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Jr. RBI and RBI Leagues

Helping to Revive Baseball in Inner Cities

Noticing the dwindling number of children from inner city areas involved with baseball, the Phillies decided to take action and created the Phillies Jr. RBI League program in 1989. Geared toward children aged 12 and under in areas that had not housed an organized baseball league in almost 20 years, the Jr. RBI Leagues benefited 400 children. Since that time the program has grown to encompass over 8,000 children playing both baseball and softball in more than 50 locations throughout Philadelphia, southern New Jersey and Delaware.

Jr. RBI employs a noncompetitive nature where children learn that winning is not the most important aspect of the game. Instead, they are encouraged to learn the rules, proper techniques and to have fun while being a good teammate and displaying good sportsmanship.

The Phillies Jr. RBI program is sponsored by Citizens Bank.

The Phillies RBI (Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities) program began in 1993 as a part of Major League Baseball's international RBI campaign, which today encompasses more than 200 cities and as many as 120,000 male and female participants a year.

The RBI Leagues focus on baseball and softball instruction and also have a competitive nature. Participants have the opportunity to capitalize on their learned skills during true game situations. In addition to the traditional RBI Leagues, the program supports three All-star teams - a Junior (13-15 years) and Senior (16-18 years) boys baseball team and a girls softball team (15-18 years). These teams travel and compete in MLB sponsored local and regional RBI competitions for the opportunity to play in the RBI World Series held each year in August.

The RBI Leagues are sponsored by Turkey Hill.

Volunteer with the Phillies RBI Leagues and help children play baseball and softball! For more info email

2017 Champs

RBI All-Star Teams

Out of the RBI Leagues, three All-Star teams - a Junior (13-15) and Senior (16-18) Baseball team and a Softball team are selected to compete in MLB's RBI tournaments.

2017 RBI Mid-Atlantic Regionals

The RBI Softball and Baseball teams participated in the 2017 RBI Mid-Atlantic Regionals. This year it was held in Philadelphia, PA at local RBI league fields which included the baseball and softball fields at the Phillies MLB Urban Youth Academy. Over 300 baseball and softball players participated in this regional tournament from RBI programs from Washington D.C., Reading (PA), Baltimore (MD), Prince George's County (MD), Durham (NC) and Norfolk (VA).

Both the Junior boys baseball team and the Girls softball team won their respective divisions to advance to the MLB RBI World Series in Cincinnati, OH.

Recognition Night

Jr. RBI and RBI Leagues Details

Jr. RBI - To qualify to be a Phillies Jr. RBI League, you must be located in an area that serves children who are unable to afford to play in an organized baseball league without assistance, you must have dedicated personnel to organize and run the league. A league is made up of a minimum of four teams of the same age level. You may have more than one league at your location, for example, 7-8 year old league and a 9-10 year old league for a total of at least eight teams.

RBI - The team must be located in an area that serves children who are unable to afford to play in an organized baseball league without assistance. Must have dedicated personnel to organize and run the league. A league is made up of a minimum of four teams of the same age level. You may have more than one league at your location, for example, 13-14 year old league and a 15-16 year old league for a total of at least eight teams.

  • A Phillies Jr. RBI/RBI League Banner
  • A uniform, T-shirt and hat for each participant
  • Catcher's equipment
  • Bases
  • Batting helmets
  • Bats
  • Baseballs
  • Batting T (T-ball only)
  • Pitching machine (Jr. RBI only)

Each year, members of the Phillies Jr. RBI and RBI Leagues are invited to Citizens Bank Park to take part in a clinic through PLAY (Promoting a Lifetime of Activity for Youth), a public awareness campaign developed by the Professional Baseball Athletic Trainers Society (PBATS) in 2004 to combat child obesity.

Through a series of fitness programs at all 30 MLB ballparks, PLAY was designed to encourage youth throughout the country to be active, eat right and sustain a healthy lifestyle. Phillies trainers teach participants how to stretch and warm-up their bodies and run them through a number of exercise used by the Phillies players. The participants are also told the importance of exercise and eating properly.

The Phillies host annual coaching clinic for local Jr. RBI/RBI coaches and volunteers and numerous player clinics for the children participating in the Jr. RBI/RBI Leagues. The clinics are run by members of the Phillies Front Office.

During every home game fans can donate new and gently used gloves at the Citizens Bank Kiosk to benefit members of the Phillies Jr. RBI Leagues. Jr. RBI gives children 12 and under from disadvantaged areas the opportunity to play baseball and softball.

Each year the Phillies provide tickets to the children and coaches of the RBI/Jr. RBI Leagues. Many of the children have never been to a professional baseball game and this helps motivate them to continue to play the game they love.

Citizens Bank annually hosts Jr. RBI participants in July for an exclusive "Day at the Park" event at Citizens Bank Park. During this year's event, Jr. RBI players enjoyed playing the Games of Baseball, were able to run the bases and participated in a self-guided tour into the Phillies dugout and clubhouse.

A select baseball team made up of members from different teams in the Phillies Junior RBI intercity league compete in a game against an All-Star team from the Boys & Girls Club of Reading. In 2015 the Philadelphia team will host the Reading team at the Urban Youth Academy fields.

