford
Coordinator, Ballpark Operations Corrine Eischen
Coordinator, Ballpark Operations Terrell Singleton
Manager, Facilities Wendy Walz
Facilities Coordinator My'Lissa Young
Construction and Planning Manager Andres Oliden
Head Groundskeeper Tim Wilson
Assistant Grounds Keeper Michael Huie
Lead Electrician Steve Groshong
Building Electrician Josh Dreyer
Building Plumber Kenny Stanton
Building Plumber Jamie Whittaker
Building Painter Shelton Schneider
Roof Operations Vance Akres
Maintenance Specialist Chris Corsi
Concessions Maintenance Specialist James Green
Occupational Safety Manager Stephen Neely
HVAC Technician Steve Monson
HVAC Technician Ty Garceau
HVAC Technician Garret Klinich
Concrete Technician Christopher McDaniels
Security Bob Averill
Security Frank Diss
Security Ed Mumphrey
Security Louis Newsom
Security Angel Diaz
Security Rick Sheridan
Security Michael Franks
Security Eric Groover
Security Gary Schwanke
Security Rafael Martinez
Security Alexzander Lopez
Receptionist Ede Fitch
Receptionist Cheryl Gilbert
Receptionist Caroline Koehler

Baseball Operations

Title Name
President Baseball Operations Jerry Dipoto
Vice President & Assistant General Manager - Baseball Operations Justin Hollander
Special Consultant to the Franchise Ken Griffey Jr.
Special Assistant to the Chairman Ichiro Suzuki
Organizational Hitting Advisor Edgar Martinez
Senior Director, Analytics Jesse Smith
Sr. Director, High Performance Rob Scheidegger
Director - Amateur Scouting Scott Hunter
Director - Player Development Andy McKay
Director International Scouting Frankie Thon Jr.
Director - Major League Operations Jack Mosimann
Director - Player Personnel Brendan Domaracki
Director - Strength and Conditioning James Clifford
Director - Analytics Joel Firman
Director - Baseball Operations Tim Stanton
Director - Sports Science Kaitlyn Weiss
Sports Science Analyst Greg Ackerman
Director - Player Development Emanuel Sifuentes
Director - Baseball Projects David Hesslink
Assistant, Baseball Projects Alexander Lipman
Assistant, Baseball Projects Jenny Goldsher
Assistant, Baseball Projects Sameer Sapre
Assistant Director, Amateur Scouting Frankie Piliere
Assistant Director, International Scouting Andrew Herrera
Manager, Data Strategy Skylar Shibayama
Manager, Analytics John Choiniere
Coordinator - Player Development Mat Snider
Coordinator, Advance Scouting Sam Reinertsen
Scouting Analyst Matt Doughty
Scouting Analyst Tyler Warmoth
Scouting Analyst Matt Ault
Coordinator, Player Personnel Austin Yamada
Coordinator Baseball Projects Emily Curtis
Coordinator, Analytics Forrest Diamond
Quantitative Analyst Spencer Weisberg
Quantitative Analyst John Edwards
Video Coordinator Patrick Hafner
Assistant Video Coordinator Dan Kaplan
Major League Coaching Assistant Andy Bissell
Head Orthopedist Jason King, M.D.
Head Athletic Trainer Kyle Torgerson
Team Physician Dr. Henry Pelto MD
Physical Therapist Ryan Bitzel
Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach Derek Cantieni
Assistant Clubhouse Manager Billy Sepich
Clubhouse Assistant Pete Fortune
Clubhouse Staff Chris DeWitt, Joe Van Vleck
Visiting Clubhouse Manager Jeff Bopp


Title Name
Vice President - Finance Greg Massey
Director - Internal Audit Operations Connie McKay
Director - Payroll Ginger Oldham
Controller Monica Marmolejo
Manager, Financial Reporting Erica Bricker
Staff Accountant D'Nesha McClellon
Sales Business Analyst Joe Chang
Sales Analyst Mason Shigenaka

Human Resources

Title Name
Senior Vice President of People and Culture Lisa Winsby
Vice President, People & Culture Brooke Sullivan
Director, Benefits Tara Lindsay
Manager - Workers Compensation and Liability Therese Baxter
Human Resources Manager Natalie Blackburn
Analyst, Human Resources Michelle Merrill
Sr. Coordinator, Talent Acquisition Jackie Johnson
Sr. Coordinator, People & Culture Programs Ngoc Do
Coordinator, People & Culture Barb Hackmann
Special Assistant, Community Liaison Andy Bottin

Information Technology

Title Name
Senior Vice President, Information Technology Kari Escobedo
Vice President Product & Technology Letitia Selk
Sr. Director, Information Technology Services Oliver Roy
Sr. Director, Engineering & Development Justin Stolmeier
Director, Broadcast Operations Engineering Yezmin Blue
Director, Strategy & Technology Delivery Jeff Higgins
Director, IT Infrastructure & Security Doug Peycke
Manager, Software Architecture Shelley Separovich
Software Development Engineer Liza Teichler
Sr. Video Technician Scott Thomas
Sr. Technical Support Specialist Ryan Watson
Senior Systems Administrator Matthew Vanbuskirk

