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  • Increase diversity, equity and inclusion in youth baseball and softball by investing in the athletic, academic, and social development of student-athletes from traditionally marginalized communities.
  • Ensure 100% graduation rate for all members in the Hometown Nine; provide guidance to help secure partial scholarships for 75% of participants who wish to play baseball or softball at the collegiate level.
  • Foster a cohort of Fellows who support one another and continue to stay connected with the Mariners for decades to come.


The Hometown Nine program is a five-year commitment to nine (9) incoming eighth-graders, in King, Pierce, and Snohomish County, and provides them with financial, academic, professional and social support to ensure success in their athletic careers and educational journeys. The Mariners will underwrite the playing fees for elite baseball and softball training, offering Fellows in the program with equitable access to competitive play.

In conjunction with athletic support, the Mariners Care Foundation will pair each Fellow with a Mariners player and Mariners Front Office mentors who will meet with them quarterly to provide academic and professional guidance. As the Fellows near graduation, events will be tailored to future academic pursuits, including college admissions prep, essay writing support and more.

Meet the Hometown Nine