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Ticket Brokers & Ticket Resellers

If you are purchasing Mariners tickets with the intent of reselling, please use this page as a reference for pricing and general information.

If the Mariners determine, in their sole discretion, that any ticket buyer purchases tickets for the primary purpose of reselling those tickets, the buyer may be classified as a Ticket Broker. Ticket Brokers may not be eligible for certain benefits, including pricing, seat locations, and events. For information on Ticket Broker Season Ticket, Group Ticket and Suite pricing and locations please contact Bob Hellinger at or call (206) 346-4454.

Season Tickets

To secure 2019 Season Tickets call Bob Hellinger at 206-346-4454 or email Please refer to the below Ticket Broker pricing for season ticket rates. Please note, ticket brokers do not qualify for standard season ticket pricing and plans, and are subject to the pricing below.