Legal and Governmental Affairs/Community Relations

Title Name
Vice President Deputy General Counsel Melissa Robertson
Manager - Community Programs Sean Grindley
Coordinator - Community Services Demetrius Grant
Coordinator - Community and Client Services Korey Traynor
Community Relations & On BASE Programs Coordinator McKenzie Mitchell
Administrator, Office & Legal Juliann Taube

Marketing & Communications

Title Name
Senior Vice President, Marketing & Communications Kevin Martinez
Vice President, Communications Tim Hevly
Vice President, Marketing Gregg Greene
Senior Director - Mariners Productions Ben Mertens
Senior Director, Public Information Rebecca Hale
Sr. Director, Experiential Marketing Mandy Lincoln
Director - Graphic Design Carl Morton
Director of Digital Marketing & Social Media Tim Walsh
Director Strategic Marketing & Sales Haley Durmer
Senior Manager - Baseball Information Kelly Munro
Sr. Manager, Experiential Marketing Camden Finney
Manager - Graphic Design Katie Abram
Manager, Game Entertainment & Experiential Marketing Tyler Thompson
Manager & Producer Video Productions Daniel Oleskowicz
Baseball Information Coordinator Alex Mayer
Coordinator, Experiential Marketing Kalli Rutherford
Social Media Coordinator José Rivera
Social Media Coordinator Christopher Oven
Coordinator, Strategic Marketing & Sales Brier Atkinson
Baseball Information Coordinator Adam Gresch
Motion Graphics Designer Sam Findlay
Digital Graphic Designer Trevor Milless
Multimedia Specialist Patrick Heath
Video Editor Cesar Rodriguez
Public Address Announcer Tom Hutyler
Executive Producer/Engineer Gary Hill
Radio/TV Broadcaster Rick Rizzs
Radio/TV Broadcaster Aaron Goldsmith
Radio/TV Broadcaster Dave Sims
Radio/TV Broadcaster Mike Blowers
Team Photographer Ben VanHouten
Television Director Jim Armintrout


Title Name
Senior Director - Retail Operations Julie McGillivray
Director - Retail Merchandising Renee Steyh
Director - Retail Stores Mary Beeman
Senior Manager, Distribution Center Jordan Seiber
Manager - T-Mobile Team Store Tashina Willard
Manager - Westlake Team Store Yuko Iwahashi
Manager - Souvenirs T-Mobile Derrick Ceppa
Manager - Alderwood Team Store Michael Ramos
Manager - Southcenter Team Store Kathy Robbins
Buyer/Retail Marketing Manager Madeline Kusch
Assistant Manager - T-Mobile Team Store Jeremy Edwards
Assistant Manager Distribution Center Paul Fisher
Merchandise Assistant Ricky Hatate


Title Name
Senior Director - Procurement Norma Cantú
Sr. Procurement Manager/Buyer Casey Tager
Procurement Buyer Austin Benson
Warehouse: Shipping & Receiving Manager RJ Sanchez
Procurement Assistant Jean Elliott


Title Name
Senior Vice President - Sales Frances Traisman
Vice President, Ticket Sales & Service Cory Carbary
Vice President, Corporate Partnerships Charles Johnson
Senior Director, Corporate Partnerships Strategy & Activation Ingrid Russell-Narcisse
Senior Director, Corporate Partnerships Sales & Business Development Chris Savio
Director, Membership Sales Jonathan Ryan
Director, Suite & Group Sales Marc Mahoney
Director, Sales Development & Group Events Elizabeth McCloskey
Senior Manager, Sales Operations Nicholette Collins
Corporate Partnerships Manager Albert Jaimes
Manager Corporate Partnerships Jillian Reidy
Manager Corporate Partnerships Andrew Scott
Manager Sales Development Evan Doyle
Sales Consultant Joshua Aiken, Ian Pettley, Sarah Stavig,
Mackenzie Warfield
Account Executive Corporate Sales Paul Brumm, Patrick Crace, Christopher Smalley
Manager Group Events Alexandra Layman
Account Executive Group Events Thomas Baxter, Destiny Brito, Carly Contorno,
Alexa Olague
Manager Group Sales Stacey Yin
Account Executive Group Sales Rohit Batra, Katherine Franz, Fletcher Meyers,
Justin Rothbaum
Manager Membership Sales Jaron Iwakami
Account Executive Membership Sales Mike Aceto, Eric Fassler, Brent Vogel,
Lucas Williard
Manager Premium Sales Kevin Samborski
Account Executive Premium Sales Catherine Kalina, Jennifer Madigan,
Jack Maloney, Tylor Yi
Manager Suite & Hospitality Sales Michael Mendolia
Account Executive Suite & Hospitality Sales Amanda Arena, Elliott Brown, Nathaniel Johnson, Amanda Kenning
Manager Activation Corporate Partnerships Alyssa Dooyema
Activation Specialist Corporate Partnerships Haily Tift, Yvette Yzaguirre
Corporate Partnerships Research & Insights, Sr. Coordinator John Newton
Executive Assistant, Ticket Sales & Partnerships Judy Vaught

Ticket Services

Title Name
Vice President, Fan Experience Malcolm Rogel
Sr. Director, Ticket Operations Jennifer Sweigert
Director, Ticket & Event Services Bob Brunner
Coordinator - Ticket Services Tracy Koletzky