If you are interested in learning more about the Phillies RBI Leagues or to see if your organization qualifies, e-mail or call 215-463-1000.

RBI and JR. RBI locations

  • 48th and Woodland Playground, Philadelphia
  • Academy Sabres, Philadelphia
  • Athletic Recreation, Philadelphia
  • Boys & Girls Club of Delaware, Middletown, DE
  • Boys & Girls Club of Delaware, Newark, DE
  • Bridesburg Cougars, Philadelphia
  • Bustleton Bengals, Philadelphia
  • Cecil B. Moore Jr. RBI League, Philadelphia
  • Chester Jr. RBI League, Chester, PA
  • Cibotti PSI RBI, Philadelphia
  • Columbus Square, Philadelphia
  • Cruz Recreation Center, Philadelphia
  • District 7, Philadelphia
  • District 9 Girls Softball, Philadelphia
  • East Poplar, Philadelphia
  • Edward O'Malley Athletic Association, Philadelphia
  • Elmwood Park, Philadelphia
  • FAJR 2 ISHA, Philadelphia
  • Federal Yards Baseball, Philadelphia
  • Feltonville Boys and Girls Club, Philadelphia
  • Finnegan Playground, Philadelphia
  • FJ Myers, Philadelphia
  • Gambrel's Recreation Center, Philadelphia
  • Germantown Boys & Girls Club, Philadelphia
  • Germantown Wolverines, Philadelphia
  • Granahan Monarchs, Philadelphia
  • Grays Ferry, Philadelphia
  • Hank Gathers, Philadelphia
  • Harrogate B.C. Developmental, Philadelphia
  • Heitzman Jr. RBI League, Philadelphia
  • Heston PSI RBI, Philadelphia
  • Holy Terrors, Philadelphia
  • Hunting Park Ballers, Philadelphia
  • Hunting Park, Philadelphia
  • I.C.B.A. , Philadelphia
  • Ivy Hill, Philadelphia
  • J. Finnegan, Philadelphia
  • Jardel Athletic Association, Philadelphia
  • Kendrick Jr. RBI League, Philadelphia
  • Kingsessing Recreation, Philadelphia
  • Lanier Playground, Philadelphia
  • Lee Cultural Center, Philadelphia
  • Liberty Bell, Philadelphia
  • Marion Anderson Recreation Center, Philadelphia
  • Martin Luther King Recreation Center, Philadelphia
  • Mayfair Athletic Club, Philadelphia
  • Mc Veigh, Philadelphia
  • McAlpin Playground, Philadelphia
  • Moore A.A. , Philadelphia
  • Mount Airy Baseball, Philadelphia
  • Mt. Airy/Germantown Boys & Girls Club, Philadelphia
  • Mullin, Philadelphia
  • Muslim Baseball League, Philadelphia
  • Newark Boys & Girls Club of Delaware, Newark, DE
  • Nicetown Assocation, Philadelphia
  • Norris Square, Philadelphia
  • North Hills, Philadelphia
  • North Light/Venice Island, Philadelphia
  • North Philly Baseball League, Philadelphia
  • North Philly Flames, Philadelphia
  • Northeast A's, Philadelphia
  • Northeast Peanut League, Philadelphia
  • Northwest Philadelphia, Philadelphia
  • Northwest Raiders Baseball, Philadelphia
  • Oak Lane, Philadelphia
  • Olney Midget and Teen League, Philadelphia
  • Overbrook Athletic Association, Philadelphia
  • Overbrook Park Athletic Association, Philadelphia
  • Palmyra Riverton Athletic Association, Philadelphia
  • Parents of Carmella Youth Association, Philadelphia
  • Passyunk Homes, Philadelphia
  • Pepper Playground, Philadelphia
  • Pleasant Panthers, Philadelphia
  • Port Richmond, Philadelphia
  • Rivera Recreation Center, Philadelphia
  • S.P.Y.L, Philadelphia
  • Samuel, Philadelphia
  • Sayre/Morris PSI RBI, Philadelphia
  • Shepard Playground PSI RBI, Philadelphia
  • Shot Tower, Philadelphia
  • Simons, Philadelphia
  • Simpson, Philadelphia
  • South Philadelphia Girls Softball, Philadelphia
  • South Philadelphia Sabres, Philadelphia
  • Southeast Youth Athletic Association, Philadelphia
  • Southwest Philly Baseball, Philadelphia
  • Tabor Rams, Philadelphia
  • The Lighthouse, Philadelphia
  • Tioga United, Philadelphia
  • Tomlinson, Philadelphia
  • Torresdale Boys Club, Philadelphia
  • Vare Recreation Center, Philadelphia
  • Vogt C.A., Philadelphia
  • W.E.M.A. (Delaware) Youth League, Middletown, DE
  • West Kensington Boys & Girls Club, Philadelphia
  • West Mill Creek, Philadelphia
  • West Oak Lane Stars, Philadelphia
  • West Philadelphia Youth Association, Philadelphia
  • Whitman Park Youth Association, Camden, NJ
  • Ziehler Playground, Philadelphia